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Let's discuss the Madonna-Whore complex.

I feel like it's related to a lot of talk on here; a lot of guys can only see women as perfect virgins or nasty whores, never both or somewhere in between. A lot of guys deride women for never having sex drives, but when it's shown women do, the same guys are utterly disgusted by it. A feel like there's a lot of cognitive dissonance going on. What do you all think?
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/r9k/ is made up of many people, some are even from literal shitholes in india and the indonesia. it's impossible to have this convo
>I feel like it's related to a lot of talk on here; a lot of guys can only see women as perfect virgins or nasty whores, never both or somewhere in between
There is no in between. Premarital sexual activity makes you a whore. This is the way it's been for centuries.
>A lot of guys deride women for never having sex drives, but when it's shown women do, the same guys are utterly disgusted by it.
I've never heard this. I'm more disgusted by what women do with their sex drives.
>What do you all think?
I think you're probably a roastie and therefore you should leave
Whats the opposite of a madanna whore complex where you can't get aroused by a filthy degenerate skank?

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>crying because of how disgusting I look
>"Don't worry sweetie, I think my little boy looks handsome :)"
My mom is so nice. Is she right guys?
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>Is she right guys?
post a picture of yourself on /soc/ and find out.
if you get less than 9s there you are ugly though
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>bro just wash your pillow man haha just stop eating candy all day bro
Dear god, you look like the scout from tf2 with a facial burn wound.

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>Have an average/slightly below average dick
>/r9k/ memes me into believing it's not enough
>Finally have a sex with a qt virgin
>Have to try over and over again because she's in pain

I don't even know why /r9k/ is so obssesed with black cock
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Ive fucked 33 women not 1 virgin.

It's an insecurity thing and also a meme.

My dick is 6" but it's on the thicker side. I was able to give my girlfriend orgasm after orgasm. But the thing is, sexual arousal is mostly mental, so if a girl is into a big dick that's what's going to turn her on. Everyone is different, my girlfriend gets turned on just from me kissing her because she likes me a lot. Your mileage may vary

leave this board immediately.
You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

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Do you think being angry at the way your family lives and expecting them to change is a waste of time?
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Depends how close you are to them. If you don't love them then yeah, it's pointless. If you love them very much there's nothing wrong with it.
I really, really like this painting.
You can save it if you want to.

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>Literally played Clash Royale for 12 hours yesterday

How did my life come to this? I had a job and friends last year
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Please respond I'm lonely ;__;

LTE network bump
When did you noticed what you'd become?
What was the point it all started to fall apart?
What are your plans to change anything within the next year. If any?
How did you lose your job hun?

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Hits home hard thread

Post feels or situations you experienced and see if you are not alone.

>tfw you spend hours daydreaming
>twf you know you have no real friends
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>tfw insane
I'm a completely normal person besides my sanity. But I'm so alone.
File: feelcoaster.jpg (59KB, 430x615px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I havent had real friends in years
I havent gone to an outing with peers in more than a decade

>tfw considering suicide for more than half of your life now
But then you are not normal
>twf normies laugh behind your back

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I love you Connie. I hope you come back one day...
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I don't, anyone who puts that much time and effort into baiting a mentally ill board is obviously useless trash stuck in a real-life powerless limbo.
Great projection.
>not getting that doctor milf

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>playing dragon age inquisition
>have empty feeling toward the game
>feels boring despite how good it seems
>can't really get into it
>turn it off after 5 hours of grinding quests
>turn on pc to read a book instead

Are RPGs too cut-and-paste or is vidya getting boring for me? I didn't have this feeling while playing morrowind earlier this year.
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i've always found RPGs to be boring, its always the same shit you gotta go through.
i really like shooters and such, pubg is my favorite by far at the moment
>Representative of RPGs
Christ, lad, there's better out there.

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"It's nice that we both got a day off work on Labor Day, Anon. What do you want to do?"
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can we please just go to the gym early in the morning so we are alone and then stay in and eat ice cream the rest of the day?
File: IMG_1924.jpg (19KB, 274x274px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How about we just have a lie in. Maybe watch a film. I don't feel like getting up I just wanna stay with you.
>tfw you will never have this
I'd wake up from this obvious nightmare because I swore off women long ago and have been living a much better MGTOW lifestyle

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>yfw family asks you to go out to eat with them
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This board sucks.
Every time I create a thread, it gets ignored. I'm done with this board and I'm increasingly becoming done with this site.
Cited and noted, along with the time and IP.
Don't make trash threads
the fuck up, penis boy.

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>never had any friends
>never been in a relationship
>phimosis dick and utterly repulsed by the concept of stretching
>decent face but awful voice and no personality
>empathy getting lower all the time
>even get mocked on 4chan for my suffering
I hate normalfags so fucking much. If a bunch of us robots were to somehow band together, would it be possible for us to inflict despair onto normalfags? Like maybe a 9/11-tier terrorist attack but for no purpose but to spread despair to those who have not suffered enough. Is this the final solution to the normalfag problem?
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have you not heard of the impending beta uprising OP?
The beta uprising already happened a long time ago. Nobody wanted to leave their basements and we couldn't even agree on what our flag was.
If every robot reading this goes and shoots his school tomorrow its gonna be huge, power stands in numbers and there are milions of us.
Too bad we are the laziest most useless type of animals thou, we couldnt really organize to do shit.

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What does it feel like to have a large penis inside your vagina?
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*unzips dick*
time to find out
Is this what ugly girls think about all day?
>a large penis

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>if you dont live in a 3rd world country you CANNOT be a robot
>if you have any form of education you CANNOT be a robot
>if you have any form of shelter you CANNOT be a robot
>if you eat more than twice a week you CANNOT be a robot
>if you have any living relatives you CANNOT be a robot
>if you are not wanted by the authorities you CANNOT be a robot
>if you have any functioning limbs you CANNOT be a robot
>if you have any functioning sex organs you CANNOT be a robot
So many normies these days who think they are robots its unbelievable
Feel free to leave any more robot-requirements
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No. The only real definition of a robot is being a male, and being ugly/undesirable to women.
How the fuck do you shitpost without a shelter?
>wanted by the authorities
at least someone wants you normie

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Fembots, how do you feel about the fact that traps are replacing you? And with artificial wombs right around the corner wome will be rendered obsolete.
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Like i care what losers of this board do. But please just realize you are gay.
It's not gay, they are even better at being women than actual women
as long as I get male sexbots I'm fine

File: 1504452519603.jpg (19KB, 495x362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I wasted my youth playing vidya
>meanwhile Chad learned hot to get pussy

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There is no learning. It comes natural if you are an attractive male. Chads played video games too. We're just ugly.
Chad knew how to get pussy, he never learned.
That's the difference between a Chad and a failure, huh?
File: hijBgOw.jpg (50KB, 600x570px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I bet Chad doesent have a 6k mmr dota account thou.

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