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How goes the depression? is it still crippling or getting better?
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It's still the same as always. I will say that I'm pretty much a master of hiding it at this point. My uncle recently told me I have certain glow about myself, said I look really happy. Of course I just smiled along and said I was, if he only knew I'd be killing myself soon.
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Meditation has helped a lot.
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Don't do it anon, jesus loves you

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>when you're looking through the archives and find some of your epic posts from years ago

Makes me laugh but I also feel nostalgic and miss those times.
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>saving your own posts


But I do wonder if anyone ever screencapped mine.
By archives I mean desuarchive, archive.4plebs.org, etc
This is the thread btw


So many epic posts in 1 thread

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I-is it about to get #litty
You fucking know it boyyyy!
What is the point of party rock threads? What are you trying to accomplish?

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What the fuck is the point of living if you're born an ugly fuck?
It's worse than having a disability, everyone looks down on your and although you feel attraction towards people they never feel it back towards you.

Should I just give up on ever being loved
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If you're an average or below average guy you should find something to live for, like a hobby. Try bettering yourself in some way.
Ugly is a disability because it impairs your ability to get laid

ugly men can still be attractive if they have money/interesting career/interesting hobby/intelligent/funny/get fit/ect

meanwhile if you're an ugly woman you can have ALL those things and men dont care

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INFJ here
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bwahaha, faggot

i wish i was your normie type
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delet that.jpg
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I will give you 2 minutes to delet this post.

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Who else here /refusetogivein/?
>always try to keep a positive outlook even when I feel shitty
>refuse to believe all women are like how /r9k/ describe them
>refuse to hate normies, mostly see them as just different from me
Anyone else taken the hopepill?
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I do the last two, I don't really remain positive on life very much but I'm not over negative either.
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If you started hating normies because of some chaotic manifestation of a cruel social hierarchy /r9k/ thought up, then you're twice as much a sociopath as Chad could ever be.

Naturally most of the "losers" of the world assume that they can never be the bad guy because they're the hip anime protag underdog so this shit happens far more often then it should.
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I used to think like that when I was younger. Always figured this place was exaggerating in terms of how people act but as I've gotten older I've pretty much seen it all happen. I now think of myself as a pessimist and maybe a bit of a defeatist as well.

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Who here /brainlet/?

>tfw no patience to sit through an entire book
>tfw get to the climax and I end up having to re-read everything before because I didn't pay attention
>tfw every book I've ever read has never been entertaining and has always been a chore
>tfw read books so slow it takes me hours to get through one chapter of a 200 page book
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How long does it take you to read posts?
I don't know how you're supposed to measure speed of reading, but it would depend on how long the post is. Probably not more than a few seconds for a few sentences.
Read books with larger print and a wider spacing until you recognize the shapes of words. Once you've practice that, it'll take a while, your reading speed and comprehension should increase.

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apu thinking.png
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why do people who consider themselves "nice" feel like they're entitled to anything?
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Liberal conditioning.
Why do people who consider themselves "women" feel like they're entitled to anything?
oh but I don't mon normalfag

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How do I accept the fact that a girl will never look at me like this?
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>How do I accept the fact that a girl will never look at me like this?
Mix up some bleach and ammonia at a place where you know a lot of attractive young women will be

make them suffer like you and I suffer

simply wait 20 years and then teen girls will lust after you just for being the age of their absentee fathers
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So no real advice?

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>go to class
>3 hours until the next class
>again, the next class after that is in 3 hours
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how the fuck do people even fail out of college?

ib4 mental illness
That shit is not for everyone

Ima very patient person but even then sometimes its too much for me

2 years in and the only thing i gathered so far is that we have to be complacent slaves if we want to ensure ourselves a nice wagecuck job after we graduate.

No free thought , nothing invigorating just do as i say

Actual mental illness does make it hard.

Though i dont know why healthy people would drop out unless they don't like the subject.

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post em


nuerotypicals get the fuck out
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is this what autism looks like?
also that quiz was really fucking long
OP please explain to me what any of this means I have no idea what I just did
Sorry for the stuff in French.

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>he smokes weed

ultimate red flag
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Yes, and? I'm to take a robot's opinion on how life should be lived?
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>implying women won't make an exception for that if it's Chad who smokes the DUDEWEED

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How low does a woman have to be to accept something other than Chad?
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Literally No limit

even downies can get chad
They all want Chad

And they generally get Chad, since many Chads are bored of fucking hot stacies all the time and develop fetishes for fat or deformed women
>body language
>facial expression
Nah that's a failed Chad. Distinct from beta Chads, the failed Chad is simply a Chad with no will left to live. This one has resorted to an extreme display of virtue signaling, quite common in normalfag culture even for Chad.

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Should people be hurt for having "disgusting thoughts" that will never be translated into actions?

Can this punishment for thoughtcrimes be objectively (rather than emotionally) justified?
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Justify it objectively then.

Let's hear some solid arguments.

Think of it like breeding what you don't want out of a animal. Like breeding dogs. You don't want this trait. Keep killing the puppies that have the negative trait until you get the good ones. Keep doing this until they are what is needed.
People with degenerate thoughts can be treated the same way once the technology comes to find those thoughts.
Then you rinse and repeat until the population has minimal traces of that negative thought pattern as well as reducing or destroying what is creating those thoughts.
The end. there you go.

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What is going on in this image arcanines?
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>dad is wearing underwear
>son is not
The dad looks young af

Imagine my shock!
faggotry level is over 9000

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