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Do people over the age of 20 watch moeshit? If so, why? I mean, I get like watching spongebob, because of the nostalgia.. But why watch childs programming if you didn't grow up watching it as a child?
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Shit man, use your noggin. Looking at cute things is generally agreed to make you feel a little less miserable. Is it pathetic? Yes. Do some people do it even though it is pathetic? Yes. There you go.

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Why live? It's just a slog, an uphill battle. Day in, day out. All this shit to worry about until we fall apart from old age. Why not just end it now and save ourselves the trouble?
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my mother is still alive. i cant do that to her
Is it right to simply wait for something to kill me, like a bad car accident? At what point does the situation get bad enough to warrant corrective action like suicide?

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Anyone knows of stuff that makes learning/conentration better?

preferable stuff that i can order from amazon
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>>>/adv/ fuck off already you dont belong on this board
i have no other place besides r9k you double nigger

adv is a fucking normie board
and even if robots are bottom
people here still know much shit

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he says

fuck everybody who thinks this way
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Phat Latina butte

>I'm not a perfect person
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i jus sit at my computer watchir r/videos yelling REEEE at the ones with norsm all day
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>tfw urge to masturbate has largely been killed

Why aren't you taking anti-anxiety/anti-depression/etc medicines yet?They're your friends, the first step to freedom from your current miserable existence.
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liver damage
Sorry friend, one day when the time comes you too will be able to experience true liberation

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>that moment when so-called "free-speech advocates" block a video because it conflicted with their opinions
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No one actually believes in freedom of speech except for pedophiles

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>mom just came back from the shops with a Samantha Bee book
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Good looking guy with a mental disorders here.

Even though I'm on autism bux and my life is never going to amount to anything I still think you ugly guys have it worse.

I get hit on by women all the time, but because of my mental disorders and lack of ability to function as a normie nothing ever comes of it because it's impossible for me to hide the autistic behavior.

You guys who are just ugly and having nothing else wrong with you besides your ugly disgusting heads, you guys have it rough, really rough, because you can't even be put on autism bux for being an ugly cunt, you're expected to just keep on going and man up.
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I am ugly and I can confirm that this is worse than autism.

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Anyone else waiting for the world to end?
All I want is for everything to be destroyed, to be let free from the life of either being a corporate slave or neet. If the world ended, ie there was a huge apocalypse style event and all the worlds governments crumbled and everything was reduced to pure anarchy, life might actually be interesting, exciting, full of adventure and danger.
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People have been obsessed with the end of the world ever since time began.

There's no sense in dwelling on it, just get on with what you're going to do.
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yeah ai will kill us all, 2045 is aprox singularity

dont off urself, ai will off everyone, normies included

thats why im not killing myself

i need to make a picture of this shit, ala uprising style
Everybody is dead and has been for centuries.

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I'm 25 and have never even had the chance to hold a girl's hand. My best friend, the ONLY person I've had a true connection with, from across the Atlantic, likely just killed himself. I'm working a dead end job that makes me miserable. I have horrible anxiety and panic attacks that are unending. I go 6 months being in total fear over fucking nothing.

Why shouldn't I kill myself?
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You're the only one who can know what's really stopping you from killing yourself. Life is what you take from it, but also what you make from it.
I, for example, am delaying my suicide by four years because college might get me a job or better experiences to like-minded people. I keep saying "four years" so I see to it that I continue. Hope is what you need. A trying hope that will get you to something that really will stop you from killing yourself.

Don't count on it though.
do it lul
Are you stil in thread OP, lets talk about WHY you feel this way ? and ways in how to deal with it

>Hey, Anon! My parents aren't home. You know what that means...? ;)
>... We can POOP wherever we want to!!!! I'll take the closet. Where are you gonna poop?
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in the toilet because im a normal fucking human being unlike you. Like come on why the fuck would you poop in the closet, that's just purposely destructive. Also, it's not 'sexy', if anything it's disgusting af. I'm leaving bitch
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Imagine a guy sitting alone in his room, in front of a screen, looking up a picture of a girl, renaming it to smiling-girl-pooping.jpg, uploading it here, typing out this shit and clicking "post"

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>crippling loneliness is creeping back
I got a bad feeling about this one boys
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>I got a bad feeling about this one boys
How so?

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>tfw you knot femanons ass and she farts
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I want Chad Thunderknot to demolish me!
Dogs can't type dog anon
>I want Chad Thunderknot to demolish me!

Chad Thunderknot only fucks girls not faggots(gay)

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