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You have 10 seconds to come up with an excuse as to why you are not wearing a diaper this very moment
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I'm an adult who doesn't have a fetish and am able to use the bathroom on my own
I don't want to have to sit in my own piss and shit
Not everyone was sexually abused as a baby/toddler. Fetishes are developed out of people experiencing traumatic events.

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Why is porn free?
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because porn sites make more money on ad revenue than they ever would selling the stuff.

or you could ask /pol/ and they'd say it's the jews
Porn exists for one purpose:
Making me weak.
Porn may seem unneccesseray but once you understand how fucked I am you will understandt
people like us who can't get laid.

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Did you know it is a sin to be depressed and negative about life?
It is called despair. The idea is that God has made this wonderful world for you and you are being a jerk for not appreciating it. So let go of your resentment and anger, and keep a positive light.
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>Made this wonderful world

Biblical lore points out that Eden was the wonderful world, and out here in the wasteland we suffer

So no, this isn't the wonderful world. The wonderful world according to the Bible comes after death.
Yeah but what about the time he was about to get that chick to cut a baby in half. This God dude doesn't sound too emotionally stable, I wouldn't trust him.
Thanks, I needed that. Things have been really stressful lately but I'm trying to stay positive.

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I love big titties yall
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I LOVE BIG TITS!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like them at all
that's because you haven't been enlightened you noob
big titties are fucking perfection
also I want to get cucked by my future wife
please cuck me!!!!!!!!

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weed flag.png
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What was your first experience getting high anon?
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>smoked out of limited edition mountain dew metal can
>slowly came on
>felt like a dream
>misplaced water
>where'd my water go
>jock is cuddling with friend
>he's trying rub his asshole through his pants
>this is pretty gay
>chill out, be high, etc..
>smoked out of a can
Enjoy your cancer

probably not original

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>Hey, mister? Why do you only leave the house five times a year? Do you need help or something?
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>didn't your parents tell you to stay away from this house
>anyway I'll take the Jewish (?) qt in the top-left, thank you
I'll take tykeesha next to her because she's the only one a little developed
whites blacks and a kike, where the fuck are the spics and the gooks? why is there group so non diverse

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post your room or battlestation robots
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what's the mic for?
is that crazy taxi or just a taxi
not this shit again please

this is just a thread for richfags to gloat in

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Is xxxtentacion /ourguy/?


Whole album is like this
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XXX on a killstreak yuh
You pussy niggas rice crispy yuh
He may be your guy, normalfag, but he isn't mine.
If you're fucking 12.

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>being married
>get a vasectomy in order for your wife to allow you to play vidya

Why are modern men so... you know....
like this?

Sometimes I think that we robots aren't as bad as these folks, at least I don't play vidya.
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>console shit
What's so bad about a vasectomy though?

The pill makes girls a bit crazy more often than not. This way it's raw nuts without having to worry, and you usually get some sperm in the bank for assurance.

Can't even get good games.

Why arent you on Tinder yet ?
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isn't Tinder a hookup app? I'm not into casual sex desu.
Because only Chad would match with those roasties. Why have empty sex? "To be young and have fun" Gtfo normie
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>on tinder for a month
>got 6 matches
>the only one who replied to me stopped responding when I asked them out
I've given up

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>get gf
>she's too ugly to fuck

What now? I lowered my standards but I don't even want to look at her for long, and when I do look at her my internal thoughts take over 'ugly ugly ugly uglyluglyuglyugly'
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Just resent her in a passive-aggressive manner til she dumps you, like every guy with a fat/ugly gf.
Is she fat? Or just facially ugly?
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shes probably thinking the same thing anon

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Who here is also losing their mind due to surroundings?

My family is doing everything in their power to stop me from playing video games. Each one with their own reason of intent.
>mom thinks playing vidya is the equivalent of doing drugs
>older brother is a hothead meathead fuck and can't stand it watching me play after he comes home from his wageslave job.
>little brother gets pissed because I'm causing a rucus in the house and I'm "ruining everything" for him
>dad wants me to stop because everyone is telling him to do so and giving him shit

My dad is the only one who doesn't care but he's getting driven mad as well because of them.
They removed my computer desk and my ethernet cable so I'm stuck with my laptop in the kitchen. The clicking from my mouse drives my mom and older brother crazy so i cant do shit. Last night there was an episode where my dad slammed my laptop and I lost my shit. I feel like im fucking trapped in this house.

I don't game 8 hours a day. I understand moderation but they basically want me to erase a hobby of mine that I've had since I was fucking 5. I have other hobbies like reading books but I can't stand it knowing that I'm not reading out of my own will and get too frustrated to read. I'm pretty sure something like this is the cause when you see on the news a son killing his entire family.

Thanks for reading make sure to upvote.
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Yeah, I fucking hate parents anon. Currently living on my own, not playing vidya much anymore because I'm a poorfag and I guess I only enjoyed Modded Minecraft (it's mostly the intense depression and work sucking my soul hollow though). Don't worry, you'll get out and your parents will constantly wonder "Why oh WHY doesn't anon call us anymore? Were we bad parents?"
You have the last laugh because by kicking your parents to the curb they're not your problem when they get old and need diaper changes. And if your other siblings refuse to do anything with your parents, then fucking kek it serves 'em right.
How you treat your children when they need you will determine how they treat you when they need you.
Set your computer up in the woods with a generator and satellite internet.
>tfw i remember the tyranny of my father getting angry at me on the computer and the internet all the time
>so whenever he was around i'd just go to sleep, when he was away wagecucking i'd skip school and play half life death match or ultima online all day, leave the house just before he got back from shekelsteins, and cycle back after i spotted his car, pretending i was at college.

>tfw, my trick work where i never played computer when he was around, where he trusted me and then went to work abroad for higher pay, leaving the house to me to look after

>tfw dropped out of college, played ultima online all day and all night until he came back almost a year later and kicked me out of the house when he discovered i dropped out and had an over a 1000 pound phone bill/internet bill, in the days of 56k and pay per minute internet in the UK (cUKed).


Is sex the ultimate motivator/killer of men?
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>motivated by sex
Whose the top black guy?
Stevie Steve, Joy lane Easter Sunday massacre. Can you say Joy Lane?
I think Lanza is the only one on your list whose rejection-after-rejection led him to murder-suicide.

But consistent rejection and loneliness (and I do mean CONSTANT) in general tends to make people crazy after a while. This board being an example of that.

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What can I buy to survive the inevitable nuclear apocalypse? pol won't respond
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>he wants to survive the nuclear apocalypse
>>>/k/ maybe?
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They intimidate me
I didn't want something interesting to happen so I can fucking die

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Allow me to show you what madness feels like.
>Be me at the start of this summer
>Life is shit as usual
>Just got out of detox
>No job
>Just wasting my time gaming
>Then out of nowhere
>What the fuck
>Start panicking
>Figure i need to dominate my emotions
>Do just that
>Turns out wanting to sleep is an emotion
>Dont sleep for 3 days
>Lack of sleep backfire
>Decide its time to an hero
>My own brain will kill me if dont
>Realize that if i dont kill myself my brain will kill me and that makes no sense wtf
>Try to calm myself down
>Fail because the FBI is watching me
>They dont want me to suicide because they know that ill become god if i do
>They cant stop this
>Go outside
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>Their agents are around every corner
>Dogs bark at me
>Pretty sure i saw someone call the cops
>The sun is green
>Why is the sun green?
>Get a moment of sanity
>Figure im insane and need to an hero anyway
>Try to find a high place to jump off
>Fail because i cant think straight
>I need to kill myself while i can still think straight
>Look at my cellphone
>Been trying to find a place to jump off for 8h
>Cant even an hero properly
>Get mad at myself
>B-Line to the nearest Highway
>Have to cross a small wood
>Start walking in
>Trees are shifting
>I hear voices
>Telling me to give up
>Look at cellphone
>Been lost in small woods for 3h
>Get mad at myself
>Spot a pylon in the distance
>Relief at last
>Walk to it
>Climb it
>About to jump and become god
Did you do lsd anon

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