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We both know you're miserable as fuck and angry at the world. Spending your days on this lunatic hate filled echochamber. Posting about tendies and top keks+pepe and anime little girl memes is just temporary escapism from your soul-crushing miserable reality. Anyway that's your problem

So tell me anon
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I'm really considering buying a rope and hanging myself in the forest nearby
I would like to stream my suicide for 4chan because they'll always been there for me and would love to see it. But realistically I think I'll just starve myself in a forest somewhere so nobody can find me
Please wear a diaper and put a bag over your head to be considerate to the person who finds your corpse months later

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>dreamt about oneitis again

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It's me anon, your oneitis, I think you're a loser and would never date you
Huh, I had a dream about my previous oneitis yesterday.

Huh? Yeah, I know that's why I want her out of my head so I can fully move on. I want to not like her anymore.

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Any questions? No?...

Yeah, didn't think so.
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ugly wife happy life I think it's true
she's acting like a whore though

you're just projecting your low standards as wife material
I guess if you like 4/10 girls

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>be me
>18 year old virgin
>At a festival
>Very drunk
>On my way home
>Meet a girl I really like
>We chat for a while
>She kisses me
>Should we go back to your place or mine?
>We decide to go to my place
>Get on a bus to go home
>No one's on the bus so we sit down and start making out
>After making out I look up and my parents sit in the seats opposite us
>My aunt and uncle in the seats next to us
>She takes my phone and puts it into her bra
> I think nothing of it and ask her if she's trying to rob me
>10 minutes later she really has to pee and jumps out of the bus to pee
>Takes one step out of the bus and pees on the sidewalk.
>Bus driver says fuck this and drives away
>I suddenly realize that she has my phone
>Jump out of the bus at the next stop and run to the place where she left the bus
>Can't find her
>Take the long walk of Shame home
mfw when I lost my phone and kept my virginity
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You just got robbed, anon. This is what you get for trusting roasties.
>mfw when I lost my phone and kept my virginity

That's what you get for not getting off the bus to shield her from the view of passers by while she took a piss and you watched,
nigga that was just a dream wtf are you talking about

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Which 2hu would U fug?
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Yuuka is not original
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whatever this slut is called
hakurei reimu the shrine maiden of dick

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Have you noticed that all media turned to shit? Cartoon, movies, games, anime. It's all castrated now because of the jews.

>hurr but anime is for adults!
Not anymore cuck. Compare any modern crap with, say, Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade.

>b-but my violent gaems!
Compare Dawn of war or Dungeon Keeper 1 with 2. It's better to play modded old stuff them modern games. IE DoW Ultimate Apocalipse is way better than DoW 3

I'm sad, and angry.
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99% of everything is shit newfriend.
The new Berserk movies are pretty violent, famalam.

Also Blame! just got released too.
It wasn't like that and that's the point, dumb newfag.


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>Order girl clothes from amazon
>2 day shipping so I can take it before mummy and daddy are home
>Guaranteed 2 days
>today is 2nd day
>not delivered
>guaranteed by today at 8pm
>mummy and daddy are home in a couple hours
t-they wouldn't deliver it later would they? i'm scared anons i dont want them to see it
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It's a federal crime to open someone else's mail. Why are you worried.
Say you've got a girlfriend and you bought clothes for her
the package will be obviously shaped
i couldnt keep that lie up forever! t-theyd want to meet her

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>Be me, 19 years old
>Had bad grades in School, still found a Company willing to pay for my University
>First Semester goes okay, suddenly can't concentrate anymore
>Fuck up exams
>Second Semester goes even worse, can't concentrate longer than five minutes
>Can't take notes properly, have no Basis to prepare for exams
>tfw I'm going to fail my exams
>I hate myself and my life

Worst part is, I'm intelligent enough to study, but my now missing ability to concentrate fucks it all up.

Anyone got a similiar Story?
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I feel similar, except I'm pretty sure my loss of focus is related to frying my brain through heavy drinking and insanely unhealthy habits.
Yes. I was like that.
You can't study because you place too much importance onto it. You feel like you owe it to others to do great, failure is seen as a massive disaster etc.

The solution is to free yourself from this slavery and stop studying. It's better to live a normal happy life without a degree than a miserable one were you try but fail because it's like your life depends on it. At least that was my experience.
Just accept defeat and be happy with the things you enjoy. You can go back for a degree at any point in your life, if you want to. Even if you're an american you can go to a CC, it's no biggie, just relax and focus on the things you want.
Yes same. I was on a roll during my first year at university, gpa 3.7 ish. Then a few months ago I started feeling tired and bored 24/7 and now I am on academic probation, almost subject to dismissal from uni. Approaching 2.0 now idk what to do anymore.

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Fat women are fighting the good fight. Chad wont commit to them. They deserve Chad too.
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Don't be an arrogant prick Chad!
Five paragraphs in and we've established that we're talking about old, picky, fat women with a screaming biological clock and mental problems. I'm not going to read the rest, this lardass is beyond hope. Focus on things that can be salvaged, like 25 year old robots with MLP dakis.
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>One of the biggest boards on the single most virgin-dense site on the internet is full of people who would basically fuck anyone who wouldn't kill them, even than some would do it to end their misery
>"I can't find an interested man
My only hope is that there are too few Chads to go around so they might have to resort to one of us. But each time I see a woman online I lose my only hope in the world.

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aw crap nigga.jpg
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>recently faked a degree.
>nearly 100% of the companies I apply to are responding.

>just had an interview and they said I'm hired.

I was job hunting for 3 years until this.
Is it illegal? What happens if I get caught?
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Pretty sure you would be facing serious charges, it's basically fraud. I think.
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They deserved it for not asking you questions during the interview
Just get the degree before you start the job :^)

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>Tfw you're lonely
>tfw nobody really cares about you
>tfw ywn what it's like to be touched by a woman who loves you
>tfw ywn amount to anything
>tfw you are so useless, you are so ashamed of yourself you just lock yourself in your room and seldom leave
>tfw you are just eagerly waiting to die, in your room, staring at the ceiling or shitposting on /r9k/
>tfw ywn know what pride and happiness feel like
>tfw you suffer inside every single second of every single day and you have nobody tell but Robots on 4chan who don't even care
>tfw you have systematically failed everything you ever did
>tfw you are so weak you can't handle the slightiest responsability
>tfw you have to accept loneliness is all you will ever know
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You're not alone, anon.

Maybe it's time to accept that nothing in your life will change if you don't go outside and make something of yourself. Fuckers on this board expect some magical shit to happen while they spend everyday jerking their dicks to hentai in there rooms. Life isn't as difficult as you make it out to be.
You are a huge retard.

Not everyone lives in America you stupid fuck.

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>"Do you think I'm cute Anon? Would you kiss me?"
How do you respond?
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how well can you brap?
you are pretty cute for a nigger
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No, erhm no.

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Repeat after me:

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That's what my shit looks like and I'm only 6.5"
6.5" to 7" is porn-star level penis as long as you have good girth.
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fucking peenlet, its like a fucking pinky thumblet what the fuck is the point of that even goddamn he should just start taking fucking HRT already

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*blocks your path*
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shut up and lets fuck
Her arms are goals. ^(OnO^)
*whips out dick*
>heh... this will only take a minute...

What are some of the least miserable jobs one can get without a college degree?
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Senior Developer/Team Lead. t. high school dropout.
Have you considered pornography?
Cuck porn is popular, they could hire you to be a cuckboy. I'm pretty sure cuckboy is entry level.
Honestly, any job can be decent depending on the other people that work there. I work at a place called MOD Pizza, and it isn't too bad. A lot of people are nice, and so are the customers.

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