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Im tired of all of these fucking faggots and gays on this board, fuck off back to /hm/ or /lgbt/ with all of your gay shit. I use tons of filters and no matter what I do I see these fucking posts and it makes me angry, I just want my /r9k/ back without all of these god damn fucking gays shitting up this great board with their annoying fucking repetetive posts. So please just leave r9k right now and get back to your containment posts you stupid little fucking shits.
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I used to be really homophobic like you anon.
But a few months ago, I fully embraced I was a fag and love big dicks and MEN.
You should too.
Its the fucking same shit getting repeated over and over, garbage like this shitty fucking post. You think you are clever and original or something with posts like this? Do you think you're funny? You fucking faggot
That looks yummy I want that cock in my mouth

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i want nothing more in this world than a damaged gf who was abused by her father /r9k/.

a girl with low self esteem and body image issues who will love me unconditionally if i show her little attention and compassion
>tfw no gf who dresses around the house in fuzzy onesies and cute clothes because she wants to make daddy happy
>tfw no gf who lets me reenact her rape every night in bed
>tfw no gf to roughly violate while she begs daddy to stop and cries uncontrollably
>tfw no gf to say "i love you daddy" and clutch onto me after i breed her whore cunt
>tfw no gf to sneak into her bed late at might and feel her nono spots
>tfw no gf who lets me wake her up with daddys cock raping her cunt and fights back as hard as she can to no effect

where do i find a damaged girl /r9k/? it is my strongest most primal desire
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>tfw I'm a pedophile but I don't want to do any weird rapey shit
The only girls who don't hate pedophiles on principle are the fetishy damages ones, but they'd just be disappointed by me
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>tfw no petite gf

wtf this is kind of hot are you a genius

You are abnormal. People do not want to see your abnormal shit. I do not want to see a man's ass. Go the fuck away. We do not like you. You do not know how disgusting and revolting it is for a straight person to see your perversion.
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its 2017 anon gay is ok
you are damn right, we need to gas the fags.
That shit is disgusting you fucking faggot. You should honestly be killed.

Let's show these retards how much we hate them. Autists are the lowest of the low, they aren't even people.
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Yeah well fuck you too pal
autistic people can be a huge benefit to humanity if they are endowed with some kind of savantism but other than this they are a complete detriment to human society
Atypical shows how horrible autistic people really are. Why don't normies talk about this? They blabber about how amazing and unique autistic people are, but they'd rage if they actually had to be around one. The main characters life revolves around trying to mimic other peoples (actual human beings') feelings. Their life is 100% me, me, me.

why do women always do this?
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Haha the fucking goo on the whisk
>tfw no gross pervert gf
Chris-chan made another video of herself masturbating?
This might be it, the most revolting thing I've seen on this site. Even that spic being mutilated by a cartel while Funky Town played in the background didn't phase me.

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>tfw gf loves to give blowjobs but is fucking horrible at it
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All women are secretly shit at giving bj's
Give her positive feedback when she does something you like so she'll get better. I mean really, is this all you have to complain about? That your blowjobs aren't good enough? GTFO.
imagine getting like 50 blowjobs this last month alone but never cumming from them
50 fucking blowjobs and every time you have to manually jerk yourself off in the end

its soulcrushing

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Why are women always so obsessed with the idea of travel, everywhere I look on social media women are always wanting to show off where they go and flaunt, but I never understood why women these days are always talking about it.
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They're looking for a way to fill their life with meaning, since feminism took away their designated role in life
Virtue signal.
Also indicates physical fitness and a degree of disposable income.

If you can travel, she or her bf are middle class or, depending on the travel destination, upper class

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>think you are straight
>discover that wearing lingerie and female clothes feels good
>spend all my money on clothes and panties
>spend a lot of time online shopping and watching crossdressing porn
>finger my ass for the first time
>feels nice
>do it more
>consider buying a dildo
>consider meeting someone to have sex as a girl

Beware anons, it's a slippery slope. I think I'm a lost cause...
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I'll dick ya slut
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I'm in between two of your stages OP

>discover that wearing lingerie and female clothes feels good
>consider buying a dildo

I only really like dresses from innocentworld, but I've never bought from them so I'm hesitant even with the reviews being good.

I'm on the trap diet as well, guess this is life now. It was never suppose to be this way.
It really is sick. A few years ago I wanted to be normal, threw out all my girl stuff, started going to the gym and finally I looked like a man. Now it's back to panties and stockings.

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Hmm.... really makes you think, doesn't it /r9k/?
fuck capitalism desu
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mcgregor got 70 million from the fight he lost
he increased his net worth by 30x by losing a fight
Doesnt matter, theyre both rich and McGregor owns many millions more in assets plus all that money from the fight.
People willingly pay them millions in total to see them beat the shit out of someone or get their shit beaten out of them.
Agreed, how the hell is this even allowed? Fuck capitalism, man. I mean, dude weed lmao who needs them, if I don't like these two, why would anyone?

Hey /soc/
gf just broke up with me. My best friend is died a few months ago. Life did not turn out the way I expected. I was supposed to be a fucking astronaut.

Lets all complain about shit.
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how old are you, son?

I assume you are barely 20, and the worst, much worst is still to come for you. Brace yourself, because this so called life is torture 24/7 until you burst
Im 21. What do you mean by burst?
and yes, you are just a chicken out of the bloody egg. I am a 53 year old man with severe mental issues that once found solace in 4chan, specially /soc/ because interaction and masturbation, and I can tell you, my mother died in her sleep last night and I am not even bothered

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Can we get a quality pepe thread?
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I'll donate this pepe to your thread
File: 1501225388260.jpg (281KB, 1920x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is amongst the most rarest of pepes. please do not save
trips, i will respect and not save

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>tfw black
>tfw will never date a white girl
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Why would sonic take a bus when he could just run there
on the bright side, you'll never have a suicidal self-hating mulatto child
Why is there a bus stop in the middle of the road?

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>constantly flirt with guys on /r9k/
>still no bf
how is this possible
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jesus christ that is the most pathetic cock i've ever seen. no wonder he became a tranny
Literally no one lives in my country I just want a bf.

Is pic related's dick what actually happens when on HRT? I heard also you cant get a boner too, and you cant cum and your dick totally stops working and shrinks.


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Which is it, and why?
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Every 1st world country besides the US prefers tits. I feel that tits are the superlative feature.
A good ass can compensate for a lack of tits, however it doesn't work the other way around. I appreciate a good rack, but the ass is what holds up the overall figure.
An Ass with no tits looks fine, but Tits with no ass doesn't.

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how do I make the suicidal thoughts go away pls
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>suicidal persona fag

are you expecting an answer other that KYS?

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