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Anyone else feel sick when they play video games? Do you have any tips to deal with it?
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Are you playing FPS games? If so, try increasing the FOV, it seems to help for me.
Life is strange made me really nauseous
Play better games.


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Holy fuck??!! Have the mods FINALLY atopped being cucks??

>no more rate me, cam whore threads
>ni pictures of you or other people
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she has very nice tits
She's a nigger so big titts or not...
How does she delete her tits?

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thoughts on this animal?
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there's one sitting on my porch right now
It's not nice to make fun of your mother.

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uncle fatty.jpg
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I have 3 games in my backlog:
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: SoC
The Witcher 3
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Which one do I play first?
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>Which one do I play first?

play with my ass first
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it's the only good game you listed there
Scrap the witcher

>play stalker
>be rookie
>get raped
>get pissed
>cool off with some DS1
>be new
>get raped
>get pissed
>cool off with stalker

those are some mighty fine titles and you'll be a spartan in no-time. they both need some getting-in-to but once you can flip that switch in your brain but in the end they're timeless.

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>pull into drive through
>roastie voice comes through voice box
>pull out
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>grocery shopping
>all the cashiers are young roasties
>leave my full cart in the aisle and walk out
>pull out
keep dreaming
hahahahahaha you dumb frogboy you're literally triggered and need a safe space fuckin lel lulz kek and lol :)

You know the drill buckos.

1. Take a name to simplify repeat communication
2. Pls no buli (except Atlas)
3. Ask questions and seek support with whatever addles your mind
4. Be excellent to each other
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>Have diagnosed aggrBPD (as a guy)
>Feel like shit, but also very good, but also very angry, but also very empty
>Literally not able to describe my personality or the reasons for most of my actions
>tfw life is a literla fucking meme
Feeling better today. Had a few hours of sleep after being up 50+ hours so it felt refreshing. Halluainatuons stopped and my hands can hold objects now.
Ah, I've seen memeier. Have you tried mindfulness exercises and anger management techniques? As for your identity, it can be helpful to try to absorb a persona or a character that you admire. A mask might be the best you can do, crossing your fingers that it may eventually become your face.

By the time you're 25, everything you're doing should be working towards having a family.

I'm significantly reducing my Internet bullshit time to at most an hour a day, to have a a family by my early 30s, maybe even 30
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>all I do is feed my drug habits
Enjoy paying child support retard

Yes goy! Give up doing what you like to raise liberal drones!

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How can anon here swap a midi sound used in one midi file with a sampler. I don't have any actual music software, but I'm willing to get some.
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You need to add more details. Is it an actual sampler or is it just a rompler?
an actual sampler would be preferable
I'm a bit confused since you don't have an actual sampler. I have tons of experience with the akai mpc but I'm not sure what you're actually asking

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>living in North America
>not being Jewish
>getting circumcised anyways
Fucking kek.
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Fuck off. This shit makes me sad.
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I'm sorry for you, anon.
Who here /uncut/?
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Stop reminding me you fucking poop

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Anyone comfy minecraft server?

I wanna play with you robots but my realms free trial ran out and I don't know how to make a server for jack shit.
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>You have been muted for 16 seconds, because your comment was not original.
there has to be someone computer literate enough to create a server
I paid for one to be setup but two days later and the hosting service still hasn't done it.

I don't think I've been ripped off, but they're not too great on customer service IMO, especially considering how much a hassle it was to get it set up. I went through lie 3 different forms 10 times each, none ever worked or went through, and eventually it required talking with a support person through a lengthy email conversation for them to set it up rather than me.

Hopefully it doesn't take more than three days for the server to be setup though, then people could play.

is it normal to be weaker than a girl? asking for a friend.
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It's not common statistically speaking, but there is no shame there.
She's lifting through her back, which is dangerous when doing squats. Very poor form.
It depends on the girl?
The average girl is pretty lazy and fat nowadays, even if she's "fit" , fit by girl standards only means that she restricts calories and does minor exercise.

Said exercise is almost always squats and leg shit because girl fitness is based on optimizing sexual appeal. So she'll have a muscular ass and thighs, little upper body and little else in the way of muscle besides simply being low on fat. Even taking that into consideration, the female body generally is fattier and builds muscle less easily, and the skeleton is less adapted for load bearing.

You should be concerned if you're weaker than the average girl.

File: Chad pees too 01.png (2MB, 1329x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chad pees too 01.png
2MB, 1329x1100px
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:lemonade: :lemonade: :lemonade:
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nice chat
>that badly done photoshop
or did you use microsoft paint?

Roboanon how do I find a robofriend? No sexy stuff just an anon who speaks alot and throw memes occasionally
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Give me your discord, i'll add you
Hardmode: how can I find one irl? especially if I'm not into anime or tabletop
I'm off to bed tho it's night here

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>tfw you can fight depression with music and videogames instead of going so low you have to use drugs

So why do people take drugs again? To look edgy and cool? Literally no reason.
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depression is a spectrum, like most things in life, and some people, like me, have it so bad that the only thing that becomes relevant is chemically induced pleasure. i wouldn't expect a normie like yourself to understand.
When was the last time you were overwhelmingly happy OP? Not like got a cool skin in overwatch happy but like found the love of your life happy. Kid on Christmas morning happy. Drugs will take you there and that's why we take them buddy
Drugs feel better than music

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>do a 23 and me DNA test
>11 generations ago I had a Jewish ancestor
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We're not /pol/ and we don't care
so? that's good. maybe you gained like 1 IQ point that wouldn't otherwise have without it
You do realise jew-hate stems from envy, right? If I were you, I'd be annoyed that I didn't have more jew blood.

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