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Met a lot of cool people. Just be yourself faggot.
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I am being myself and no one is messaging me.
>get to the point of putting info up
>realize I have nothing of use to contribute to anyone
>never actually talk to anyone
I added someone but he hates me and kicked me out of his fl.
never again

Daily reminder that your crush is having sex with a chad right now

Stay positive!
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i dont have a crush so the jokes on you
Your sister or your mom
I came here to post this

I have ascended above such concepts

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Men are responsible for all the wars in the world when your really think about it and their testosterone causes violent and irrational behavior.

The world would be a much nicer and more caring place if women were in charge and encouraged .
Why can't you other guys admit this?
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I wish I was a fembot's beta slave
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>Men are responsible for all the wars in the world when your really think about it and their testosterone causes violent and irrational behavior.

We're also responsible for all of the progress in this world.

Summer Bait and Sage
it would be so caring to the point of pathology

All the european countries where the minister of defense is a woman are the same countries that let in boat loads of refugees. Those refugees then then go on to rape all the women and children in their host countries because it says they can in their holy book. That same book also says dogs are offensive and it's okay to kill them. But women want to be "caring" to the "poor refugees". Society needs men.

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What do I do NOW?? I got a GIRL in my car and NOW it's up to you guys to help me make my next MOVE , pls help
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Why is her skirt lifted up so high?

Ask her to show a nipple pls.
shove out your cock obviously
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I'm scared to make a move

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>not sure if male or female
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>thinking it matters with anyone this cute
Krimlin zadebovitch
She's proof fembots exist

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and I masturbate everyday so i'm always depressed. but if I don't masturbate everyday I have the libido of an asexual
what do?
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>but if I don't masturbate everyday I have the libido of an asexual

not seeing the problem here
stop masturbating
Hmm well stop fapping ad get on HRT you could become a woman with a boiclit and you will be happy, you should also lock your feminine penis up in a cage
>I don't masturbate everyday I have the libido of an asexual
You wouldn't have a problem. It would damn near be a solution even, atleast.. If it were through, which it's not. You're libido will sky rocket after longer periods of time without masturbation.

Oh, it's a lemon. Weird picture.

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Why is western culture so stagnated. Think of the 50s, the 60s, the 70s, the 80s and the 90s, they're all different and unique. Meanwhile shit has been literally the same for the least 15 or 16 years. Same movies, same shows, same games, same music, same trends etc. It's like they're not even trying anymore.
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i liked madoka and that was from the 2000s
u need to look at the more underground stuff, we have so much mass media now, they have found the right formula
Since the globalization of the economy in 1980, the western culture get predominant and stagnant (it's all about high-technology). But why it's stagnant? I don't know. Good question

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>go outside
>see white person
>have to hold back urge to enact justice for slavery
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Here's the reparations Tyrone
>gets on knees
>baiting /r9k/ into being racist
why tho
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>Arabs and jews enslave you for thousands of years
>whites do it for 300 years

Who else has parents that ask you questions like "Why do act so depressed?" and expect a real answer.
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I go out to eat with my Dad every couple of weeks, and he asks me questions like, "on a scale of 1-10, how happy are you?" I think I hide it well with most people, but he sees through it apparently. I still lie and tell him I'm a 7-8 despite the fact I'm normally a 2-4.
My parents lately ask me this more and more.. my mask's starting to crack
My mom constantly asks me if i would ever consider doing drugs or if i would ever attempt suicide, seems like she's worried about me becoming a suicidal junkie.

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Do u guys think my art is good enough to make money off of
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Looks kinda boring
Pretty ambitious, is it the camera ghosting the value of the black?
Hey, that ain't bad half bad. I think you should eat avocados those it helps stimulate the part of the brain trhat comes up with drawing fool.

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caturday thread
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Caturday is best day
This pic makes me want to adopt more cats. One is not enough
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caturday: cat goes to the gym

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???????? Edition

Share your inhibitions and progress amidst likeminded. How are you?
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sup Recluse

i went for a long walk in the semi-rain today. was really pleasant and my legs feels a bit worn
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>tfw your waifu isn't real

This can not stand.
How does it feel to know, every time you leave the room someone turns to your mother and asks:
>How do you cope?

Tfw you get your cup of hot joe in the morning
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I don't drink coffee tho
Normies are more autistic than us. Why would you need coffee to wake up? I don't understand people who believe this shit.
Caffeine addiction. Coffee is a really shitty drug.

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>be me
>14, 9th grade
>some faggot ass 8th graders decide to fuck with us
>they keep taunting us, calling us the pussiest generation of 9th graders
>enough is enough
>get a bunch of guys from different classes on recess
>like 20 lads
>look badass as fuck going toward their classroom, every class we go by knows shit is about to go down
>get to classroom
>smug ass 8th graders go like "hehe whole generation eh?"
>one of my friends says "you been talking shit? we're a pussy ass generation? are we pussies?"
>smug kid not so smug, keeps silent
>"y-yeah.. you're pussies"
>3 kids jump the smug faggot
>they fuck him up and push him into a desk, flipping it over with him
>his mates try to help him
>me and a bunch of boys kick the shit out them
>decide to even trash their classroom on the way out
>the place is in fucking shambles
>no one got into trouble since they didn't say shit
Never felt so badass robots, what are some of your cool fight stories?
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Sounds like some OG shit OP. I've never been in a fight before though
Man going to school in a Slavic country is fucking awesome, even for robots. Shit, the security smoked cigarettes with us
I dont have much but one time on a camping trip my friend sucked me off

Its Saturday, and that means its time for another /cwt/ (Comfy Waifu Thread)

Its Getting Too Goddamn Hot Edition

You guys have any plans for summer?
Who am I kidding, of course you don't.
Let's all gather around the AC and enjoy that nice cool air!
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>tfw no summer music festival trip with Mio
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hey bby
>You guys have any plans for summer?
I'm in pittsburgh with family and stuff. it sucks.

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Fuck off. These threads never make it past the 50th post.

>tfw your waifu cucks you

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