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>Watch porn where a big Chad fucks a blonde bimbo Stacey
>Imagine that the Chad is me in the future

Anyone else do this?

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So this happend to me:
>Be me
>Playing Garrys Mod late at night
> Overhear some kid (he was like 12) talking about how edgy he is and that he is a moderator on 4chan
>Usual bullshit
> Admin loaded some kind of radio mod on the server so everyone could listen to music requested by players
> I request Johnny Rebel songs and earrape
> Suddenly the kid starts complaining about the racist and music and that there are swearwords in the lyrics
> tell him to fuck off and play roblox shit
> notice the his profile pic
> the fucking 4chan logo
> For the first time of my life, i go full autism
> start screaming at the wannabe egdelord to fuck off
> he tells the Admin
> Admin wants to ban me
> Suddenly, some britfags start arguing with the admin about the shit
>Things just went wild from this point
> Everyone is arguing over the same shit
> Britfags and me get banned for live from this server
> tfw i actually liked the server
Where did we go wrong? How can we stop kid from beeing this fucking retarded?
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This place is going downhill anon.
You did your duty to try keeping the filth away.
Fuck these admins.
>be me
fuck off reddit
As time goes on, kids younger and younger will have access to the internet and memes. There is nothing we can do to control the kids coming to 4chan, sadly. Without parents keeping an eye on what their kids go on, there'll always be kids coming in waves. Sorry, anon.

>be me

>tfw your parents always told you to make good grades in school
>you never did
>tfw your parents told you to socialize
>you never did
>tfw you're in your twenties now
>tfw you have a shitty job
>tfw no friends
>tfw you never decided to be a loser but turned out to be one anyway
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hide pain.jpg
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>you didn t have good grades
>you didn t socialize
>you chose to turn out as a looser.
Dont kid yourself. You knew all along which path was the good one and which was the wrong one.
And you deliberately chose the wrong one for some reason (it was lazyness for me)
Now that you've sunked down the rabbit hole, there is no escape and you are the only one to blame.
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If someone had told me that it would be this bad, I would have done everything in my power to stop this.
>never told to get good grades
>never told to socialize
>never told to care about my diet
>never told to be fit
>never told to express myself creatively
All my mother ever did was react to stuff I did and ask questions I could easily avoid.
I wish she actually raised me aside from providing food and shelter.

You never put in the effort to be a cool person, who's to blame for that?
You can try to make a change now.
Improve yourself, be a better person, someone people will want to be around.
But it's to late for that right?
You can't change right?
And in 10 years you will whine the same way you're doing right now even though you had every chance to make a difference.
Just admit that you're a piece of shit.

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>I didn't win the half a billion dollar lottery
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Post your coffee containment units, nothing fancy, just your usual mid day boosting tool
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why would you drink coffee if tea exists?
>not drinking both
Because tea tastes like shit

none of us will ever experience real joy
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mate, i beg to differ - i just cracked myself up writing some nonsense about harry potter butterbeer

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>tfw you want every pretty girl to love you, everyone to think you're cool

Anyone else here obsessively dissatisfied for not having /everything/?
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i would be happy if i could have one or two close male friends and one hot girl who would be obssessive and clingy about me, more than that might be overwhelming
You make it sound like you're not asking for much but then
>One hot girl who would be obsessive and clingy about me

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> I approached a girl the other day

> she blinded me with pepper spray

> I asked my mom for chicken Tendies,

> he brought me nuggets from Wendy's

> So I went into a fit of rage

> She just told me to act my age

> I told her "you suck, and your boyfriend's gay"

> then went to cry and browse r9k.

> Just as the threads began to bore me

> I got brigaded by some normies,

> "normies get off my fucking board",

> I screamed, I howled, I yelled I roared.

> I run away from my inner fears

> only to be trolled on r/inceltears.

> If they could understand my plight

> I think that maybe they just might

> Give me a chance to have some fun

> And forget for a second I'm worse than scum.
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>class begins in 10 (TEN(X)) minutes
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>first time in uni in two weeks

God save me
ah you again, indeed that seems somewhat right. i'm real drunk now rather than buzzed, time to pass out somewhere.
Why do I like this screaming anime girl so much, I'm like in love with her

>be me
>6 or 7 years old
>outside neighbor's house hanging out with friend
>we aren't doing much, just chatting and occasionally would do laps around the street on our bikes
>after doing a lap, we come back to our spot
>I can hear a churning in my stomach
>I think nothing of it and move on
>5 minutes pass
>rumbling is back, louder this time
>I know that I need to shit but I refuse to go to the bathroom
>on the verge of shitting myself, I know it's time to go to bathroom
>too late.
>a gush of liquid shit spurts out of my rectum, i can hear some of it dripping, probably went through my pants
>I give up, I know it's too late now.
>a huge block of shit forces it's way out of my asshole, I don't even try to stop it.
>goes down my leg and lands right in the middle of neighbor's driveway
>sprint to bathroom
>cry as I wash the shit off of my leg
>mfw neighbor's never talked to me again
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>tfw my oneitis put his finger on my lips to shush me

I can't wait to see him, later.
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>a disrespectful gesture being seen as attractive
Logic of a roastie
You mean romantic, right?


fuck you man.
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Thanks a bunch man.
Man come on man come on

Originayl commento

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>tfw dont see oneitis or her car in the parking lot anymore

its just the first week of school right guys
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she graduated dude
wait, wait... in america school already started? haha
nah, only in some places. i start next week

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Well /R9K/? Left or right???
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is 'neither' an option? right looks like a man.

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What stage of depression are you at? At the point now where I don't care anymore and just exist in my room on the internet all day and sleep whenever (often more than being awake). Fortunate to leech off parents so no real responsibilities. When I can no longer do this, I'll be killing myself.
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The comically depressed mixed state senpai
I'm sad on the inside but kind of amused too.

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