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Should I just fuck a fat girl? How easy is it?
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If you consider that to be fat, pretty damn hard.
Like regular girls, just a tad bit easier. They know they're fat n lesser in value than regular girls. Pretty easy if you know what ur doing
She is fat though, maybe not obese but likely close to it.

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>tfw just invented perpetual motion.
seeya brainlets, I'm gonna be rich,
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was it from asking a girl out and her perpetually moving away from you?
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mmmm berry noice

Meh. Immortality would better. But I'm gonna pay you a shit ton to save the universe from head death/expansion/whatever the fuck.

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>look at this drink I got!
>isn't it just the cutest! :3
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She's probably a radical feminist.
You can just fucking tell it by the way she holds that pineapple. Fuck that.
that is pleasant but not cute
haha yeah a fruit drink for a fruit how fitting

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is the fat guy of the pic, a virgin?

just asking
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atleast you had a birthday cake.... :(
That picture makes me feel really sad
Its hard to tell without knowing his past. He could have gotten laid when he was 14-15 and then gone downhill from there. I do not know

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If your star sign isn't virgo you are a normie. It's THAT simple

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hello virgo brother!

sept 3 here
Brethren! The Virgo tribe ASCENDS!
yes my brothers... feel your virgo powers build up inside you

we were MADE for GREATER THINGS than this world

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Better stop having sex robots, else it'll get you too!
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Whew good thing I stopped 8 years ago
More, faster, please
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I'll have as many sex robots as I can buy thank you.

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feeling real down so I smoked a bowl and now I'm comfy
post more comfy stuff
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because of this post now i want to smoke
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I like to take pictures of video game glitches when they happen, this happened was while I was playing Claymates for SNES.
fatal kek

Who else here /homeless/?
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God that's a terrible poster

People don't really give a shit about movies anymore
what are your details op

i used to be homeless it sucked i hated it

now im on bux trying to lookmax so a girl can find me attractive enough to take my virginity

god must find my life endlessly amusing
Lost my job, lost my apartment (it was going to happen anyway because my job didn't pay me enough). Traveled around staying with friends and family, ended up at estranged uncle's house. He kicked me out after two weeks, ostensibly because I didn't keep things clean (which is a lie). I'm not exactly upset about not being able to live there specifically, since he 1) refused to turn on the AC, 2) spent all the time he wasn't at work watching conspiracy videos and boxing matches, and 3) kept bringing home strange women and kicking me out for the evening.

So I'm sleeping at rest stops, using gyms for showers, and applying for jobs at Starbucks during the day. I'm lucky to have my car for now; I kind of figured it would come to this.

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>wagecuck neighbor comes out
>say good morning to him
>start play this: https://youtube.com/watch?v=-WfDYssJMqs
>he walks back inside
>I hear his sweeper running
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I dont get it how you can be proud about your parasitic life?
Stop replying to bait.

F do idcbud
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kek. nice one NEETbro

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been about 10 years been on 4chan now hopped on the r9k train the day it opened. aint been here in a while but ts nice to check in some times. used to fap to hentai every night in my parents house, now things are better.

i guess ask me somethin? general social anxiety questions? girls? pursuing ur passions? things are going really i mean really as in ill never forget this year for the rest of my life good. maybe i can give something back to the community and the whippersnappers...
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Fuck you retard you aren't special
this. I fucking hate faggots that come back here after their normie fucking lives just "worked out" for them. If you're so fucking normie now, than leave for good fggot.
I take it probably went back to school. What did you study?

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Cuckold greentext

Greentext your cuck experiences people
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>Had fuck buddy over summer 2013
>Just finished 6th form, waiting for uni to start
>Took her virginity
>She was moving far away for uni
>Told her I wanted something casual as I thought we'd be too far to make something work
>She agreed
>We go to uni in Autumn
>Both come back home for Christmas hols
>Message her and ask her if she's going to be around or go for a night out in town
>"Yeah probably, I have a boyfriend now though"
>Go out, see her in the bar, she talks to me while drunk for awhile before her friends drag her away
>Go out next night, she ends up coming back with me
>We fuck all night
>Didn't realise my sister was staying over that night in the net room
>Hears everything
>Flings living room door open as I try to sneak her out in the morning and introduces her to my parents wearing shiny hotpants and a croptop
>See her couple of nights later, she's all over me
>She comes back for night
>As we're walking home she's drunk telling me how she misses me and her boyfriend is just a substitute for me
>Fuck her all night again, she's telling me how much she loves my dick
>Scratches my back so hard I wake up with blood on the wall and sheets
>Boyfriend never knew
>We're now together 4 years later
>She paid for us to go on holiday
>Pays for my drinks when I have no money
>Pays for tickets to stuff we go to together
>Wants my dick 24/7, gives me the sloppiest head you could ever want, always wants me to fuck her ass etc
For reference the boyfriend was some half Cypriot who was rich as fuck, mother was right hand woman to the president of Cyprus or whatever the fuck they have
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A pure fabricated work of autistic fiction.

>be me
>virgin at 18
>finished first year at art college, going into animation for second year
>entirely new class with people ive never met bfore
>pretty good at the arts
>love learning about other artists,has decent knowledge of artists
>kinda obsessed with getting better at art.to the point where i religiously study human anatomy
>i can afford all the fancy art equipment, even copic markers
>decent fashion sense/ kinda weird but better than the fucking losers you see at cons
>im 18 stone

do you think ive a decent chance of finding a girl this year? i wanna come off as the best in the class so i can automatically achieve alpha status through artistic skill. is there anything else ill need?

inb4:lose weight
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>i can automatically achieve alpha status through artistic skill
youd be fucking suprised. all artists automatically compare themselves to eachother so if im good enough then everyone will compare themselves to me, and will want to know how im so good. iv seen it happen
how can anyone be stone much less a number of them

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That yard is not going to mow itself, wagecuck.
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you sure about that neet
not to mention you lost custody to your teenage son, so you better get to it wagie
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cmon cut that grass, I aint got all day.

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someone hug me please please
I haven't been hugged for years
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The only person that still hugs me is my mother (when I see her) But I don't feel anything when she does. I just wish I can hug someone and feel something for a change.
i wish i could cuddle with a qt.
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hug your sister

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Why haven't you robots found a nice asian girl to settle down and have kids with?
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Because you either get a qt daughter or the next Elliot Rodgers and I don't want to bring another slut into this world
Hopefuly when i am done in the military i will be able to do just that. Not settling for anything less. Hopefuly i meet a nice mainland chinese girl or a jungle asian.
Glad my comment killed this race b8 thread. Woo.

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