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>got a free ride to muh college from a stranger
>we talked
>learned that he's still going in college, has a kid, works a part time job
>he's really cheerful and passionate about when talking about education
>from his looks, he's about at the age of late twenties or in his thirties

if he can do it, why can't you anon?
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i know a 30 year old guy who just started college last year. has a 19 year old qt gf too. But the guy's handsome as fuck and could easily pass for being in his early 20s.
Then again we aren't american and starting university at a later age here isn't uncommon.
i honestly didnt realize how common it is till i dropped out of uni and went to a private college. there's old dudes everywhere it's kinda inspiring somehow
Eh, its hardly even insipring to me at this point, i feel like its natural. Someone who freshly graduated high school probably doesn't have any realistic idea what they want and what they do no want in life. But when you enter work life for a few years or a longer time, you will get a good idea of your real life strengths and weaknesses, and what you want and certainly what you do *not* want to do. Lots of times guys who were complete slackers in school back in the day now are the top of their classes in college.

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small cozy discord server
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i originally bump this with all intents and purposes of being original while also bumping
malal was a good idea for a chaos god
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server owner is vragne and he's really cool

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>tfw depressed
>no gf
>everything fails
>today get fired
This can't be real guys, tell me I'm dreaming and I'm going to wake up eventually. Literally every single thing that could go wrong for the past few months, went wrong.
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You can always pull a Chester and end it.
You won't wake up unfortunately. You seem like me. Recently no matter what I do or how I do it. Everything continually falls apart. I had a dream last night where I was with what I considered the perfect woman. It was nice until I woke up alone in my bed staring at the ceiling getting ready to go to work for a job that barely keeps a roof over my head. Part of me just wants to give up take all the money I have and live for two months before killing myself. It hurts man and I hope you don't have to go through this much longer. I want to believe you don't deserve this.
You can always go out in style. I'm being fired at the end of my shift and I plan to finally go out in style. Finally gonna speak my mind.

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>be me
>maybe 10 years old at the time
>terribly socially awkward, no idea what to say sometimes
>my mom, dad, and I go over to my dad's old friends house
>adults are talking, maybe one other kid my age in the whole place
>they have a big ass backyard though and a dog so I'm a happy boy
>see one of those hand stick things for throwing a ball, where you stick the ball in a scoop at the end of the stick and use that to throw it
I can't remember what the fuck it's called, sue me.
>have that, now I just need a ball and I can play super fetch with the dog
>dad's friend walks by, sees me holding the stick
>want to say "I just found this, do you know where a ball is so I can play with your dog?"
>instead start giggling like a fucking maniac
>say "I'm gonna peel out your eyeballs haha"
>why the fuck did I say that, that was the most retarded and psychotic thing I could have possibly said
>now he probably thinks he's going to see me on the news in the future, after being arrested for collecting the foreskins of Asian kids who do poorly on their SATs
>dad's friend walks up to me and grabs the fetch stick from my hands
>says nothing, just gives me a look that said "What the fuck is wrong with you"
>spend the rest of the visit hiding in shame from him
>My parents never brought it up, so I think he mercifully assumed I was a short bus jockey and never mentioned it
>haven't visited him since

To this day I have no idea why I said that, it was easily the most autistic thing I have ever done. Anyway, share your stories .
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this isn't autism buddy this is something else

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>parents are serious alcoholics
>parents fight for months
>stay together for money
>time passes
>Dad leaves
>says ill never see him again
>been super sad all week
Wut do? :(((
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Why would someone be sad about someone leaving their life that obviously doesn't care about them? If my dad told me I would never see him again I would tell him good riddance. Maybe I'm just dead inside and nothing matters to me anymore though.
I know how you feel. My mom was always a lazy fuck, and I was pretty much the only one who supported my dad, even though he was a dick to me.
I was never really close with him but i cant help but feel that i dont want to be detached from him
My parents married really young and they got stuck with me. Were well off but since my dad is leaving i feel like im gonna be really poor and my life is gonna spiral down

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>natural selections prevents robots from reproducing due to their inferior genes

>if doesn't matter if your genes are utter crap, as a female you can actually reproduce with not even trying

Atheists, i found a bug in your system
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holy shit chck out this absolute stace

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Cunrs like these make me want to become a woman a save the female race's reputation

> be in an argument with another anon in 4chan
> reply with internet data and wifi, so it looks like more people agrees with me; usually the anon leaves the argument.

Who /devilish/ here
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> be 6' (around 183 in cm)
> say I'm 5'11 (180 cm)
> automatically all manletd that claim they're 180 BTFO

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>be me
>18 years old, spic skin, but atleast half white.
>I am a male
>But hardly, I am 5'10"
>When people tell me things like "you're hot" or "nice body", I assume they're just joking or trying not to make me feel bad.
>I am a loner, separated from all my old friends who are now Chads.
>Was put in a group with some incels at school.
>I was immediately angry because I figured the teacher thought I'd fit in here.
>The incels think I am Chad just because I lift.
>I see people cringing, even tho I am not talking I see girls rolling their eyes as these incels ask me questions like "how many girls u fucked?"
>The anger builds up inside me, those whispers, voices and mumbles of "losers" overwhelm me.
>I snap
>I look at the yapping incel and yell "SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH BEFORE I BREAK YOUR FUCKING NECK!"
>Whole class gets dead fucking silent.
>The incel's face is bright red, he immediately gets up and leaves the classroom.
>Teacher is shocked, but is too beta and inexperienced to do anything.
>I become kind of fearsome, a girl shoved her friend into me as a prank.
>A Stacey accidently brushes against me very lightly and immediately apologizes with her head down submissively, as if she did something terrible.
>People take me seriously now, whenever I talk, even if it's bullshit they say it's good.
>An actual text from a girl saying "are pyschopaths usually this hot?" But I again discard it as just playing around or that they're just sexually frustrated.
>in class I overheard a group made of normies and roasties telling the story of what I did and along with other rumor stories.
>A girl in my group had to confront a teacher, she was noticeably teary and nervous but suddenly she ask me to go with her. She then hugged me.
Am I attractive or do I just scare people? I find it hard to believe that any girl would find me attractive when there's Chads in the same room, why would my shitskin manlet ass ever attract any sane female, I don't get it.
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>a girl shoved her friends into me as a prank
What else did she shove into you?
I meant onto, don't that she'd fit up my ass and that would be uncomfortable.

Hey r9k
I'm watching Banshee Chapter on rabbit, if anyone wants to join.

Horror movie about MKUltra. Looks mad comf

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>They can put a man on the moon but can't invent a zero calorie chocolate bar
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A sugar free chocolate bar is close enough
Just make "chocolate shakes" with unsweetened cocoa powder, bananas, frozen cherries and a handful of greens. Healthy and good as fuck
>zero calorie
Literally everything has energy in it. E= mc^2 is not just a meme.

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my hairline is like pic releated and im just 19yo

am i fucked
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id be more concerned you look like an eastern european
it doesnt matter, just look at jacksfilms, he has a big girlfriend and a wife
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Everything could be worse.
Shia is balding but not in a receding hairline kind of way, the entire top of his head is thinning out but he masks it.

If that's your hairline just watch it for the time being, that's fairly normal looking.

t. guy with an actual receding hairline

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Cringe things you do

Catch myself making this noise sometimes after something, just made it after a phone call

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>having trouble getting to sleep
>put one arm around my back
>imagine kawakami is dominantly spooning me, lightly kissing my forehead and telling me everything will be OK
>get very good sleep
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hoof? what does it mean?

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>oi we've 'ad reports that a randy lad has been tossing 'is knob to some slappers and tarts snogging and boffing on 'is computer in 'ere
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bloody ell, u got me lads, it's a fair cop
Pass the smibly bibbly mate, oi need to change the channel
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