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>what do you mean you've never had a girlfriend anon?
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I've had 1 (one) gf before though
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I've had girlfriends before and I'm a nonvirgin, just haven't had one for 5 years now, I am not even sure if I can into dating anymore.
I am serious. Never had a GF. That's the truth.

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>go to bed
>fantasize having friends
>pretend talking to them and imagine them saying all sorts of interesting stuff to me and being equally interested in what I have to say
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>it's another "anon fantasizes about having a best friend like that and starts breaking down crying" episode
>get used to not having friends
>cant identify with these feels
Oh well.
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too smart.jpg
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>implying that 4chan isn't an online friend simulator where bunch of chatbots pretend to be lonely and desperate just like you

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I'm 26 and I haven't had a friend for over a decade.
I'm so lonely.
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I'll be your friend anon
ha ha just kidding you fuckin loser, i don't have and friends either

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Laughing at you in real life right now because even my stupid autistic ass has one friend
I'm 28 and I stopped talking to all of my friends, as well as my family. I advise burying yourself in some creative endeavor.

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What got you into lifting?
How long have you been at it?
Satisified with the results?
Did it help and how?
If you're thinking about starting, whats stopping you please dont say anxiety
Post your body if you want and have others comment on it and tell you what you could work on.
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Started because i wanted to stop feeling like shit when it comes to my body.
Started 5 months ago. Went from 79kg to 90kg. Im 190cm (6'3) tall and it helped me quite a bit. I feel better about myself and all that, and being very self aware all the time i dont have to worry about the fact that im a shitty lanket.
I go to the gym alone. Dont have any friends there and im doing just fine. The first few weeks was embaressing ofcourse, but after a while you will start making progress and it wont matter anymore. Besides, everyone has to start somewhere.
Lift guys, no harm can come from it.
Not bad man. When did you start noticing progress?
I've been going since January and sticking to it. I'm really skinny so it's hard for me to gain weight but I'm determined to do it. I've already noticed some results, probably newbie gains I think? It's pretty fun.

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Because I hit her in the face
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Because Sam Hyde fucked her nose.
She copped a HYDEING
More pics of this girl?
She's perfect.

Is this Tumblr? Why is there no woman hate thread but these shitty "fembot" threads are being shilled out relentlessly. It's not even really that which is rustling my jimmies, it's more that people are taking bait at shameful rates.

What happened? Did I wake up from some sort of drug induced trance? I thought this was /r9k/.
Fuck sake.
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This board has been raided so hard its turned into the raids. I was on the first r9k and when the it came back I was happy but didn't really go on 4chan and now its just garbage. You're better off going to /pol/ or just committing suicide.
All i see on this board are lonely faggots complaining about not having a gf/bf

>fucking wizards
It's one super autist that has been pushing
>le misandry
for the past 6 hours.

He'll die alone. Don't give him attention.

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What is your biggest goal in life?

The one thing if you did you'd consider your life complete/done?

Mine is to have sex with a slim attractive girl aged 18-25 without paying for it.
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Make enough to be a NEET
To become a renowned filmmaker and own a small, beautiful movie theater in a tiny snowy town, which I help run and live above in a comfy one bedroom/one bath apartment.
i don't really have one. i mean i have minor goals, like move out of my folks, but no real life completion goals.

Todays the 5th
will aya come back today? Can you guys guarantee that? I hate my life
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Aya is so cute...I want to feel her face, her hair...I want to ruffle Aya's hair and smell it
I love Aya so much I just want to talk to her so bad but she blocked me :(
thats so sweet
youre nice anon

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for those who DO NOT have schizophrenia, whats it like knowing someone who does? we have enough threads about people who have it, but what about people who know someone that has it.

whats it like for you? do you act different around them? Are you nicer or more gentle with them....are you scared of them
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an obviously schizo homeless guy comes to my work all the time because we can't keep him away without calling the cops who do fucking nothing

it's frightening, sometimes they're ok but they're usually on edge and the slightest thing can set them off and make them apeshit
I've known a girl who has schizophrenia for over three years now. I've tried to a lot of research into it. The person I know has more negative symptoms than positive symptoms. It's not too bad when she's just quite and weird. She doesn't talk often and when she does the sentences are often littered with random words that don't really make sense. It's not a big deal, but I have to be really patient and gentle around her for her to do anything. Dealing with hallucinations and delusions is impossible and scary as fuck and I am definitely afraid of her to an extent during psychotic episodes as she likes to cut herself during these times and I don't want to be stabbed or have my throat slit. I usually can't go around her during these times because she'll get angry at me.
My mom's had it for years she's only been really bad when she has an episode as a result of not taking her meds, she used to be really bad like I'd hear her up in the middle of the night sitting in the dark whispering to herself. When she had a full blown episode and we had to take her to the hospital she was just going on about these insane delusions that people were trying to get her or harm her. I never really understood how someone could lose their grip on reality like that until I had a psychotic episode myself, it was like being in a totally different world and you sincerely believe that those delusions are real and they're impossible to ignore. Anyway my mom's pretty much fine now and I rarely get into a state like that now.

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>tfw I'm a Chad
>tfw I'm not socially autistic
>tfw other men fear men because I'm ripped
>tfw I eat healthy and feel great
>tfw I have a great job that pays well in construction, not some faggy office job for poofs
>tfw I have men hands and don't bite my nails like a nervous fag
>tfw I'm a Christian and one of gods favourite sons

Why aren't you a Christian yet?
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>tfw to intelligent to believe in skydaddy
not dumb enough to buy into tendielord
but how are you going to get benefits if youre working all the time?

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Contemplative Frog.png
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are robots more comfy than chad?
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Yes and no.

Yes in a absolute sense but no in a spiritual sense
Those labels are too broad and open to interpretation at this point.

Dead meme.
How the eff is chad spiritual at all

You chad apologists are fucking awful

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Hey guys, just making one last thread before I go. I got a Stacy gf so I'll be leaving since those are the rules. I just wanted to thank you guys for all the good times before I leave.

Remember, we're all gonna make it.
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Have fun until Stacey cheats on you
see ya in 2 weeks when chad steals her
Oreganou godspeed, anon

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>you wiIl never do this
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Why even live, man? It ain't fair.
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>>you wiIl never do this
Thank god

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who /tinnitus/ here?

mine sounds like dubstep. keeps things interesting
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Ringing, endless vague ringing. When I attempt to ignore it it gets drastically, spitefully louder
thats yiur problem, dont resist it or habe bad judgenebts about it. tune into the frequency
Mine too. Its really annoying when your trying to sleep.

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Any femanons wanna post a pic of thier tits? There are no other girls on earth like you, you are a one of kind, one in 3.5bil, so I'd very much like to see the beautiful, unique, works of art that are your breasts.
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Yes, post your disgusting saggy tits so I can download them forever and then spam them to Trump's Twitter account from one of my numerous Russian Twitter sock puppets.

Only /r9k OC tits can begin the cycle
I love that body type.

Don't forget to include timestamp.
Not even lying when I say I would have sex with that

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