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Am I racist if I find lighter skin more attractive?
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Obviously no.

Next question.
Is Katya the most beautiful woman in the world?
nope. I only find white and tanned olive skinned girls attactive.

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>20 years old
>mum still cuts my hair
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>not cutting your own hair
We had hair clippers in the 70s, nigga.
if it bothers you so much then don't let her do it, dumbass
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>31 years old
>wife cuts my hair

it saves me money and sometimes when her boobs end up in my face during it i pretend like im sucking milk from them lol

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I am literally more attracted to 2d rather than filthy 3d girls. What do ?
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Obtain a waifu. If you don't have one already.
you post here, of course
What's not to be attracted to?

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>loneliness has pasted the point of only being a mental issue
>starting to feel legitimate pain in my chest when I think about my future

Somebody make it stop, please...
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Soon will come the wonderful world of indifference once the pain and suffering goes away. Then you will finally become a true soulless robot
>loneliness has pasted the point
>has pasted the point
>pasted the point
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For me it got to the point where my regrets have me literally dry heaving over the sink in the middle of the night. It's all too bad to be true and my brain just can't comprehend it being reality.
>things will get better

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>It's pretty much softcore solo porn

Also for the people who are in the gym do you feel like your problems will go away when you reach your goals?

I feel like being fat is my only problem but when i get fit i'm going to feel like a huge narcissist.
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>getting big, still fat, but my chest and shoulders hide how fat i really am
>at quiet gym, incline bench press
>the seat faces the dumbbell area
>9/10 thicc qt girl in yoga pants picks up some 10 lb dumbbells and 10 ft in front of me leans over and starts to do rear delt flys
>perfect tear drop shape with her butt.
>can't concentrate, just staring at the ceiling
>still had to do 3 more sets, but get so nervous i get off and go to the other side of the gym to do something else

what does it mean???
>i can't be bothered
>i'm skinny as fuck and people would laugh at me
>don't have money to spend on gym membership
>i can't be bothered
Why would I go outside to watch softcore solo porn when I can watch a bukkake gangbang right now on my PC.

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happy times.jpg
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Ive got some magic for you bro. follow these steps.

>korean ginseng
>400mg about a half hour before sex
>lidocaine on the dick to let sit for about 30 minutes
>if sex with condom, just leave the lidocaine on
>if without condom wash it off and rub it in again as you wash it off
>rub labia while kissing her deeply
>rub her clit gently GENTLY as you kiss her
>make sure her clit is moist
>just keep going while keeping her lips entertained
>stick your finger in to make sure shes ready

at this point you can either insert penis or finger bang her

i generally opt for penis insertion. Lay her down on her back missionary.

>lean forward inside her
>grind your pelvic bone on her clit as you thrust in a rocking motion
>make sure your penis is aiming downward as much as possible
>this is enough to make her cum but missionary is boring
>pull out and roll her on her belly
>slap her ass and make her put her ass in the air
>stick dick in but take some time to appreciate the nice sight
>do it prone and again lean forward and aim down to make sure your penis is hitting that G-spot
>just pound away while hitting that g-spot
>shes already come twice after this
>your dick is numb so you are an hour away from orgasm
>when you're tired of putting in effort
>pull out and roll onto your back
>its time for her to saddle up
>while shes on top of you just start slow
>push her down and grind your shaft on her urethra/clit
>then wait until you feel her pussy clenching up
>then with your numb dick you just pound the fuck out of her pussy
>hold her hips and back to make sure she doesnt move around too much
>use your hand on her lower back/hips to PUSH her pelvis into yours
>and just pound away until you are out of breath
>then keep pounding away go as fast as you can
>if she says stop or slow down, use discretion if shes actually in pain, and DO NOT SLOW DOWN OR STOP
>Keep pounding away
>you can cum at this point
>because shes come 3 times already
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>Ive got some magic for you bro
>some magic

yeah. trusting a stranger on the internet. especially on 4chan. sounds like a great idea
I have never gotten bad advice on 4chan
dont do this it makes mustard gas

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>semester is ending
>the boy that bullied me all year didn't ask for my phone number
h-how is he planning on bullying me now...? He still wants to, right?
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You must seek the medical attention
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No he doesn't want you anon, he used you and is now discarding you.
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>No he doesn't want you anon, he used you and is now discarding you.
but I can still be used ;_;

Can I have a robot gf or a robot gf(male) please?

I'll treat you well and never be mean to you

Have a bird
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Can you post your contact information then? We can try talking for a bit
Me too but can I get a vidya gf who preferably is clingy/yandere and or insane?
please stop baiting me

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I have $400,000 I don't know what to do with

how should I invest this?

what can I do to make more money with this?
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Invest on me
Really, go to /biz/ but do research so they don't meme you on losing everything
You could pay off my student loans and I'll make you a dinner you will never forget
I'm in your same boat. I'm thinking about either income based money market account or real estate speculating....in New Orleans.

What's with Aspergers/autists have reddit-tier rants and worldviews like this?
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>frog hunting in my favourite creek

is this insinuation of /r9k/ poster?
You know someone's insecure when they have to tell the whole world how totally not insecure they are.
What a stupid way of viewing the world. These type of faggots are just like Elliot Rodgers who claim to hate the everyone in the world yet secretly wants them to worship him.

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I just finished freshman year of college and never had any relations with a female. I simply never made any attempt. High school I just hung out with friends and never really tried to talked to a girl nor know how. I can only think of one time a girl has initiated communication with me that wasn't for a school project or something. I don't think I'm attractive, but I really don't know for sure. If I ever wanted to start talking to girls where would I even start? Where do I find one? It seems really awkward just walking up to a girl and start talking.
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Your blog sucks
I'm in basically the exact same situation 23 kv by now and still have no idea how to find or handle women.
Ah valuable advice. I'll keep that in mind, ty fellow robot.

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20 puond of ass.jpg
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>heart fluttering-especially when i drink any caffeinated drinks
>pain in ribs and upper back
>sharp pain in my abs
>inside of my entire torso hurts

have i been fucking poisoned

day 4 of this
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I had something similar once. You just need to wait for your body to rearrange whatever it's rearranging then it will be okay. Drink lots of water.
you're dying
check ya later
if you're thoughts are post on /r9k/
instead of get to hospital immediately
then you are probably okay
obviously go to doctor if it get worse

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I want a blind gf. blind fembot, if you're reading this you need to be my blind gf.
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This got me good. I kek'd hard.
>if a blind person is reading this...
do you think you're funny you cunt? i had a workplace injury in 2013 that left me permanently blind in both eyes. always wear eye protection because you never know when a rogue piece of shrapnel is gonna get ya

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What can I do to ENSURE that I don't drink any soda and don't go over my calorie limit tomorrow
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glue your mouth shut
Quit buying soda
Develop some willpower
Pour any soda you have on hand down the drain
What if I just drink all the soda I still have tonight instead of throwing it away

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What type of music do normies listen to?
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In my country it's basic oversexualsation and shitty music, my brother plays his song on his car and it sounds like the same generic song over and over again, but that's the most listened to kind of music, there's some good normie music here too
Idk but Grimes is genius
Rap music usually these days

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