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>Used to have a lot of friends.

>Become Nazi.

>Lose all friends.

>Gain Nazi Friends.

>Even better than old friends.

Its strange, I got more and better friends by adopting an extreme ideology.
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Better until you try to leave or are singled out and labled a degenerate by them.
Thanks for announcing how stupid you are kiddo
>alt right memer newfag retard

back to r/thedonald

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Is there anything worse than having a daughter?

Fathers will have to spend so much time money and effort pampering and protecting her when she will eventually just be savagely fucked by the first douchebag who comes along. Her sweet innocent smile will be replaced by her smiling when Chad smacks his dick on her face. Her primary goal in life is literally abandoning your family so she can be a fuckhole for Chad.

Reminder that your sisters and daughters are worthless born deserters that deserve no support or love from their family whatsoever.
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Having a chad son
having a robot son who doesn't leave his room, fails every single attempt at turning his life around, has no aspirations and no forseeable future, won't ever get married and make you a grandfather

My sister is a "lesbian," anyway.

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hi r9k
im really lonely i guess
i dont want to sadpost a wall of text because half of it is just wanting to talk to another person and doing it this way makes that a little easier
would anyone give a sad robit some discord messages ;~;
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very lonely too eee
fuckk off rem
What is your discord?

I'll talk with you a bit before i go to sleep

that kid thread

>that kid who accidentally opened a gay furry porn tab
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Oh, that old chestnut.
>that kid who googled gay porn on his friend's computer in class
>friend played along, got suspended
>that fat kid that thought everyone laughed with him when he got made fun of

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Need some advice, fellow robots.

>Go to McDonald's daily for lunch and/or dinner.
>Cutie 3.14 cashier has begun to notice me
>every time I come in she smiles, says hi, and asks how my day is going
>I think she likes me
>She always has a mickey mouse pin on her uniform

I have enough money saved up. Should i book a trip to Disney world for us and surprise her? I think it's a good way to show her how nice I am and it's a good way to start a relationship. What do you guys think?
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Okay fuck this board, I'm out
Perfect plan OP
There is literally no way that could go wrong and backfire

Ill standby for the wedding invite op
You two going to be happy a long time

>of all people, women are the ones that choose who they would have sex with
>this makes them the ones who decide who can reproduce and who does not
>they have this horrible power and most know that they can use it to its maximum potential and get away with it
>this is what awaits many men and their futures
is it just me, or is it scary as fuck?
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It's really not hurting anyone to reform and prevent terrorism. Net win.
It is just you. That's not how the real world works. Stop believing in /r9k/ memes and go outside for a change.
Rape. Many here are sad enough to fantasize over it but too fucking lazy/pussy/braindamaged to do it.

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>be talking to cute girl at college
>basically class friends
>she has a boyfriend
>I subtly always hit on her
>other day decide to make a strong move
>ask her if she wants to come back to my apartment and hang out
>she laughs and says that is pretty creepy dude

I now must transfer colleges . But what pisses me off the most is that if I was some chad or something than it wouldn't have been creepy. why the F is it only creepy because I did it. life is not fair.
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>>she has a boyfriend
>>I subtly always hit on her
What were you thinking was going to happen?
Why are you lying? It would have been creepy if Chad did it.

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Please join our comfy minecraft server
Join our discord to get whitelisted SVRfjd
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heil sieg
is this the same server that got fucked twice?
No, this is a new one with players from that server

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>he's older than 15 and still cares about sex
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>hes older than 14 and still watches anime
File: image.jpg (92KB, 660x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He's older than 15 and he still hasn't had sex
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>he's older than 16 and still posts on r9k

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>Alone in house
>Awake for 30 something hours because I hate summer/sleep issues
>Running on fumes, but hope it will make me tired enough to get a full night of sleep
>Do a bunch of crazy shit all day to stay awake
>Go to sleep at 9PM
>It's 4:47AM as I'm typing
>Get woken up by a light in my face
>Hear indisputable noise of one of those LED flashlights clicking off
>Keep eyes closed and pretend to shift around in bed
>Still half asleep at the time but my brain is working at least somewhat
>Swear on my life I heard someone hastily leave my room
>Swear I hear someone shut doors downstairs
>Again, ALONE in house
>When I heard doors closing downstairs, I went to check
>Adrenaline pumping, expecting to find some fucking junkie with a knife or something
>Search house in only gym shorts, dick flopping around in shorts as I go room to room
>Search house with literally no weapon
>Find nothing
>Look around to see if my shit is stolen
>Find nothing
What the fuck just happened lads? Am I hallucinating? I feel disappointed that there was no one to fight/kill me. I'm not happy about this.
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You were dreaming the lights and noises.

Are you a dog?
why would you expect to find something if you heard doors closing?

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Eww, I didn't know your creepy brother is still at home. Who let you get out of your room anon haha?
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I have never understood why people are sensitive enough to take offense to someone observing their life/lifestyle, but not sensitive enough to change.
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>that coke on the table
not everyone wants to change

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>he doesn't identify as asexual

Why don't you swallow the purple pill? Most of your feels are derived directly or indirectly from sex
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Because I'm not asexual you dumb ass, wouldn't help if I "identify" as one.
>have excuse for being sexless
>girls will try to "change" you
>easy as pie to find asexual gf to cuddle with

You can't lose.

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>I have friends and a gf but I'm still a robot because I'm not Chad and I watch anime
No you're not
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What about former robots, people who used to be robots but made it.
Can we still follow them?
Well of course... It's called a security clearance.
(In development)

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tomorrow I'm gonna have a date with a woman 10 years older than me, did I fuck up?
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>dating a shriveled up roastie
>not a qt trap instead
does she have kids? wrinkles?
no kids
a few, but I'm already 30 myself, would have guessed her like five years older, not ten

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Dear faggots (yes traps count),

Why do you think you're gay? Seriously curious. Have you been doing faggot shit since you could remember or was there some experience that turned you gay?
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Everyone around me was having sex and I didn't see what the big deal was. Then I realised I was asexual.
bumping because I want to respond, but I'm hungry, and also I might type a long response. idk. bbs.
When I realized not a single girl will ever want me.


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