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>Just blew a load across the face of my highschool oneitis
>Didn't feel anything
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Did you print out another picture?
Chuckled sensibly
Good on you! I still dream about my oneitis even though in reality she's not as physically or emotionally attractive. I think doing this would set me free of her, but I'm a ghost now.

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Does everyone on this board have a gf now? Is this a signal that tells me to finally commit suicide?
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Almost all robots that lurked here have been able to find a qt virgin girlfriend except you. You're one of the remaining defective ones. Please kill yourself.
No, anon youre not alone
Sorry to leave you in the dust, anon. Youre all alone out there

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>had an entire semester to approach her
>never did it
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>qt new girl at work
>4 years later and you've never said a word to her
me but 5 years in high school :))))
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>had an entire semester to talk to any girl
>didn't talk to ANYONE

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I've just read that the new AI YouTube is using to censor videos that have not violated any terms of service is likely using user-generated subtitles (CC) to judge video content. Are there any anons who can confirm this? If this is true, we may have an easy way to fight it. Also, here's some tits.
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Not even a bump? Do we just not care about AI-driven censorship of the largest video distributor on the internet which is rapidly replacing television?

Damn. What's the easy way to fight it?
No one cares because this is literally one of the logical conclusions of capitalism.

You morons being so afraid of socialism or communism not realizing private busines have the same incentives to censor and direct attention.

Dug your own grave to be honest

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Which flag do you prefer?
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What the flag of?
What are these based on? USA, something, Japan, something, Scotland, England, something, Malta, USA, something, Austria, Japan?
3rd in the middle row looks good.

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So I found out the girl who dumped me three days ago is pregnant with her ex's child. Apparently they were fucking while we were together.

I'm officially the biggest cuck on 4chan.
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i wouldnt say the biggest cuck on 4chan, not by a long shot

but a cuck for sure

sorry man
Dude that's sad. Sorry to hear. Feel free to vent, we're here.
At least she didn't try to stick around and convince you it was your kid and cuck you like that

You dodged a bullet honestly

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Is being gay a choice? But since supposedly it's so shunned by society, wouldn't that mean that no one would willingly choose to be gay?
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It's a choice, just like being straight is a choice. The real redpill is becoming bi.
I don't know if being gay is a choice, but being trans definitely is
Sorry if that wasn't clear, I'm really high right now

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Hello every fucking one. Its me. Same faggot who cant stop getting acne. Im in mid 20s and still getting shitloads of acne. Im working out for +1year already. Eating healthy food. Almost zero sugar income. My face was acne free for last year since i started working out and eating healthy. Couple weeks i started getting acne on my forehead. Thats how it looks now. Yesterday there was like 20 very little whiteheads all over my forehead and also its bright red wich is very fucking frustrating. Besides that my whole fucking scalp was covered in acne and was little ichy, but now its reduced. But that acne on forehead is so frustrating for me. I cant take it anymore. I cant look at the mirror without disgust. I started avoiding to meet people. I didnt go to gym for 1 week. I want to punch my self in the face as hard as i can. I just done crying. I was lying on my bed and crying about it. I was dealing with acne for like 8 years. I thougth that was finaly over. And now it came back in even worse form. Im so broken...
Pic fuckinh related.
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Maybe you have some kind of reaction to an allergen in your local air
I usually dont say this because im not a giant faggot, but in all seriousness on a vegan diet you stupid piece of shit. It'll go away in 2 weeks. Cut the bullshit and stop polluting the board with your garbage.
Go to the beach if you can, stop drinking the milk jew and eating processed foods (yes that includes bread). Drink tea and water only.

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Have you ever stolen something from a store or an individual? How it felt? Did you get away with it?
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I stole a pack of benadryl from Walmart before. I got away with it. Wouldn't do it again because it was stressful as fuck. First time stealing too.
I didn't mean to. I didn't know I had it when I walked out.

it was her feels
I took a pack of gum from the dollar store once. It gave me a short high when I was very low. I don't know why I did it, I didn't feel real I guess, no consequences...

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>dad brags about an amazing deal he got a from a pizza restaurant
>as he explains it to me I begin to suspect that he's accidentally ordered too much and was tricked by the deal
>tell him what's happened as politely and as friendly as possible
>he gets angry and starts a shouting match with me regardless
>go to my room and make the same order but for cheaper
>print out the email receipt as proof
>show him
>he throws an even worse fit
>calls up the pizza place and shouts down the phone asking about this deal
>eventually he puts the phone down I apologise for starting the argument
>he tells me to fuck off
>mfw he's crying downstairs right now

atleast the pizza is nice
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Sometimes you should just smile and say "thanks dad" :)
Don't argue with emotional people, my mom is the same. You have to handle them differently. "Being right" doesn't help at all.
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Send me the pizza bru I'm hungry AF.

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>tfw parents are dragging me along with them on vacation to normiefornia
>tfw just want to stay home and cuddle with my gf
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fuck you normalfag i hope she cheats on you with chad
Op has a gf? Take gf with you
Does everyone on /r9k/ have a gf now? Why haven't I killed myself yet? Even this place that is supossed to gather all the rejects is mocking at me

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Richfag here. What's the easiest way to meet a woman and immediately have sex with them in Las Vegas?
Hardmode: no escorts
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HInt: It's only possible Thursday-Saturday
Go to a bar, accidentally drop a baggie of coke around some sluts
invite them back to your hotel room
Go to your nearest casino, show you money off through gambling/buying lots of shit, golddiggers will take notice and you'll be able to charm them with your money no problem.

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>Be me
>Volunteer at a community garden so I can spend time with qt girl
>Actually think I might somehow have a chance for her
>One day faggot demichad moves to town from DC (I live in a rural area)
>Acts like a complete East Coast cityfag normie
>Says stupid shit all the time
>Thinks habaneros are "the spiciest pepper in the world"
>Asked me while playing chess once "what's a castle?"
>Lightly poke fun at him because he's a pretty nice person otherwise so I don't go too far
>Faggot gets mad because I made some jokes about him while qt was around
>Calls me ugly
>Walks away and talks to friend while looking at me
>As I turn to leave for the day he comes up to me and challenges me to a fucking arm wrestle like a high schooler or some shit
>Accept so I don't look like a pussy
>Of course I lose but still, how does this seem like a reasonable course of action for him?

why are normies like this? pic unrelated
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>(I live in a rural area)

what state/city?
>why are normies like this?
Considering he doesn't even know how to play chess, or even understand a joke, I would say he's just not >tfw to intelligent.
Kansas, I like my privacy though so I won't go any further than that.

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There have been excessive amounts of porn, gay porn and sissyification bullshit being posted on /r9k/ lately.

Most /r9k/ posters are in a really poor mental state and getting exposed to porn and degenerate shit like this will only make it worse.

Would /r9k/ and it's users be better off if it became a blue board?

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I'd love to do no-porn but that's impossible when sick shit is posted here on the reg
What is fucking annoying me is that many of you complain about the irrelevant trap/gay/whatever threads and not about the fact that this board has become Facebook 2.0 with all the normalfaggots making daily "my gf" threads and posts.

I'd rather be surrounded by men pretending to be women than around "robots" constantly reminding me about their relationships and how much they fuck.
On a related note:

As seen in the past, threads posted by attention whores get a shitton of replies, which shows that desperate robots are easy prey for women that seek attention.

Should women be forbidden from /r9k/?


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How do we stop the surgical jew from destroying the already scare supply of milk mommies?
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Why would we? Milk mommies are fucking disgusting.
that surgical scarring looks pretty hot desu. am i the only one who thinks this?
Lactation is literally one of the most beautiful physiological processes to ever exist.

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