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Could you ever dedicate your life to bleaching like this man has done?
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Bleaching doesn't work, it produces niggers.
>That face
It's that 10/10 /soc/ meme guy!
Thinking about going to Thailand and impregnating and dumping bitches. Generations later they will study how my lineage expands to thousands upon thousands.

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I like to crossdress for guys on omegle. Ask me anything.
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what do your parents have to say about this behaviour?
they dont know about it.
How cute are you?

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>tfw sexually and emotionally attracted to bald men
A shiny bald head literally makes me wet
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kill yourself hole
go seek attention somewhere else
yeah fuck off.
we know that you are a 20 year old hairlet who pretends its attractive to look old as a literal kid.
plz learn to sage
if you are insulting OP dont bump their thread to the top

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britfeel september.jpg
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Sunday Sunday here again in tidy attire edition
get fucked robot
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Internets down lads. What the sweet fuck am I supposed to do?
thinking of taking up boxing lads..

Will i be the next mayweather or should I not bother
Reminder that this happened


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You know the drill, talk about the courses you're taking, assignments, tests, socializing and all that shit.

We're all gonna make it lads
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>Tatami Galaxy
Anyways, first preparation course (CS) will be in 8 days and my sleep schedule is as fucked up as always, I'll probably just force an early KO with alcohol two days before

>mfw absolutely no prior experience is required for all of my courses.
Btfo, this is gonna be fun
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Starting my business course tomorrow, this is pretty much my last chance saloon, wish me luck lads
I need to pass the organic chemistry exam in less than two weeks or I am pretty much fucked. That exam is a real piece of shit. Less then half of the people who take it ever pass it. I should have studied before.

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I want to fuck and cuddle with a ridiculously big-titted Japanese girl.
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grant me my sweet release
I want my dreams to come true
i want to become a cute japanese girl

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Give me one valid reason as to why you haven't became a trap yet?
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I watched the gif.
i can tolerate trap porn,
but bestiality is where i draw the line OP
Sauce pl0x


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Any other blackbots hate hoodrats? They're literally the white trash rednecks of blacks. Problem is they make up a good portion of our race. The good movie theater in my area had a shooting last night and guess who was respnsible? This is why we can't have shit in this country. Hoodrats are always fucking it up for us. It's sad I can't even sit in a movie theater with other black people in 2017.
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>in 2017.
you could never have anything, not even a safe street or community when blacks were industrialised
>This is why we can't have shit in this country.
It's because African Americans are in general far less intelligent than, WASPs for example. When you get down to that <85 IQ level, you're dealing with what's almost mental retardation, only it's not apparent from the outside. This is where those niggers land. There is no hope for their integration into society unless eugenics programs are started to increase the general intelligence amongst them.
Its more about the media IMHO. You can't have "integrated" people if they grow up worshipping rappers and trash gangsta culture.

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+30% cool
-20% vitality
-30% stamina
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+10 in small talk
100% reddiit
100% carcinogenic
>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not 100% original.

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Happy world suicide prevention day r9k
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>be me
>listening to radio
>they start talking about this
>then next song starts fading in
>it's linken park
Remember to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline!
Another life saved :) No need to thank me!
good day to kys you faggot

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How does an INTP find a gf?
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INFP here

Most girls I've met have been through either tinder or okcupid
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Who cares. The fact that anything exists at all is a paradox.
Be at least an 8/10 and pull in several until one is forward enough to make you notice she's flirting and not just saying weird things because she's a normie.

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>tfw started college and people haven't realized you have a penis
>tfw a boy in your compsci class said you were pretty
This is so much better than high school. All the suffering for starting HRT early really paid off.
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>This is so much better than high school. All the suffering for starting HRT early really paid off.
Dumb sissy white boi
>>tfw started college and people haven't realized you have a penis
>>tfw a boy in your compsci class said you were pretty
>This is so much better than high school. All the suffering for starting HRT early really paid off.
Dumb sissy anime boi.
Hey, I'm glad to hear it. Hopefully you'll get someone to kiss you soon!

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ITT: What's the most emotionally hurt youve ever been
>be me
>be in high in school
>be sitting next to best friend
>listening to music with earbuds
>turn off music to ask her a question
Hear a girl ask my friend "so is anon your best friend?"
"Nah I don't even think of him as a friend to be honest, I really don't like him"
>turn music back on
>cry that night
I knew her since 2nd grade and she didn't even like to hang out with me
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>learning I was an adopted child
Was around 13, can remember not loosing my shit but in total denial instead.
Just found out my gf of 2 1/2 years that I was about to propose to has been fucking someone else for at least a month. I'm still with her cause I'm weak. Life is suffering.
i'm sorry. love shouldnt require that kind of sacrifice from you. you're never gonna be able to forget it happened, and even if you stay together now it'll blow up eventually. leave her man. good luck :(

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Write a letter to someone who may or may not read it.
include iintials.
or don't, your choice.
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Dear K,
I deleted my account after a bad episode of psychosis. I was then hospitalized and when I was released today it seems as though you cut all ties with me. I am sad to see this. I hope you are well though.

It was a little fucked up how you handled things last night and today, but I still managed to have an alright time so I can't be that mad. At least I know what sort of person you are now, I won't bother with you again.


You're the greatest thing that has happened in my life, we both have a future together, for sure. I'm here to stay with you until forever if it's necessary. I know I am repitive as fuck, but I love you so much.


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Let's be honest, ideal gf threads are pipe dreams. We don't deserve our ideal gfs.

What are your REALISTIC requirements for a gf?
What things will you look past so you don't die alone and unloved?

> Born a female
> 4+/10
> Doesn't smell bad
> No severe mentally illnesses
> Big butt

Features you're willing to look past:
> Personality flaws like laziness or narcissism
> Stupid political beliefs
> Bad taste in music/film
> Overweight ( but not morbidly obese )
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Realistic as in that's my actual minimum for a girlfriend, not for sex. Sex I'll take pretty much everyone. Not that I'll actually find her
>born female
>[17,33] years old
>doesn't smell bad
>doesn't need my money
>sex once a week

Shit I would put up with
>be cucked
>crazy emotional
Well for having a surprisingly high testosterone I strive for things that are impossible.
Is it unrealistic that I expect my gf to weigh less than me?


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