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ITT: We greentext experiences where people have pointed out how ugly we are

>in class and teacher is handing out school photos
>she places yours faced down and quickly

>at the back of a crowded bus with earphones on
>little girl (possibly 12-13) one seat in front of me literally screams to her friends in laughter at how ugly I am
>friends tell her to stop and that I could hear
>she still continues
>I keep my head down and pretend not to hear

>go outside feeling confident about my appearance for once
>go to some place to steal wifi for 30 minutes
>group of 5 girls come over, give me a quick look and say "so disgusting"

>go to movies with friends
>step outside with one dude while waiting for the others to come out
>just stares at me and laughs
>"you are just so ugly dude hahaha"

>in class
>some guy just keeps pointing out how ugly I am

>girl comes up to me and my friend
>says something about my friend being cute
>friend says that I'm cute too (jokingly)
>"y-yeah, anon's cute too..."

>first year of secondary school
>sitting beside some brainlet
>just points out all of my ugly features for 10 minutes straight
>I just look back at him with a half smile since I'm too beta to react

>every girl gives you that "yeah, he's a creep/looks like a rapist" look

can't think of more at the moment.
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not going to risk posting my face here, since I know at least 2 people that browse 4chan (but maybe not r9k but whatever).
All you need to know is that I am an ugly nigger (literally), with ugly large lips, eyes and nose (and funnily enough, a small dick).
honestly it can't be that bad man.
large lips and shit can look kinda goofy but not really ugly. what's actually ugly in a way that it repulses other people is asymmetrical faces, moles, acne, hair in weird places etc.
if you just have weird facial proportions but it's mostly symmetrical then you can fix a lot with a nice haircut and a little style

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No dinner thread? Let me ask what's for dinner anons. I'm having a bit of stroganoli here and a coke
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Do I pass as a trap or not ( in voice) and a ham sammich, I think my HRT is working well

canned chicken noodle soup. saltinecrackers. diet dr pepper.

im trying to loose weight.
Why keep doing this you are that finnish woman

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I've been a NEET for a year and I'm turning 20 in a week, looks like it's finally the end of my teenage years.

Literally nothing worthwhile has happened, and I'm still a hand holdless kissless virgin but idgaf about that...I know that it'll feel like just another day after my birthday

Anyway, I don't know why im making this thread, I guess I just feel weird knowing I won't be considered a teen anymore....what can I expect from my early 20s?
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Same exact scenario as you except I'm 21 and about to finish college. Worthless degree, no internships, no friends, no girlfriend. But as far as your 20s don't expect to feel young ever again.
>I guess I just feel weird knowing I won't be considered a teen anymore
Yeah, I think 19 is more or less the last year where people can look at you and understand that maybe you're a late bloomer. One you hit 20, people look at you differently, like there's something wrong with you. And on some level that's how you view yourself too
Teen? What the fuck thats like 16 or 17 KYS

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>he never loved you
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>loved her more than anything but was too insecure to meet up in person
Nope. And he'll pay with his life.
Yeah. It still hurts, but now it's a dull ache that I've grown used to.

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>English professor asked me to have lunch with her tomorrow to discuss 'something important'
What did she mean by this?
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Are you gonna fail the class?
you're failing her class and she's giving you a chance to salvage it

you may get free food out of it
Class literally started on Monday, she hasn't even given homework yet.

Why does everyone say that r9k is cancer?
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Because 90% of it is.
I've loved this place since it came about.
Can't deny it's mostly cancer.
>So many pointless anime threads.
>"Normie this, normie that, normies are the worst, normies get women, normies are normal... did I mention normies?".
>Chad, Chad is bad, Chad is to blame for all of my failures.

I love this board.
I don't love the anime side of it myself.
>by people who don't use the board
People tend to find virgins innately repulsive
>by people who don't
Gay, fembot, racebait, discord has been taking up more of the board space than usual. That said, I feel like it's been really good this month, embarrassing green text story threads that usually die less than 30 posts in have been going for like 400. Maybe cuz uni started and isolation from a handful of good childhood friends created a new wave of genuine robots.

>Chad, Chad is bad, Chad is to blame for all of my failures.

How long have you actually been here? Practically every 'Chad' thread is someone asking "Why do you hate Chad", and a good 80% of the replies being "We don't hate Chad, Chad is a bro..."

ITT your deep web expirience
>be me 2 yrs ago
>goes on the deepweb from android
>finds a site with goverment secrets
>phone get an instant STD virus starts rebooting and starts for 10 seconds and then rebootsagain
>battery fried
>screen fried
> managed to play it off as if the phone is deffective
>didnt pay shit and got a new one
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>think about maybe buying drugs online someday
>download TOR to see what the hype is about
>huh, guns, drugs, and things that will send me to prison if I look at them, just like everyone said
>close TOR
I want to start buying drugs from their not use them (because I'm in recovery) and sell that shit for an ass load of cash.
How feasible is this idea.

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why do I fall for every bubbly girl
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Becuase they all sound like this I hate it, at least she doesnt lie

Because you're a retard, adios
Because they are a bastion of positivism in your mundane and depressing life and you want to cling onto them.

But, unfortunately, they do it for male attention, just like every other seemingly redeeming trait of women

>start balding
>realize that I'll never ever get laid, chances are worse now
>start finasteride
>10/11 months now I think I'm developing gyno on my right nipple

It's not noticeable, I got puffy nipples due to water retention I guess, but recently I've had some severe itching a few weeks ago and my nipple tender and with pain, I can feel something in there
I'm not stopping finasteride though UNTIL i see it get worse, I hope it doesn't because it's literally my only hope, otherwise I'll be bald and everyone who knows me will laugh and call me a loser
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Ah phew

Right anon, I'm a tranny and when I went on HRT (A stronger anti androgen than finasteride + estrogen) I had the exact same experience, my chest/nipples became strangely itchy and then all of a sudden I woke up one day with sore gnat bites (that had hard lumps behind them) that turned into A cup breasts within a few months

My chest is nearly noticeable unless I'm wearing very tight clothing, and as you're taking a weak anti androgen and no estrogen, it's very unlikely you'll get more than A cups (trannies who take full blown HRT rarely get more than B cups) so I doubt you have much to worry about.

Have you considered binding your chest prematurely in order to prevent/weaken breast growth?
>trannies have less breast development than people just taking finasteride
wait explain pls

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>Come hang out with us Anon?
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>just talk anon
>why are you so quiet
>speak up
>>Come hang out with us Anon?
I don't know that feel
>Being alone in a group is no match for being solitary by yourself

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It's a
>Girl who you've only been texting for 2 days and is below your standards but you'd fuck anyways because you know it's easy but not pursue a relationship with gets really clingy and starts calling you and triple texting you while you just want to chill
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Reddut plus go away
kill uourself norman

File: 4954959_orig.jpg (201KB, 1066x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Oh hey roomie. I thought you had a late class tonight?
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Girl on the right looks like a walking STD
Lowkey my 3 roommates
The one on the right is a textbook example of a literal coke whore. I've seen a fuck lot of them, you can always see it in the eyes. Similar to how the thousandcock stare works, but more lifeless and glossed over, with bags under them. The left looks like she's in the beginning states, likely brought into it by the girl on the right.

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> diligently browsing 4chan on desktop
> power goes out due to storm (possibly Hurricane Harvey related)
> thanks to UPS, desktop stays on long enough for a proper shutdown
> switch to ThinkPad with 10-hour battery life
> turn on Personal Hotspot on smartphone for high-speed LTE connection
> grab a 500-lumen flashlight from my collection to light up the room
> mfw posting this now despite complete power outage
My autism has prepared me well for this occasion.
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is this a copypasta? is this spammed on every board? is there a point to this thread?
Nope, it literally just happened. Typed this up cause I felt proud of myself. Don't care if thread sucks.
battery life on a phone is shit

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big girl 4 u.jpg
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Why are women getting taller?
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because more women are having children with tall men
height of the children is mostly determined by the mother
For the same reason they are going through puberty at younger and younger ages: Xenoestrogens in milk, tap water and soy products. This is also one of the reasons Western men have dropping sperm counts/potency.

Bought my first bike. Raleigh cadent 4. I have a question. I feel like I'm leaning forward a lot and putting pressure in my palms. I got a large and in 5'10 or 5'11 idk which
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Wait are you saying that you're 5'10-5'11? How long is the top tube? And what is the actual problem?
You HAVE to lean forward.
You can't reach the handlebars otherwise.
I've been a cycle rider since I could ride a bike... so like 25 years.
The best way to ride a bike in comfort is using 1 hand on the handlebars and having the other by your side.
You don't need to be quite so forward leaning.
I'm 5'10 and ride a bike so comfortably riding mostly with 1 hand on the handlebars and the other just doing its thang (usually gunfingers in the air because I have my headphones on listening to mad drum and bass).
Measure the front wheel, google how to do that. Then look up bike sizes based on height, iirc it's based of the wheel size.

Maybe you need to lower the seat? Maybe it's just temporary and in a week after a blister you'll be fine.

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