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>he watches Hurr le SJWs are bad youtube channels
What's the point? Does listening to the same arguments over and over not get old for you?
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Most anti-sjw's make very low quality videos, going after the lowest hanging fruit and rehashing the same old talking points over and over again. Sargon pauses ever 10 seconds to go on a 10 minute rant where he doesn't really say much, and people mimic his awful style of making videos.

thunderf00t is okay though because he's an actual scientist making science related videos, and Lauren Southern isn't Jewish. A few of Gavin's shorter videos are okay as comedy, but he doesn't offer much else.

I'm pretty sure naked ape is actually a conservative
>Hurr sjws are bad
Son, I don't know where you've been but by what I've seen, 4Chan generally thinks sjw shit is fucking retarded

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>tfw had the dream when I get forcibly transitioned into a cute girl again
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But instead you transitioned into a man lady.
>posting side pic
Nice try cross dressing faggot.
If I knew I would look remotely like a woman I would transition. Even if I looked like an ugly girl.

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the truth.jpg
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Why do women prefer jerks and rich men to nice guys? Why do men prefer bitches to sweet girls?
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>The girl I'm obsessed with doesn't like me
>She's a shallow bitch.
literally (you)
That's the picture.
I make $75k a year and I've been turned down by a fat mentally ill, not once, but TWICE.

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How you can fall on these \threads?
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how you can fall i this >trap over and over again?
it's discord faggots circle-jerking in the same threads to make themselves feel better for having a mental illness
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II (comeon).png
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after all the pain

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I was talking to my dad on whatsapp and out of blue he sent me a "Kate i'm talking to my son"

>who is kate

This is the second time he says something like this, but now it comes with a name.
He's probs cheating my mom
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Did your mom get fat and let herself go?
Perhaps he knows you are a fag and he calls you Kate when your faggotry is showing, so he tries to bring his son back. I don't know, just a theory.
He accidentally sent Kate a message meant for roastie 2 and now you're his scapegoat

Sounds like he's juggling quite a few extras

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I'm squeezing into your inbox one-time to apologize for blowing up, if I may. I've sent you various premature bullshit apologies before, but unlike everything that was sent prior to this email, this apology is without any motive or selfish hopes, for the first time:

Simply put, last week I met someone at the airport. Our silly & fun memories popped up, which were then stomped out by memories of my post-breakup actions....Which is what's been happening since November; fucking soul crushing considering almost all our memories were precious, really.

Rather than go over everything that I fucked up on from Aug-Nov, I'll say that from recently experiencing a similar post-break up clinging in reversed shoes with a woman...Her little bit of clinging I experienced was off putting enough...I don't think I have enough manhood hair to handle everything that was thrown your way from me, I really don't think I do lol.

We all walk through a desert to get to our oasis. After the split, rather than focusing on how to get to my own oasis, I repeatedly offered you some water without having any real water to offer: a mirage in that desert that stunted us both.

what I'm trying to say is, I'd love to meet up at say, Skyline Tavern to offer you some water ("water") to resolve the bullshit I caused.

To wrap it up, the idea of us not being friends considering the experiences we had together is just disgusting. On the level of "Oh-that's-SICK" updating from Windows 8 kind of disgusting. GROSS.

Like two friends getting back together after a regrettable misunderstanding fallout, I'd love to meet up to update each other. SO much to update, like holy shit. If you wanna, anyway.

I really did enjoy helping you write a page in your life story, but I'd moreso enoy helping edit & rewrite how that page ended, please.
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fuck off normie, leave us alone and leave your ex alone.
really pathetic to stoop so low as to contact your ex in the first place. I skimmed over it as will she, and you sound like a fuckin creep

Was muted needs originality

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>wake up
>feeling like shit
>just lie in bed and literally stare at the ceiling for 3 hours just thinking about my life
>realize that it would make no difference to get out of bed since I would just walk 5 feet to my desk and sit on my pc for 12 hours straight
>been like this for 3 years, just nothing but sleeping and wasting my time on the internet
>haven't learned a single thing since I dropped out of high school
>21 years old and I'm basically dead already

subhuman thread, share your stories about what makes you subhuman
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Come back when you've done that for 10+ years faggot
I'm kind of new here, so forgive me if this is a stupid question, but if you have no job, how do you get money for food, water, electricity, and Internet?
>walk 5 feet to my desk
>not using laptop in bed
normalfaggotry in this thread is off the charts

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I-I want a husky
>tfw no husky yet
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tfw no wanwan

I know your feels
they're gorgeous but they're a lot of fucking work man

>will suffer endlessly in warm climates
>need to be brushed constantly
>need lots of space, especially outdoors
>need frequent exercise
>must be trained perfectly, one freakout and it bites some kid's arm and it gets the needle

read up on your breed before you buy, please don't end up sending your furry friend to a shelter because you fucked up and didn't do your homework
you just want it to fuck you up the ass

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Anyone else easily impressed by "pretentious" things?
Music, movies, games etc.
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cute image, mind if i save it ;3
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not really music, i lived in a dorm with 7 guys who fancied themselves "musicians" all they did was play guitar (badly) all day and sing the same songs over and over and over and over
Yeh. I enjoy pretentious movies alot. And existentialism too, ppl act beligerant towards it for whatever reason, but weve all had our first mindfuck somewhere along the line.

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>Got stood up by date yesterday
>Confidence shot
>Got into an car accident today
>Women in the other vehicle team up with passing woman to bash on me
I don't know why I keep trying. Somehow I keep deluding myself it'll get better. Clearly I just don't learn.
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>>Got stood up by date yesterday
What's the Story? (Morning Glory)
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Nothing grand. I recently moved job locations and met a qt female coworker who gave me her number. Asked her out a few days later and she said yes. She didn't reply to the my previous text of what time and where so I met her in person and asked her if she's still available for Tuesday. She said yes, apologized for not replying (her phone fell and the screen cracked leaving her unable to use the bottom of the screen) and said she'll call me to give me the time. Waited all day yesterday to no avail.

I see her Friday though but I won't bring it up. I can take the hint but it still sucks.
>qt female coworker who gave me her number. Asked her out a few days later and she said yes.

At least you got this far, better than I have ever done in my entire life

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>I'm a boring uninteresting dude
>I have no finesse
>no energy
>I feel no need to share my opinions

Is this what being a robot means?

Why would anyone want to be around a person like this, it makes sense.
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Welcome to our club

I'm new too, don't worry.

I think this just happens to most of us that spend too much time in isolation.

Your mind sort of gives up the desire to socialize.

I don't care about other people have to say and I don't care about whether or not other people care about what I have to say.

Our minds just adapted to the isolation. It's a coping mechanism I guess. I'm sure all normies would end up the same way if they lived like us for a few years.
Is there truly nothing you're passionate about ?
Not even a game or a certain sport ?

No energy and no finesse ... sure, but nothing interesting ?

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>go to Africa
>impregnate a bunch of women and leave
>the peoples' IQ rises because of white genes in the mix
>no one starving
>you have sex

Why not?
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Aids aids aids comment no original
You forget the part where you get STDs
>go to Africa
>pay a bunch of prostitutes extra to cum inside
>think you're actually doing them a service
>you leave, never see them again
>6 months later find out you have HIV
wow that sounds great

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>tfw micro-dick
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How do guys with a micropenis get off? Can you cum?
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>tfw pretty large dick, but i'm too ugly to get a girl
Yes. It doesn't take many strokes.

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>tfw its another gay dream episode
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>tfw you should kill yourself already
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>last week I dreamt that I was a cuck for my oneitis
>had to eat another man's cum after she fucked him
>woke up and I was rock hard and close to cumming
>nearly had a wet dream thinking of this gay shit

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it's okay anon. we here at r9gay will always support you no matter what

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Need some suggestions of how to spend my day on LSD
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Don't plan it at all op

The best trip is the one where you just go with what you feel at the time.
Trust me, by the time you've peaked you won't wanna follow an itinerary
This is the correct answer. OP may be overwhelmed by how little control he seems to have on the peak. Seriously, just find a nice spot to chill and listen to your favorite music.
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>go for a walk in nature
>try to draw something (in front of you)
>watch colorful anime
>watch the clouds
>stare at a wall
>try to read something
>try to beat off to your favorite fetish
>play games like Yume Nikki/LSD
>listen to music
Or just do whatever you always wanted to do but never found the time/patience for.

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