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Sean Connery because he's not as popular atm
William Shatner
elizabeth ii, fuck that old whore

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>I'll never live up to my boyfriend's standards
>Cry because I know hell dump me for Stacey

It fucking hurts
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Are u infp...
How did you originally know??????
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>being this pathetic and self-hating
>shocked that you're always dumped, a placeholder while he looks for someone better, or the other woman in a relationship

remove yourself from the dating pool and get therapy. lots of it

I just ate half a gram of avb. This is gonna be so intense. I'm so stoked. I love weedawanna.
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Burning a whole lot of gorilla blue 4 here
what are avbs ?
Half a gram is jack shit.

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>friend's gf eats off your plate
>grab her drink and swig every last drop of it down
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>friend's gf
>interaction with them in person
>eating alongside normalfags
>not eating when you're alone and where no one can bother you
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>be eating with friends
>spit on my food and no one touches it

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>ywn kill a whiteboi with your bare hands
>ywn watch as the busted blood vessels dye the sclera of his eyes a deep red as you strangle the last remnants of his worthless life away
>ywn never taste the copper of you own blood coming from your bleeding gums and you clench your teeth in rage and ecstasy
>ywn beat his head in with a crescent wrench until your unable to move your arm and all that remains is fleshy pulp and splintered bone
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>ywn be best friends with a blackboi
>ywn hug to greet and share genuine happiness together
>ywn hang out and experience life together
>ywn have his back and he has yours
I will be your friend :-)
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how did you become this...

Look at this black man in the state of total dominance.
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nigger lynched.jpg
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suck dick virgin boy
Haha triggered nigger is triggered.

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>mother ask me what that weird music is I'm listening to

I don't fucking get it.
Why do people do this?
What kind of answer do they expect?
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what music is it anon
Post it anon, i want to know your weird music
its making conversation. someone is actually interested in your pathetic life, be grateful.

Hello fellow autists
How do i earn money by doing nothing? Some secret skill?
Im fresh wagecuck and i dont wanna do it all my life
Parents wont support me
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Slavery is merely a feeling. Same job can be done by two different people and to one it will feel like torture, to another it will feel like a blessing.
Do a job that feels fun even for 10 minutes a day or die, there is no other option.
Learn how to draw 2D anime tiddies
Just don't do it then

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>guy pulls out dick in porn
>mouth starts to water
I like girls i swear
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I knew that feel. Better to be straight up with yourself.
>friend accidentally puts his fingers in my mouth
>start to suckle on them
o-oops haha
>friend pins you down playfully
>don't try to stop them and heart flutters
Haha fun times bro

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>wake up
>punch in on r9k
>time to bully more sissy white bois into submission
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Does it feel good to get bullied?
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>third time this week going to the nigger safari
>looking to get ravaged by some delectable BBC

My boipucci is dripping for black meat, I need to be fed and bred by black cocks daily.
post more pls
shinji x nagisa

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Let's play a simple RTD game. First five with a tripcode will be the only ones allowed to play since I'm easily overwhelmed. You guys each say what you want to do and I'll roll a d6. Ready? Let's go.
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don't care about your game but I want to see what the D30 would look like in 3D if any anon has an image or has a D30 themselves
Google it you dummy. And no I don't have a pic since I usually roll a dice from random.org
guys pls reply i'm lonely

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why don't you get a damn pet rabbit
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It'd die like two days after I got it
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they look like rats. why not get a pet rat they're smarter
I ate it .
Yes I did .

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Steam Friends Thread!
Post Steam IDs and make friends with people who have similar taste in games as you.
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>inb4 lame profiles
death to marsy desu
no. these threads are always filled with the same boring and retarded circlejerks

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Muh BBC white boys btfoed haha haha
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>I got triggered by race b8 and now I am going to post equally shitty counter b8

Spotted the brain dead "robot".
Raid confirmed. Congrats you played yourself. Where are you from my annoying little friend. Plebbit perhaps?
Shareblue personally

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>tfw manlets think they're human
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I have been thinking and it's actually quite horrible to suggest to people to kill themselves, even online. What if they really do that? What the fuck's wrong with you?
>taking bait charts seriously
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That chart is true tho.

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