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>be me
>have group of friends that I graduated highschool with.
>all go to different colleges but decide to stay in touch over video games.
>One friend becomes total wigger apparently >starts wearing chains, smoking weed, exhibiting overall wigger behavior
>constantly has to "roast" someone in the skype call for some reason.
>Acts totally normal when its just me and him playing videogames

I just want my friend back... how do I de-niggerfy him, it's becoming insufferable.
Especially since he has realised how easy of a target I am. The "roasting" has basically turned into him just talking about how ugly I am while I uncomfortably laugh.
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Ask him why he's acting like a black person.
He's insecure and compensating for it.

About to commit suicide.

I work 8 hours. (8)
Sleep 8 hours. (16)
1 hour break [unpaid] (17)
1 hour commute to work [unpaid] (18)
1 hour commute from work [unpaid] (19)
1 hour 30 minutes of unpaid preparation for work. (20.5)
I come to work 30 minutes early so the shitty commute doesn't make me late. [unpaid] (21)
20 minute conversation after work off-the-clock.
When i get home I have to shower/laundry/clean/eat.

I literally have less than 2 hours to myself, and I spend them trying to calm down from the stress and crying about how I have to get ready for work tomorrow.

Please help me, I rarely have time to even post a thread like this. I want to escape this cycle PLEASE
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>tfw NEET for the summer

this is god tier eat when you want , play when you want and most important SLEEP when you want.

Nothing like eating chicken nuggies after nice long rest
It's literally hell. The worst part is that this system only exists to keep you busy so you don't overthrow the system.

IF you're going to an hero, at least do it in a spectacular political way, maybe by blowing up the white house or something.
>1 hour commute
you fucked up senpai

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>no matter how hard I think about it, I can't find a single thing the IRA did wrong
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>ask parents why they decided to have kids while having lunch
>mom says having kids was the biggest mistake in her life and walks off
>feel worthless and rejected
>wish her the worst
>next morning wake up to news that my aunt killed herself (mothers side)

Im still confused, this cant be a coincidence right?
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well that's what you wanted her to say, so I don't see what you're so salty about
No, i wanted her to give me the reason she had kids. She didnt even answer the question
what did you expect her to say?
I am assuming based on the board that you are either autistic or a NEET failure, so either way a huge disappointment to her. You basically are blaming her for your shitty life by asking her why she would even bother having kids. What was the answer you were anticipating if not her just telling you to fuck off back?

what is the community in this board, what even is posted?
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feels and hatred
that it? sounds shit.
Then maybe you should leave newfriend.

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>browsed /gif/ for an hour without getting the slightest erection

Have I finally surpassed wizardmode?
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more like you reached it and now im proud of you

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Who /short attention span/ here

I can't pay attention for more than 5 minutes in class without looking at my laptop
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who here got a /shitdegree/ for me, its political science. graduating this fall
what poison did you guys pick? what do you do with your life?
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Didn't graduate but I took a meme degree (game design + programmer). Dropped out because I didn't learn anything and everyone there was a MLP ponyfucker or hipstertrash. Had to sit next to this guy in class for two hours and he omitted a very disgusting smell of minced meat whenever he lifted his arm to answer/ask the teacher.
What a waste of my fucking time.
I know what you mean, sometimes I would go through the tech/engineer buildings on campus and they were just depressing and/or just nasty compared to the buildings my classes were in
Comp Sci, graduating with a 6-figure job. Finally my autism pays off.

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When's the last time you've left your house?

>t. 3 days ago
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Yesterday to get groceries but before that it was about 2 weeks.
3 hours ago to buy food
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Three weeks, but I have to unironically get a haircut tomorrow.

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when I see the greentext arrow I like to thin it means over
>using meme arrows
translation: over using meme arrows
uh does anyone else do this?
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>tly retarded
good job!

overtly retarded?

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jotun 9.jpg
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Jotun Free To Own


Get a permanent copy while you can.
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>tfw sexual fetish for body parts pushed up against glass
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Does this get you all hot and bothered, anon?
does it got glass
>>tfw sexual fetish for body parts pushed up against glass
What about a dick pressed up against glass

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>that girl who developed early
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>tfw there are millions of virgin losers like you all over the world
>you are not special in any away, you just got unlucky by not getting Chad genes
>our numbers are only increasing because of 20/80 rule
>men are getting weaker and losing all the influence because of sjw's and the criticism of masculinity encouragement
>soon women won't have anybody to marry because of incredibly high standards
They will all regret this behavior in upcoming years, the mindset that people have right now is toxic, we should go back to times when women weren't allowed to leave the kitchen
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Spare ribs or baby back /r9k/?
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roastie hole.jpg
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Why cant we get angry at the shit dads and mothers for raising an entire generation of parasites?

Women have never been this greedy in history , they will chew you out and leave nothing but bones and still claim that its not enough!
I like baby back because the bones are smaller

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Don't you want somebody to love?
Don't you need somebody to love?
Wouldn't you love somebody to love?
You better find somebody to love, love!
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But Alice has to be ten feet tall and that's what I'd rather hear.

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