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Is it weird to look at a young girl (<13) and think "She's probably going to be so hot when she's older"? Is that paedophilia?
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It doesn't matter what plebs consider "weird" and there is literally nothing wrong with mere thoughts.

t. foot fetishist
Weird? Maybe.

Pedophile? No.
That's the most normal thought in your fucked head mate

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where can i find robot-/cyborggirls
i know only normies
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In the fembot threads of course
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those are just faggots
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what an idiot.png
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Why so many /pol threads?
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Does Elsa do anal?
Yes she does, recently
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I really don't know OP, you tell me

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What the hell anon, my eyes are up here!
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Anon, we can't go on doing this!
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I wish you would stop being a pervert

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should i go be homeless in the big apple? i really really dont wanna turn 30 in my small town and its looking that way. I really really dont wanna be in a small town.

i really really really dont wanna be in a small town.
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No its fucking cold in winter.


I remember moving from the country to this city.

I had a headache for weeks because of the noise and shitty air quality.
it's this fucking thread again

i would venture that OP is now going on over a year of making this awful thread where he says he wants to move to a big city and then listens to nobody, learns nothing, and recreates the thread the next day.

i suppose being a rapper in a small border town in upstate new york is a sad life but doing all of those things while autistically recreating threads on /r9k/ is actually somehow more pathetic

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>dark (white)
>not handsome
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>driving test was scheduled for the 5th of this month
>DVLA phoned me on the 3rd and told me it got moved to the 27th
>tfw I'd already bought day insurance for the test (doing it in my own car, fuck handing my instructor 60 pounds for literally no reason)
>12 pounds down the drain
>don't really care about that though because I was excited to sit my test and drive
>tfw I'm sitting in my car in my driveway revving the engine and listening to the radio but can't drive it anywhere

Feels really fucking bad man :(
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Just break the law pussy
>it's late at night, police around my area are bored as fuck
>see a young driver
>pull me over to check if I have a license and insurance as they very regularly do to young drivers
>get a two year disqualification from driving instead of two weeks

Yeah, sounds like a fucking great idea
>Living in Bongistan
There's your real problem

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Am I the only one here repulsed by the fact that women merely have to be female and not deformed be to be idealized by men ?

Why is that ? Is the male brain deceiving itself to see value where there is none merely for the purposes of reproduction ? Is this a "means justifies the ends" thing with nature ?

What have women actually done for humanity besides acting as egg incubators ? Why do we idealize such a base role ? Even robots here on this place "love" them because "Muh Vagina".

I for one will not lower myself to that base a level so as to attract those disease ridden cunts.

tl;dr: Let whores be whores anon. 99.99% of all living things on earth that propagate their genes do it for nothing due to evolutionary bottle necks. Woman's bottle neck is coming soon with artificial wombs. Sexual di-morphism in the species needs to be eliminated for progress. Technology will expedite this.

I do not see "womankind" surviving this century. I don't care if they have fun. Let them enjoy as many cocks as they can before being subsumed by the abyss.

I am unironically a male feminist with no interest in women. Not becaue I hate women and enjoy watching them dig their own mass grave but because I understand that it is inevitable like horses dying (95% population reduction in 200 yrs) out due to cars.
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I will never love a woman. Not even my own mother. All I want from them is their pussy.
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the end.jpg
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You are correct anon. Women are smelly shit monkeys just like all humans. They're nothing special and are usually quite toxic.

Congratulations. You have transcended /r9k/.

image is a spoiler but it is what will probably happen when we are majority non-white. I'm not going to die trying to stop it. Normies can get rekked.
Why is pussy so important to you ? Porn with a automatic suction flesh light is better.

You find the female form attractive and by using them you are in effect kneeling before their alter. Submitting to your genetic disposition to defer to them for reproduction.

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Anyone else here get extremely frustrated and angry at the fact that women can just have everything handed to her and have endless relationships but they have the audacity to say we have it better even though we aren't valued as much as women are and the fact that most of us may never get to expierience what they can easily attain?

Seriously I envy them so much, it's blood boiling especially when they don't want to acknowledge how easy they have it, Pic sort of related
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I don't get frustrated by it, but I am aware of it. Probably why I don't try anymore.

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Come share anything creative in the late night bar
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Here's an instrumental I made with a friend


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Anyone's mom died?

My mom is almost 60 and she's so cute and although me and her are not really close, I still love her. I don't know what I'll do when she dies. How would it even be possible to cope?
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Oh it won't be possible.
You're going to be an absolute wreck for a long time.
It's a living nightmare, but it's part of life.
That's one of the reasons settling down and having a family is important.
That family will help to hold you up when your parents pass away.
You rely on your parents for family until their deaths, then you rely on your spouse and children.
It's partly for your own psychological well-being for you to have a family.
Don't dwell on it anon.
Just have fun with your mom, and create as many good memories as you can.
Those memories will become the most important thing to you later.
They might even be what keeps you from completely losing your mind.
Yes, she died when I was 14 years old.
Probably the most psychologically damaging experience I'll ever have to deal with. On top of that my cynical alcoholic dad had to move back and take care of me despite not knowing anything about being a parent.

I am absolutely sure this is the main reason I'm a robot

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Why have we become so desensitized in life? I remember when texting someone felt like a real privilege, when driving around felt like an adventure, when family was more love based and appreciated deeply, when looking someone eye to eye while talking was a sign of true respect, when someone was in love it was unique but now it's just a social media status. I could go on and on, but it's like nothing feels special anymore.
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because, "they" are trying to make everything ugly
and no im not blaming the jews like some retard they could be anyone

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does anyone else hate their parents??

>parents are poor white trash
>brought me to a town with a populatiopn of 1000
>theres like 4 people my own age in the whole town and they are unbearable to hang out
>devolop 0 social skills the only time i can communicate with epople is if we are using each other for something
>parents are poor as fuck
>spend my whole life not having food in the house and 0 resources and cant have christmas presents and shit
>parents mentally abuse me worse than ive ever heard any parent doing
>they follow me around all day pissing me off reminding me how much i hate them
>dont want to move out and be stuck where i am because i fucking hate living in the middle of nowhere
>so isolated i literally dont even see a girl for months on end at a time
>entire house is water damage, leaks when it rains, covered in mold, has 800 year old windows made of wood, the bathroom is disgusting and its so fucking small you cant even walk in it
>parents dont give a fuck about ANYTHING they put the towel rack right next to the toilet I mean literally not even an inch from the toilet
>tell them its disgusting because fecal matter spreads to it and peoples splashes on the towel
>they go oh you're right oh well nothing we can do about it
>i actually managed to find a chubby chick to bang at 17 and they sabotaged it embarassed me and wouldnt allow it so i literally had to go to my friends house with the chubby chick and my mom chased us down the road and she kept knocking on the door and looking in the window all angrily at us

i hate them


*starts crying* why wont you die
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Do Mexicans know how to say excuse me? I swear they just butt in instead of saying it
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They're generally huge entitled assholes.
Also, the amount of pedophiles among their population is legitimately concerning.

Yeah, i checked the RSF list online for my neighborhood and it covered most of the area

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