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How many books do you read a month?
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A very generous 0.3
I read 7 last month, you?
Depends on what books but probably about 10 on average, not including journals for work and such

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Is a DBA or Cybersecurity degree worth it?
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You could just get compsci and not pigeon hole yourself to 2 very specific jobs.

Except employers want specific skills, even with bachelor's degrees. I'd rather pigeon hole myself to a good career
That's what majors and minors are for

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is yellow fever a slippery slope to liking traps? that would explain the content you see on this board
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Yes. It's honestly pathetic to see WMAF. They had to go for the most submissive women in the world in order to get a chance lol

tfw you have been addicted to porn so long you no longer can get aroused to even the highest quality JAV and must unironically masturbate to gay horse sex at all fap sessions

white men literally can't be robots and should fuck off to >>>/pol/

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Just saw this on Facebook and a bunch of pretty 15 year old girls answered the question and have done everything sexual on the list

WELP. 5 seconds on Facebook and I can't even handle humanity for another day.
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Post comments you dumb fag
Who $3 bill y'all
heck yea my dude

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Hurt Muhbrain.jpg
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>want to learn how to play guitar
>get discouraged by younger players
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stop looking to your surroundings m8
i'm 22 years old and I just bought a Keyboard
I want to do EDM.
Stop giving a fuck about people, this is about you, your happiness, your achievement
If a traveler stops to throw rocks at each dog that barks, she's never getting to his destination.
>dead instruments
>not playing modular synth
Guitar just takes practice it's pretty easy

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I think I'm on the path to alcoholism lads, been drinking every night after work lately. It's the only way to keep myself from snapping and quitting my job it feels like, and to numb the crushing isolation and friendlessness.

What are you drinking robots? Whisky for me tonight. I'm sub 150lbs so gets me fucked up right quick. Post your thoughts and feels about whatever is pushing you to drink and why.
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I guess you're all too busy posting in fembot bait threads.
I havent drank for a month. I downed a full bottle of rum chatting to mates on teamspeak and apparently was throwing up in the bathroom later. My family thought I tried to off myself and my dad was inconsolable in tears for some reason. Woke up the next day naked on my bed and ended up sleeping 36 hours out of pure embarrassment.

Frankly I'd like to drink again but my family are funny about it, its fucking insulting that they think I'd kill myself, they still want me to sit down and have a chat about it but I just know I'm gonna end up telling them to get fucked for treating me as some suicidal teen again.
being drunk has lost men lots of shit
i ruined a good many things being drunk

>such a fucking autist that at 25 years old, I'm nervous as fuck about a driving lesson tomorrow (yes, 25 and no license) when staceys who are 16 and even drunk people can drive
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tfw too autistic even for r9k

tfw even robots can drive
>no license; couldn't afford car or insurance even if I had one
>get made fun of by virtually everyone I know for not being able to drive
Don't use others as an excuse to not put in your best effort. What matters is learning to drive.

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Say something nice and not antisemitic about this beautiful girl r9k.
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She's probably very good with money
That's pro-Semitic
Holy shit that nose is a tunnel
shes a qt 3.14
>tfw no qt jewish girl to take your shekels and snuggle

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>bf has been texting a blonde 8/10 stacy in my major
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You're not a blonde stacy?
fuck off. saged. get off my board with this attention whoring
Tfw no ass, and i can't gain weight for some reason.

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I have a question. If there are more women having sex than ever thanks to womens liberation why are there so many male virgins?
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They keep fucking the same guys over and over, that's why.
I know why . One more piece of the veil falls away.

Because they're working as escorts.
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one word: chad.


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reminder that bullying is wrong and bad

unless you're bullying beta men lol, then it's totally fine haha rofl
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Bullying is fine and is a natural way to mold a child who lacked a poor/no father figure
that's actually bullshit but whatever you gotta tell yourself to justify it
stop fucking bullying anime girls then

they don't want you

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what did you use it for faggot
What about on my dick?
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But my penis is so dry. Can't I just use a little bit?

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casual pepe.png
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How do therapists react to robot problems and concerns?

t. curious
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she gives you the same normie advice you read on here but you pay good money for it
they send you to another therapist who then sends you to another therapist and who then sends you to another therapist

then they all get together for dinner and laugh at how much money they sucked out of you

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How do my fellow robots dress?
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that looks quite edgy. post a pic
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33, married, teacher and soon to be father a girl
There's nothing edgy about being yourself.

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What in tarnation boy. Don't ya dare tawk t'me before ah've had maah cup o' joe. Ah oughta brand ur ass boy, now git back ta work. Ima drink this here'n coffee then I'll talk boy, not a sec'nd before!
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>not in spanglish
0/10 attempt at Texas accent
Boy I don't speak'n ur here "es span yole" but even you should undermastand that I can't talk before mah coffe
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sometimes on the trail life doesn't allow for second chances
that's why you gotta make the best out of the chance and cup you've got. please, respect the rules and do not talk to posters before their finished with their first cups.

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