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>hot girl in school once said "I look like Death"
>at the time I didn't get it, actually, thought it was kinda cool
>wore all black exclusively, mostly hoodies
>very quiet, all alone when my only friend didn't come to school
>got angry when people made fun of me
>eyebrows shape make me look like I'm angry almost all the time (guess that's why every punk wanted to start shit with me)

Yeah, I see it now...
Meanwhile, inside I was just a lonely depressed teen autist that wanted a gf.
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>hot girl in school once said "I look like Death"
>"I look like Death"
good for her bloxxrob

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Fembots are you nice and thin like she is?

Remember that being slim is really important for us guys for you to be attractive. Don't listen to the chubby chasers. They are a minority. We like tiny thin waists we can wrap our arms around.
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someone say something nice to me please
something nice to me please
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>chubby girls are cute
>thin girls are cute
>girls with small boobs are cute
>girls with big boobs are cute
>short haired girls are cute
>long haired girls are cute
>girls with tan skin are cute
>girls with pale skin are cute

Fembot appreciation thread. There's someone out there for everyone

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snapshot (33).jpg
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so let's get fucked up & have a gud time
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>tfw no super saiyan god bf
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGIn7qNDLrU [Embed]

Can someone explain to me the whole "White things" meme? I know it's a leftist kind of jokes (which tend to suck), but I don't get it. In my culture, we don't joke about skin color, but rather on ethnicity. Like saying "It's such a german thing to do", or "It's such a polish thing to do" etc etc, because certain ethnicity do present specific set of behaviors, a stereotype, but skin color doesn't really indicate shit.
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it's an american thing
you don't have different nationalities in america, you have whites, blacks and spics
It's not really leftist, these jokes have been around forever. It's only fairly recently that people have been getting really pissed about them.
Really? No one is being differentiated by their origins? Everyone just gave up on their culture?
It's not that I'm pissed, it's just odd to me.

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was he a true robot for despite all the money and fame to commit suicide?
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I just saw a girl I used to love to death (she wasn't my gf tho) post a picture having fun with her friends at the beach. She's barely wearing anything, and the sensation of seeing her bare body for the first time is something that really triggers me, just like the thought that she now has a boyfriend, that she's not that silent and pure girl anymore, it just makes me feel so dead and hopeless and it also makes me very hot in the stomach area
anybody have similar experiences?
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I'd imagine most robots have had that experience. After the first couple times it stops hurting as much because you become bitter
I'm bitter to death, I've completely given up on women
but the sight of that nice girl getting a boyfriend and being almost nude with her friends just destroys me
>she's not that silent and pure girl anymore

you'll get accustomed to this feeling.
especially after 30.

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tfw no cute trap gf

help me my discord is aeromatic#4635

i'm just an average boy
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So I touched my ball sack earlier and rubbed my fingers together and it felt like there is some sort of oily, hard to remove layer that kind of feels like candle wax between them. Is this a problem?
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Does it also coat your ballhairs? Mine was yellowish and made my ballhairs brittle that I could just crack them in half.
It's probably just a combination of skin oil and dead skin cells.

Try washing your balls, man.
Fucking take a shower you animals. No wonder you're virgins.

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>watch part of american news
>some white trash mumbling something
>randomly stretches his hands yelling "deb"
>takes the camera mans camera and zooms on his shoes saying something i did not even understand while his friends burst in laughter

is this the american dream?
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>watch yuropoor news
>Ahmed is diversifying the white females
is this the yuropoor dream?
yuropoors don't have dreams m8
I think you mean yeb, he was probably reacting to the yeb surge. Trump and his whole cabinet just got impeached and congress put him in instead.

Slow and steady, Donald.

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>female found the YouTube channel

Its over lads
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>shy robot boy I have a crush found my ASMR channel
>cops found the poop troop

See you in the next life r9k
>social worker found the smegma satellite

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Dobby swanks in2 r9k and someone says
"he's the world's greatest amog"
someone else says: "he's allah"
"it meng" says dobby
every1's like "Alright!" heads bobbin'. Suddenly Dobby turns into the Baskerville dobbs and chases squirrels like a fucking torpedoe brooooom
Das wen Dobby stawts to moppa da brooma
swish swish
"I'm dune a gud job?" Dobby asks
"Mama Mia, das it mein" we all say in unison
Dobby sips a brew. Spits it everywhere "Is this manachevitz?" he screams. Suddenly he is not moppadabroom dobby of our dreams, but the fault in our stars--mega manachevitz monster dobbs, REEEEEEEEEE!
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some bitch is grindin' and gyrating and stuff on dobby, chad walks up and puts his hand on his shoulder "that's enuf" chad says
"don't try to adob me" dobby says
dobbs brushes this off, for after all, he is here to bask in dem wemen. suddenly there is a heap of women on dobby. he sticks his hand out of the dogpile, thumb's up
Dobby runs up to your room to change into his eveningwear. he's wearing this smock that only reveals his feet. "Dobby is jesus Christ resurrect" says one wet woman
"He's wearing a dress!" you point out
dobby swanks over and throws the dress off revealing billboard abs
he now loves u, for dobby loves to have a challenge and bask in glory
He starts writhing like a snake to "starboi" "I come alive in the fotofinish mile" he sings
"I'm the baskerisk" he explains, a shiteating grin on his face
he crawls onto his heat rock and basks with his honeys, though he's still got eyes 4 u
suddenly, it is the championship of the ages: see who can give dobby kramps
u du exactly this
"Dobbaswankier" says dobby as he hobbles around, wraps a trenchcoat around his frame
"ATTA bay bay" dobby says "I AM the trenchgoat-the mother of pearls-of peals-the thunder thumper-mojo cocktail, Dobby"
Suddenly, because why? Miley Cyrus is in a diaper with swift moves u'v only seen in a telenovela, one late breezy evening in TJ. Dobby swanks over 2 ha in his own, "Lemme dick dat ass"

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>reading studies about how socialization is important for health and loneliness and isolation makes you unhealthy and die sooner
It's not fair bros.
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4chan counts as socialization, right?
There's a screencap of a text by someone how sadness affects your brain and rots it. It sounds like bullshit, but the general gist sounds right.

>tfw it's too late now
I can't do math, I have headaches, I can't solve logical problems and I have trouble memorizing things short term (literally forget it after 5 seconds).
I really hope so.
Maybe the internet will save us.

Which is the most young looking but legal pornstar right now? I need some new girls to fap to.
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Kohey Nishi
>Kohey Nishi
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wowee what a time to be alive

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What is living in the Netherlands like? Has any other american moved there?
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Why would you want to move there of all places?
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>Why would you want to move there of all places?
idk seems like a kinda cool place I guess
better than the US I suppose
Stay out of Europe if you don't like people of the Sand. Stay in the US or move to Australia/Canada if you want to be with people of the Rice.

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