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douglas coughlin.jpg
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Who else /boring life/ here?
My daily routine is as follows
>wake up at 7:00
>shower, shave, brush teeth etc.
>eat breakfast while watching morning TV
>leave for work at around 8:30, arrive at work at around 9:00
>get off work at around 17:00
>go home
>microwave food you've cooked on sunday
>eat while lurking imageboards
>do the dishes and lurk imageboards/listen to music until around 22:00
>brush teeth and go to bed
>repeat five days a week
On fridays I come home from work, eat and then get drunk alone while shitposting on /r9k/. On saturdays I do the same except I wake up at noon. On sundays I cook food for the next week and shitpost on /r9k/. I keep telling myself I'm just lonely and that getting a gf would fix this, but deep down I know that I'm boring and that even with a gf I would just fall into the same boredom eventually.
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Living the dream.
>I keep telling myself I'm just lonely and that getting a gf would fix this, but deep down I know that I'm boring and that even with a gf I would just fall into the same boredom eventually.

I broke up with a girl because she always wanted to "do stuff", bitch didn't even drive either.

>tfw working nights for 2 months

really going to fuck up my drinking schedule
File: douglas coughlin 2.jpg (55KB, 500x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
douglas coughlin 2.jpg
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It gets boring after around 3 months. My life is very boring. The highlight of my week is getting drunk on fridays. Once or twice a month I meet up with my friends to drink beer, but we almost never go to bars and just drink at one of our apartments' while listening to music and watching movies/youtube videos. Its not living the dream really, since the boredom and loneliness will get to you and then its a neverending loop of work, alcohol and work.

The last month of my life also had my suffer some real bad revelations about my life. I went on a date with a girl (somehow a girl on tinder wanted to meet up with me) and I screwed it up. I can't get her out of my mind even though I know we'll never see eachother again. It made me realize that I'm emotionally stunted and I get hung up on every single girl who gives me the slightest bit of attention. I also realized that I'm so used to getting drunk every friday that I feel distress whenever I for some reason can't drink on friday.

>really going to fuck up my drinking schedule
Kek, I feel this way too sometimes

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Have you ever met any friends from r9k>

Did it go well?
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I went to an r9k meet up and I'm still friends with a few of them. We are planning on going to the beach tomorrow.
I met up with a femanon once to give her a massage. We didn't have sex but I did see her fully naked body.

Was a positive experience overall
What was a femanon like on here? Was she crazy or really depressed?

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Is /r9k/ the official jungle fever board?
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I would a black girl. I would any girl really, just one who isn't absolute shit.
you really think r9k has standards?
these nerds would date anyone over 6/10
In a world of porn, is there any real attraction anymore?

it's just another fap session.

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how do we get rid of the literal females on this board
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we can't get rid of our queens
We don't. Just accept they're here to stay. They're human like you and me. You're not afraid of change, are you?
We cant. They can get gd/bf and leave this board. Now we just need to pay Chads and Stacies to hit on them.

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Was he /our guy/?
Oregano commento
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literally unironically and honestly who?
is that hospital shooter
Yes/ and he's a doctor

>I can never date women because their way of thinking is stupid
>Can't date men because im not attracted to masculinity (I'd fuck a fem guy tho)
>Can't date girls (male) because they're mentally unstable

Why hast thou forsaken me, O God?
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just dont date anyone. i dont really get what all the hype is about. do you have nothing else to stress over in your life?
>I'd fuck a fem guy tho
>Can't date girls (male)
Nigga, make up your mind.

Are you aware of the difference?

Is it true that girls like nerdy guys?
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Only if you look like that type of """"nerd""""
yeah if he looks like a chad if not you are a creepy nerd and a loser
They like "nerdy" guys, guys who are nerdy as a fashion statement, they don't like nerds.

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>says sex is overrated
>yet sex is one of the biggest motivating factors for our civilization.
>the most profitable thing in the planet.
>one of the most political topics of our generation to encourage more sex.
>as for 10+ years the most controversial topic when people wanted sex with same gender
>our biology is based around effectively obtaining it.
>even in history sex was a primary factor of a lot of controversial events.
>we have official therapeutic groups to help people with their sex addiction.
>is literally the BIGGEST reason for divorce, due to lack of sex or someone fucking another person.
>we use it as the primary reason for determining partner.
>you could even give people stockholm syndrome by providing them too much sex against their will.
>there are people who are willing to die/go to jail to forcibly have sex with someone.
>there are teachers who fuck their students and it ends their career but doesn't matter had sex.
>teen pregnancy is a huge problem in civilization because of how great sex is.
>People charge $300/hr for sex because clients love it that much.

But guys, sex is overrated teehee.
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I think you're conflating sex with validation. Replace every instance of sex with validation and you've pretty well evaluated the human condition. The problem is that people think sex = validation, but sex addicts quickly learn this isn't always the case or even often the case.
Are you a roastie or are you a virgin?
There's no evolutionary advantage to that you dipshit. Quit feeding people lies on the internet you autistic faggot. You do realize only losers need it for validation right? Do you jack off to cartoons for validation? Do people jack off to their fetishes (like scat) for validation? They do it because it feels good and you're a fucking retard to think otherwise. You need mental help if you have sex for validation, that's not healthy or normal dumbass.

P.S kill yourself
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what would sex with maria feel like?

ITT: post your gf
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Why are strong women the best?
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textless post faggot, and apparently a road sign is a car. FUCK YOU 4CHAN

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>that feeling you experience when you don't have a girlfriend

i dont like this feel
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i also dislike that feeling, friend
>"doc i need a girlfriend so i can make it up to 88mph."

jokes aside. whats the difference between casual sex and a girlfriend?
>whats the difference between casual sex and a girlfriend?
Casual sex is like, imagine meeting a stranger and then putting your penis inside of it. GF is like someone you know and trust and putting your penis inside of it. If you can't even look a stranger in the eye, you can forget about it

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Anyone have experience in rehabilitating into becoming a normie? Going to uni in a whole new country in september, and I want to make this fresh start count. How do I need to present myself to become a normie and ultimately a chad? Anyone have some anecdotes?
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Make friends right away. Just force yourself to ask themselves wuestions. Introduce yourself or just talk to them about schoolwork. Give people your phone number. Just Nike it just do it
I tried to become a normie but I failed miserably, and now I'm even more depressed. I used to study all day, but as time passed I realized I didn't make any friends in uni.
Now I've lost my will, and there's a chance I'll drop out if I can't get it back.
Unless you're a failed normie, your chances of becoming one are low.
What's the story behind you starting uni in a new country? Curious to know as I'd would like to do something similar

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Do you fall for any girls who's nice to you?
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As long as she has an okay face and isn't a slut, yes.
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It makes me think why they are playing Nice to me because i know i do not deserve it

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Robots quick, post what vidya you are currently playing.
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up 20
I finished dark souls 3 recently

Wont be actively playing games in a while

Just some matches of lel
>fighting for those addy rocks

etched into my fucking mind

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I sadly am forced to be friends with a minecraft youtuber irl. AMA.
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what's the youtube channel?
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Would you own a based pepe spinner
The recipe should be a triangle of iron with a terracotta block in the middle

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2MB, 195x275px
Why do so many trolls pretend that liking traps is gay?
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> Why do so many trolls pretend that liking a male is gay?
I dunno, OP.
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>you will never fuck pre-plastic surgery face Sarina Valentina in her fat, pale ass

I used to fap to Sarina on the daily.
Now I find him/her disgusting

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