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How do you guys live with depression? I'm honestly hanging on a tight leash. I feel like I'm suffocating. I just wanna kill myself.
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Always realize that it can be way much more worse.

But mostly exercise, videogames, music, drinking, and lots and lots of masturbation
It takes time. Usually there's a core issue you need to resolve.

For me, it was that I thought I was transgender for 5 years. I realized I wasnt and the next day i was completely fine. I started working out, being healthy, and now life is amazing.
smoek we3d evryday

>tfw nobody is near you edition

Talk to and meet up with other robots!

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>still no new markers near me
Is this the end?
Just like all zeemaps without proper moderation, this one has turned into nothing but spam
probably. now i gotta decide if i wanna try to contact people or autism out. I kinda wish this shit wasn't my finals week

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In this thread we can post comfy pics or music.
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Also, i'm searching for a rock album that was pretty comfy but i can't find it, it was like an hour long, if someone has it please share it.
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GondoIa Bump

comfy level: max

Lol. Bye, France
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Everyone was expecting it desu
Enjoy being ass raped by sand niggers.
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>progs import shitskins, promise gibs
>shitskins vote as a block for gibs
>lose your homeland to shitskins

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which ways can i get a gf that doesnt require me to go to parties and other social gatherings that normies usually find a gf at?
>tfw social anxiety
>tfw decent looking but too anxious to talk to any girls let alone getting their numbers
>very needy/clingy and text a lot, which makes most girls annoyed

im content with a ldr.
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>wants a gf
>too anxious to talk to any girls

You'd be much better with a tulpa
t-teach me the ways of a tulpa anon
>which ways can i get a gf that doesnt require me to go to parties and other social gatherings that normies usually find a gf at?
There's really not any, unless you have a bro-tier friend who can set you up with QTs. But considering you're on r9k asking this question, I'm guessing you probably don't have friends.

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is anyone interested ina cozy sunday pokemon stadium stream?
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no, i just want a gf

figured this wasnt original
only if it's not hosted by a roastie with a cow piercing
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its me, its real, WOW

shit that triggers you
>when someone has their elbows on the table
>those bluetooth ear things
>having a smart watch AND a phone
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>those bluetooth ear things
Professionals wear those, nothing wrong with these
>having a smart watch AND a phone
Nothing wrong with a smartwatch. Its great for quickly checking your phone alerts
Smart watches don't work without a phone, retard. You should have just said smart watches in general because they're stupid as fuck.
Can't stand it when chads group up and talk about how well amazon is doing.
Smartwatches are tolerable, it's apple watches that trigger me (not OP).

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What shouldnt i do in life ?
Im saying this because its much easier for me if someone tells me what NOT to do then what to do.
Anybody out there have tips on what not to do,when talking to girls,people in general..just anything.
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don't smoke cigarettes
not only is it fucking expensive, unhealthy, and hard to quit, it would seem as it's getting looked down upon by people who should just mind their own damn beeswax more and more these days
Don't get emotionally attached to girls that you know are bad people, you can't fix her. Don't develop a drinking problem, don't stay a neet forever, don't let people manipulate you, don't jerk off everyday, don't join the military
I don't drink,smoke,hell i dont even drink coffee.It's not that i am a facist and basically crucify anyone who does it or anything like that , its just that i dont like the smell and taste of all those 3 things , only thing that i havent tasted is a cigarette but i assume the taste is not far diffrend from the smell.

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Some german roastie youtuber uploaded a video of her "singing" and she got BTFO.

I really can not understand why roasties always need such amount of attention.

We need more dislikes

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Who the fuck cares, also not your personal army
She's not German.
What a lame chorus

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>given golden ticket of attractiveness

>tall, very handsome face, nice jawline, nice eyes, very masculine

>also born with binge eating disorder

>can't stop myself from eating 3000 calories of every day

>could have been a model and lived life on easy mode

>instead, be a fat NEET who repeats his mistakes every god damn day, cant break the the cycle

it's another day. like every morning for the last 15 years, i tell myself today is the day it will change.
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There are resources to help you, loser. Especially if you have a diagnosed disorder from a doctor, its no excuse to be fat.

When I was in rehab a dude started puking up his meals and they made him start going to OA-- Overeaters Anonymous, which is free, but yet are a bazillion other programs you can find through a doctor, hospital, or shrink.

Now you know this, so if you continue on your same course it is absolutely your choice.
i guess i should have known better than to expect any empathy from here since i'm just a "failed normie" in the eyes of /r9k/ but my life isn't any better than yours
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i'm a NEET, i don't money to see a therapist, and i don't have health insurance. i'm also unemployable because it's been at least 5 years since i had a job, mcdonalds won't even hire me now. if help was available to me i would have taken it already

lucky you to be so privileged to have access to rehab.

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How do you deal with the monotony of life robots?

I used to do drugs and drink by myself for months locked up in my room, had a psychotic episode, ended up in a psych ward 5 days and then 30 days in a rehab center located inside the psychiatric hospital.

I've been outside for 3 days and everything is monotonous and boring, even the shit that I used to like, and the depression and anxiety is the same.

I tried hanging out with some acquaintances but they're fuckwitts and I've noticed that any social interaction bores me.
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you just get used to it, and then live a pretty sad life desu

thats my experience though
you've got to find interests, anon. Things you can go and actively do that you enjoy
buy some weed on alpha bay or something, jesus christ

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How does super stack up against Z?
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They should've saved Goku black for the multi universe tournament and made him like an evil Goku instead of that gay ass shit
Shit is worse than GT and the filler episodes are just painful to sit through.
>filler episodes are just painful to sit through.
Wrong. The filler is great.
The rest of the show is mediocre and sometimes bad. It should have been better, like the manga wich is far superior but i dont like reading so fuck that.

Why haven't you moved over to /bant/ yet?
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I'm banned still, but after today I'll say goodbye to robotland for good
Does it have squid girls?
Yes there are squid girls.

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> be me
> in uni
> meet qt girl
> she's into me
> i'm really into her
> fun, intelligent, easy to talk to
> we're a thing for a couple months
> decide to phone home one evening after being w/ her
> feeling especially happy
> hear dad's voice
> really depressed
> we talk for an hour
> i tell him about how i finally met /mygirl/
> "that's the first time i've smiled all week"
> damn desu

> ff a couple months
> dad proud of me
> my life seems to be falling in order
> for once
> suddenly
> she dumps me
> found someone else
> from one tree branch to another

Feel like shit.
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Thread theme: https://youtu.be/GAayiL5JbGo
that is fucking impossible.
you must have fucked up somewhere.
and if you didnt ..then she is either the biggest whore ever or clinicaly insane.
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Well at least you had a bit of happiness

I haven't experienced joy in over 10 years.

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>third time trying to quit 4chan
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I've been trying to quit too. /r9k/ is disgusting now but I can't think of any real replacement. I need to cure my internet addiction.
Remember that you're here forever friendo.
>decide I'm going to quit 4chan
>block site on my laptop
>phonefag for a few hours then break down and get my old laptop out of storage

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