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how have you been fired?
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>keep thinking I'm going to get fired due to poor performance
>keep getting more hours
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>dumb manager calls me into office
>says they're letting me go
>kinda shocked, but I was planning on quitting in a week or two anyway once I heard back about a different job
>Don't change my face, just start closing all the windows on my laptop and say "okay" while he keeps talking
>he says I can stay for another two weeks if I want, for financial stability
>refuse, say I'm leaving today
>Take 30 minutes to get all my shit together
>Go back to his office, give him all my stuff, say like 3 words and walk out
>Didn't say goodbye to anyone because they were all morons
>Enjoyed being a NEET for about a month before I got my next job

Zero fucks, seriously.
no, but once I told my boss that this job is not for me and I quit
tbhfamalam job was not for me and boss said it was good to be sincere

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how much have you influenced /r9k/?

>make reaction images of Anime I'm currently watching no matter how bad the anime is
>see people use those reaction images within the same week
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I've killed off all the other tripfags. You're welcome ;^)
lmao you are right, I haven't even noticed Samson around

Honestly this kinda makes me sad... feels nostalgic or something, even though I was never really close to any of the old trip fags or anything
The tripfag broalition has fallen. I have to stand guard in hopes newcomers will arrive to rebuild.

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Does anyone have a ton of fat chicks where they live? Burgerland is starting to get on my nerves.
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This has been on my mind lately too, noticing that about 3 out of every four white women close to my age are fat or chubby.

I'd really like to relocate to another country where I don't have to compete with all the local men for the few thin women but it sounds like too much work to move to other countries where the economy relatively sucks.
I work in South LA, and it's full of disgusting morbidly obese Mexicans. There's a 99 cent store i do that's filled with them. IDK how it's possible TBQH
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14 year olds.png
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Why don't you ever stop?

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What kind of cums does /r9k/ make? Big cums? Little cums? Long cums? Short cums? Far cums? Near cums? Sticky cums? Slimy cums? Chunky cums? Runny cums? Tasty cums? Sweet cums? Salty cums? Bitter cums? Spicy cums? Stinky cums? Epic cums? Rainbow cums?
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near and small
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Medium-short if I yank it like a savage and finish it in 3 minutes, long if I stop n go. Size is decent, yuge if I havent smacked it in a couple days and its slimy I guess.

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Tell me about your waifu, /r9k/.

What is your favorite quality of hers?
How long have you been together?
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>What is your favorite quality of hers?
Likeable personality.
>How long have you been together?
A little over 10 years.
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>What is your favorite quality of hers?
If I had to choose, her personality, I'm not very good at this kind of stuff.
>How long have you been together?
Since around November, that was when I started taking it seriously.
I made the mistake of posting mai waifu once, some edgy individual posted her getting the knot the other day.
I should have known better.
never again.

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No girl will ever be horny for you.
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Heh. Speak for yourself, pleb.
Good. I just want that negrizoid peen.
Are vulva's normally that puffy?

are Hawaiian girls wholesome kino?
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Too wholesome for people like us
Stop fucking saying kino for literally anything. Gah!
Lived on Maui 7 years all sluts.

Watching Welcome to the NHK for the first time after plenty of robot recommendations. I'm convinced the goofy scenes are only there to make the horribly accurate insights into NEET life extremely painful by contrast.

I'm on this ep right now and find myself agreeing with him more and more as the series progresses.
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No, even yamazaki drops that mindset eventually

Also Yamazaki is a cunt in the novel
>Was he right?
Yes, he is very correct.
Finish the series, he is a two faced cunt.

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Holy fuck robots does anyone here knows if this shit works?


Has anyone tried?
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>he's never heard of the jelquing meme
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I haven't either does it work?
Whoever this bitch is, she is just the right level of ugly to excite me in a weird way. Her tits are also pretty good, beyond her fatness

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Where the fuck do I go to wallow in my nostalgia? All I want to do is look at the old 4chan and mentally live out my days as a 12 year old again
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Sometimes I like to browse dead, ancient imageboards that only get 3 replies per year, some of them have threads from 2004/5. It's comfy, like taking a walk in a graveyard.
it's weird that there's no nostalgiachan yet.
/f/ is actually surprisingly similar to its 2005 days.

That site hasn't changed visually since it conception.

Spyro hints

Last updated in 2003.

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Why do FOB chinese girls love minions so much?
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They do?
how do i find an asian fembot that looks like this and will play competitive games with me?
kill yourself

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>no interesting hobbies
>very uneventful life in general
>nothing to talk to strangers about
How the fuck am I supposed to socialize if I don't have things to talk about!?
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Take an interest in other things, or just talk about the weather or get the normie to talk about themselves
Get things to talk about. You need to be actually happy with yourself and mostly with what you're doing before you can successfully make solid friendships. Get hobbies, a job, do activities. I know it may seem hard, but that's what you have to do.
Why would you even want to socialize lmao? Live for yourself my dude being a loner is the best.

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What does your butt feel like after intense anal sex?
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I've mainly used toys so I'm no expert. I haven't felt a lot of soreness even my first time. It's just the regular post coitus feeling I guess. Then again like I said I've only used moderately sized toys
Also I felt a bit light headed I suppose
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Why don't you try it and let the rest of us know afterwards?

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Why are you a robot? I'm one because of my skin..I know it sounds stupid but ever since I started getting severe acne I became reclusive and just stopped talking to people,now I don't have anymore acne but I have severe scars that just ruin my confidence.Sometimes I don't leave my house for months at a time... plz kill me.
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I'm a robot cause I hate people
earliest memories involve being painfully abused and then when i got older i developed multiple health problems and became physically disabled and am in pain every day
Damn that sucks,what kind of disability no you have?

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Is being unable or choosing not to be mean spirited a weakness?
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What is mean-spiritedness?

Nothing. Just had a hard night
Being unable to be cruel is a weakness. Being able to be cruel and choosing not to be is a strength.

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