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Why won't faggots go to church and get a gf from there. That's how I met my wife.
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Because I don't like girls who still believe in fairy tales.
LMFAO, church girls are for the most part fake and not religious. They are just as worse as the western whores.

Listen to this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9ZpfCq_b64

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>tfw you don't want to debate anymore but they keep replying and you don't want to be seen as losing

how do i escape this ?
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You win, then the argument is over and the other anon is the loser.
femanon here
like, nigga, just like, nigga, niga, like, just nigga, like walk away nigga, like, the screen, nigga, just look away nigga. i mean, nigga, fuck, nigga you're anonymous. i mean shit nigga, you stupid white boy

I know there is alot of forlorn robots, and I will be one of them probably soon, so right to the question
How does it feel to stick dick in vacuum cleaner?
And how does fleshlight/pocket pussy compared to real ones?
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>tfw no thersitical bf
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scurrilous; foulmouthed; grossly abusive.

>elementary school kids can take androgen blockers and estrogen to become girls
>i cant take androgens and estrogen blockers and become a more alpha male

god it just makes me think!
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>"and then he said not to worry because he was a grower! hahahahaa"

See that? That's what women think of your pathetic small penis excuses. There's no such thing as "a grower" you either have a baby penis or you don't.
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shrinkage is real.jpg
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not originial but still a classic

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Never give up hope. and just know that

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Femborg here

Good job. Nice post.

tfw mixed race and can't LARP as a nazi or a gangster
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>he doesn't know the Wehrmacht were the most diverse military force on the planet during WWII

The winners will write your great-great grandchildren's history book, anon.
You can larp as a faggot.
faggots are gross, I'd rather larp as a christian

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tims here?
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hello i am tim

>tfw your hands are sweaty/sweaty and you can't use the touchscreen.
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Use a glove nigger

the meds started working and im feeling happy for the first time in years.

what do i do now /r9k/? i assume quit visiting this website for once? do i pursue the normie life or what?
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what meds Pham?
wellbutrin xr
I would take the opportunity to develop new habits. The rush when you start taking ssris doesn't last forever, so use your newfound energy to start excercising, socializing and eating better

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>shits into paper Tim Horton's coffee cups
>pees into Mountain Dew bottles
>keeps cum tissues in a Ziploc freezer bag
How do you stick it to the big corporations?
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By shoplifting and vandalizing their property whenever I get the chance.

>Be me.
>Talk to my online friend about the guy that dreamed an entire life in 15 seconds.
>I call bullshit on that. Tell him brain couldn't take the stress of compressing 10 years into 15 seconds.
>Starts saying some bullshit about how when the guy was knocked out DMT was released into his body so the brain was working faster.
>Called bullshit on that too. Wrecked him with my smart-ass analogies and arguments.
>"That's it. I can have no fun talking with you. I'm going to sleep."
>After some time he logs back on.
>"I have something on my chest I've been keeping for too long."
>Tells me about how he dreamed about raping his sister, murdering relatives. Basically has a mental breakdown.
>"All I know is... I won't bother you anymore. Bye."
>"Okay, bye." I reply
>mrw when you've lost another member of your GTA Online crew.
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okay so whaat???

he killed himself because of you?

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messed up nails from biting thread
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femanon here
EWWWWWWWWWW I will NOT let you near my vagina
vaginas are gross anyway. The only thing I would touch one with is my peepee
how do i stop biting them, I've tried multiple times but one lapse in concentration and everything just goes to shit again

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Why haven't you embraced Anarcho-Neetism yet, robots?

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femanon here
I prefer not to have labels in my life. there are too many ideas to just follow one
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Fuck off batko I already saw your video.
How does Anarcho-neetism even work? If there's no government to give you neetbux, then how do you survive?

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