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I wanna fucking ask. If I were to have accessed CP from an Opera device on my desktop unprotected and with my Google Account logged in. What are the chances that I would be legally implicated when I get to the U.S or Europe?
pls no bully
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>What are the chances that I would be legally implicated when I get to the U.S or Europe?

But what if I were using it in another country. How would there be evidence against me? How would that work?
Quite low. The people who get arrested in CP raids are mostly either distributors, or active collectors. If you've simply "accessed" CP, then it shouldn't be an issue, as most oldfags on 4chan have probably done as much.

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What's the best compliment that anyone has ever given to you?

I got this one from a cute girl.
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Idk my friend told me I'm a good person to today. I dont always feel it because I have some bad habits but I'm trying my best senpai
Back when I had my dreads, was wearing some B-ball shorts and a tank with some accessories while cruising through my village. Black rasta dude walked past me and stopped saying "ayyyy you look like one of us mon, a real rasta monnnn".
Made me feel good.
I'm white
"Your prose is lively, even conversational,"

"Your paper had a degree of detail and specificity that other papers lacked."

Feels good man!

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I-Is that normal?
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stop eating asian food
only if you are asian
one time my jizz was pink

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Lonely? Join the only real robot discord going on one year strong:


No normalfags, roasts, poopdicks, degenerates, ect...
Our banlist is larger than our current user count. VC is not required.
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Oh, look, it's another normie discord, full of Chads and Stacies, roleplaying as robots because it's oh-so 'cool' now.
Fuck off, you fucking normies disgust me.
Nobody fucking join this shit, fuckers laughed at me when I said I was circumcised.
This is like the 5th discord thread in the last hour


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>"""""the only real robot discord"""""
>"one year strong", implying that friendships and cliques have already been established, everyone knows each other, guaranteed in-jokes that new people won't get
>implying that anyone there is actually a "real robot" and not just normies/cyborgs who have a little trouble talking to people but are otherwise normal
>implying that a real robot discord can even exist despite being non-anonymous and username based

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if this guy can get a gf, why can't you?
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He can hold a conversation and make eye contact
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what the fuck.png
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he never stops making eye contact
bc im not an asshole and girls these days dont date nice guys like me

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>oneitis is bored at work in the middle of the night
>sends me playful text because her bf is asleep
How do I deal with this?
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>How do I deal with this?

By not being a fucking faggot. Whoops, too late
How would someone who isn't a faggot cuck her bf?
Be alpha. Tell her to send you nudes. Youve got nothing to lose. Shes already lost her virginity so... DO IT BOI

(And post results)

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Post a movie you liked that everyone else hated, and/or post a movie that you hated that everyone else liked.

Pic related. I actually loved this movie.
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Neon Demon

it means more than it seems
Who Killed Captain Alex

Not even joking, best action film I seen
is that loli chan? wtf it is O_o

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My confidence is so low that the only place I can talk about anything is on an anonymous message board. I trust strangers on the internet more than I trust my family
The internet is the closest thing to friends I've had

I love you
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What has humanity come to? Instead of people helping those with mental issues and physical issues, they leave them alone to be regulated by healthcare systems. We all sit here stare at a flat plastic surface with lights on it for years... and years.

I want to get off this ride.
It's gonna be ok anon. You need to start reaching back out into the real world man
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>Years ago, the cure for depression was a friend or two
>Now it's prozac
Wew, what a way we've come.

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>someone lecturing me about how syria is also a false flag and the chemical weapons story is a ruse and how everyone is an idiot for buying the story
>Tell him that I haven't spent any time thinking about it because I don't care if Syria gets bombed
>He gets pissed off and walks away finally

I wish people would learn to stop starting conversations with me, it always ends the same. I tell them what I think and they get pissed off and leave. I am thinking about skipping the whole middle part and just starting to tell them to fuck off at the outset. That way, they are still pissed off, but I don't have to waste my time.
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You can leave this board now.
You seem a cool guy.
he's right about the false flag but you're right about fuck syria

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can I just ignore her if she contacts me wanting money when i'm back home?
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Don't give her your real name
what if... I did
Give her a push down some stairs

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Why haven't you killed yourself yet? What makes you think next week will be better than this week?
Just do it already, Anon. Do something for once.
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because I will get my autismbux raise which mean I can buy more food and beer and be more comfy
Fuck you. And the world needs me
A dude and is meme saved my life, I have to save his meme !

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>laptop broke
>have to use the public computer lab
>normies keep coming in and doing things

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how can i get attention by being autistic at uni

my experience of uni so far has been nothing but being ignored, even when i'm socially proactive (Going to clubs (groups, like anime club etc, not clubbing) etc. Sure, I talk, but it's basically totally neutral and nobody cares when I'm there or not.)

now i just want to be "the autistic guy"
I know that feel bro. Ive been living in a dormitory for 3years now. We have this room with about a dozen of PC's, even though no one is doing anything that could trigger me, im always pissed when im sitting there and lurking. The worse thing is that the keyboards or mouses havent been cleaned for like 2 years. Its so disgusting that i stopped coming there.

>tfw when they installed wifi in the building last year so now i can waste my time on here without leaving my room
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>scheduling for next semester
>waited too long
>conflicts everywhere
>emailed adviser this morning
>no response
>tomorrow is the weekend


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Has 4chan become a normie site?
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even normies use the term normies now which is really ironic
Yes. But the transition is not full-normalfaggot.
Between 2012 and 2016, I would say 50-60% of the board was normalized.
Now, we're at 70%.
Wait 2020 to get 100%.
it is heavy normie but they don't yet steer 4chan
there is good possibility here for propagandist normie adjusting for large scale societal impact (see trump)

why does everyone think im gay just cause of the way my face looks?

seriously whenever im around guys they always subtly drop gay jokes or say i would do the gay think opposed to something else

ive had girls absolutely reject me or never even bothered to talk to me just because they assumed i was gay.

today a girl called me a bottom and i didnt even say anything

everything i do i try to do as masculine as possible, the way i walk. the way i dress, how i stand, what i talk about, how i talk

but everyone keeps thinking im gay and this is ruining my friendships and career how do i help it?
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Post face.

Are you very feminine looking?

I just know some faggot on here is gonna tell you to become a trap.
just be a trap :^)

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>rolls 4th blunt of the day
>fails algebra
>*panic attack*
>gets fired from Target
>lowers IQ
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Someone can't handle their pot
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>leafs acting overly dramatic

god theyre a bunch of soft faggots over there
> ignores imperical data
> publishes propoganda
> puts weed under schedule 1

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