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Mum said I cant say nigger on here anymore
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Try saying knigger with a silent k instead
What's da matter ma fellow Nigerian?
But can you at least say DOUBLE NIGGER?

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haven't spoken to parents in 4 months. about to text my mom now. dubs decides what i say
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Send her dick pics

Kek pls help me on this one, I never asked you for anything
I wish I was aborted

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I don't get it

They're pranking their kid, brah.
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The US is such a shithole. White Americans are the root cause of all problems, and this video is a prime example. Wew lad, the white race was a mistake.

There are Normies having sex RIGHT NOW
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Yepp with your mom
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There are girls posting on /r9k/ RIGHT NOW!
Just use tinder

Jesus, its so easy these days to get laid

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Some girls wrote a song about guys like you

feels mad man. feels really mad
You think I'm pretty. And I'm a gamer.
a thought runs through your mind that i must be some kind of savior
You create this life for me and put me on a pedestal
A thousand different situations made up now your head is full
You come onto me, say i'm your final fantasy
You think we would be perfect but i don't really plan to be
And you can see us eating pizza playing Overwatch
Forget that we just met, you should really turn it down a notch
Your mind wanders, indulges in illusion
I sit here wondering how i got wrapped in this confusion
My gender is your preference and we share a single hobby
But you're jumpin' to assumptions like those randos in the lobby
And when I'm working, you try to use a line
I hate to break the news, but I don't really have the time
This may come as a bio-shock, i know you're trying hard but sadly.
I think it's really creepy when you call yourself big daddy

Manic Pixel Dreams
Not always what they seem
Confused with Fantasy
But boy, I'm not the key
Manic Pixel Dreams
Not always what they seem
I'm not your destiny
Oh boy, quit testin me

Don't get me wrong, Gaming's a big part of me
But the problem that arises is when it seems to be that's all you see
Generic Girl Accessory, A pretty little avatar
Skipped my backstory, and now entitlement is reaching far
I'll make it clear, that I don't owe you anything
Nothing from a message to a photo to a smutty fling
I won't auto make you happy, this has gotta cease,
You don't even know me and I'm not your mystic puzzle piece
Even if I like you, Now I feel this pressure,
like I'm supposed to fix you and make your life much better.
Look a little deeper you can analyze this question.
You think that playing co-op is enough to cure depression?
I'm not a pill to pop when you freak out from your anxiety
I'm not the perfect princess but you want to keep defining me
I'm a weeb, I'm a nerd, I'm a pearl
I'm a gamer till the end, But I'm not your Pixel Dream Girl

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Positive thoughts edition

Well, we're almost done with the semester, What are you looking forward to this summer? Will next year be better than this one?

>tfw I got a $20/hr office job secured for next semester
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> good grades
> $21 / hr internship for the summer
> need 60s on my finals for As in all my classes
> going to be a senior in a week

And yet all I can think about is how I've never had a gf.
>$20 an hour is good in America
Hahaha, tard wranglers get $25 an hour in Australia.
About to graduate with a foreign language degree. For most of my time at uni I wanted to go into translation, but after taking a few translation classes I might want to go back to get a degree in a different field. What's something with a good return on investment?

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>tfw you aren't afraid to text a girl but you are afraid you'll be like "what's up?" and she'll say "nothing" and then you'll say "cool lol" and then she doesn't text back
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gotta extend the conversation man

cool lol is not even a question wether open or closed
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>tfw you're still afraid to text and you know that would happen
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>gotta extend the conversation man

give me your wisdom

Who /EBT/ here? I get $175 a month in food stamps and $219 in cash assistance. I've saved up a little over $1800 in EBT by eating mostly rice, bread, bananas, and canned food I get at the food bank. Social security decision is being written right now, and I'll probably get the decision letter within a month or so.

Also applied to public housing and will probably get placed next year. I'm taking all the gibs I can get.
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>$219 a month

I get almost 10x that and a free apartment, in addition to free groceries. Why are Americans so fucking cucked? You don't even have good welfare.
I got ebt last year, it was awesome. I like how you don't even need to be financially independent to get it. I come from a well off family so money was not a problem, but I decided to apply for it anyways and I got 200 a month, which I spent on expensive things like salmon and buffalo meat.
Mine used to be $194 but it got reduced to $175. Cash assistance was also only $50 a month, but got bumped up to $219 when they found me unable to work at the DSS, which was 7 months ago.

Been on EBT and cash assistance since early 2015 so I've saved a lot of cash and racked up a lot of EBT.

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post nice servers

due to new anti spam shit only put the end part of the discord in (random numbers/letters)
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oregino, please post
discord gg/tvT3fNs
comfy mental illness server that's not too big, today we've been talking about things like aliens keeping humans as livestock, exoplanets, and masturbation with cold hands! Anyone is welcome.
>mental illness discord
This is full of normalfags, isnt it? or traps too for that matter.

>be me
>be in uni
>have a tall qt pie girl in my a few of my classes
>we become friends
>fast forward its getting close to xmas and we go get drinks at a bar
>she gets tipsy and she starts to flirt with me
>Tells me she thought I was cute
>then this guy who looks like pic related but whiter comes up and starts to talk to her
>apparently they're "friends" and she pretty much ignores me
>then they get up and to get drinks
>I fell pretty hurt and they come back
>she's taller then him and this really fucking bothers me
>Before I know it they're making out
>eventually they both just leave me at the bar by my self
>I get mad and text her how I felt about her
>"read at 1:26am"
>I haven't talked to her since
>they're dating now and seem happy together
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this fucking triggered me


Original comment
that's just sad OP, why didn't you call him a manlet?

what's your personality?


found this from that aspie professor's suicide note earlier
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INTJ-T, me.jpg
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INTP-A here

I'm pretty happy with my personality type. The only thing I need to work on is emotional connections with people but that easy to fake.
>found this from that aspie professor's suicide note earlier

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>tfw black and listening to alabama nigger
its so catchy
also, /black bot/ feels
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>be born mixed
>not light skinned
In a blackbot. Delete this fucking thread, or is this some white kid larping?
>be mixed mutt
>light skin
>hair , eyes , mouth , nose all nigger tier

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What does it mean when somebody ghosts your messages?
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That they want to birth your children and live a long and fulfilling life together, dumbass
What did she SPLEEEN by this, answer me motherfucker

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Who /failure/ here?

Does anyone else here feel like every time you focus on something you are wasting your time? I can't seem to get a career for this reason. I lose interest in things fast because I feel like I'm not going to make it
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I don't think tou'll find many failures 'round here, pal. This is a board for successful people.
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Heh, can't wait for robot holidays
high school drop out cant get a job and cant get a license until i get a ged

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>Get to class late
>stuck sitting next to the morbidly obese girl and her obnoxious friends
I don't want to feel this feeling ever again
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>get to class late
>ditch class because I don't want to walk through all the people to sit in the only seat in the middle

I have done this the entire time I have been in college. If I can't get the end seat but being there early I won't go to class. Maybe its my social anxiety creeping up again.
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>be morbidly obese guy in college
>always arrive to close early so i have enough time to stop sweating so people around me arent grossed out or uncomfortable
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Are you me?

>get to 12:30 class at 12:32
>sit down in the only seat available, have to wade though half of the row to get to it
>guy next to me is morbidly obese and can't even fit in his own chair
>i'm super skinny (120 ibs 5'10") and yet his fat still touched my arm the whole time
>like every fat person, he seems to be sick with some awful illness
>snorts, sniffs, coughs on me the entire class
>for all of the duration of the hour and fifteen minute course, he breathed heavily through his mouth to the point where it was audible to anyone within 10 feet

It's seriously like they WANT me to skip my lectures and fail out of uni...

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