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>dad calls
>pissed I don't want to spend time with him on the fourth
>tell him I've got plans with friends (I don't)
>tells me I don't spend any time with him
>tries to guilt trip me, says I obviously don't want him in my life
>tell him I never gave any indication of that
>Hangs up
Fuck what is my problem? I never really spent that much time with my dad, usually just every other weekend when I was a kid. He was never abusive or narcissistic or manipulative, but he never really helped me. My mom kept track of most of my life. My dad would always want to "go on adventures" or something like that. He never had shit planned and his house was always a mess. He'd give me gifts or something, but I forgot abou most of them. He was always kind of boring, and lots of times I just really didn't want to see him. I distinctly remember him forcing me to work on a car with him because he "wanted to have memories of us doing fun stuff together." That's probably one of my most upsetting childhood memories. Anyone else know these feels? Why do I feel this way?
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you're a complete faggot OP. what the fuck is wrong with having a great relationship with your dad? according to your post he is a great person for trying to spend quality time with you, actually giving you stuff and you keep acting like an asshole.
I'm probably a big part of it, you are right. But I feel almost betrayed sometimes. He wasn't really there for me when I needed an actual parent. He never really wanted to deal with me when I was at my worst. I'd describe it more like he was an uncle than a father
No he's not right, he's full of shit.

You didn't develop a good relationship with your dad. Because you were a child and he adult, that's purely his fault. Now that you're an adult you can try to be civil with him but you don't owe him anything as such.

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Now, let's see Paul Allen's dubs
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> tfw I get ignored in this board too
Looking devilish, Pat.


The only thing that matters is heightt. you can get away with anything if you are tall

be proud if your a tall boy. you earned it
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yes but if i was short i would just move to a community that has a lot more short people. having high expectations is the self induced genocide of millennials.
if you're tall you can yell at people and there's literally nothing they can do about it

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Post your incest related experiences ITT
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So I have this cousin. She's a few years younger than me and a single child. She always had kind of a strange attitude toward me, randomly touching me or leaning against me. When we were children and she visited me she'd sometimes insist on me accompanying her to the bathroom and watching her pee. I have the impression that in the past years, if I really had wanted to do so I could have acted on that and fuck her eventually. But I didn't. Now she's in Africa getting BLACKED, and I'm all alone in my apartment, still a virgin at 23. So it goes.
I really wanted to fuck my mother of my 2nd degree cousin, she wasnt blood related so its not incest, but it still was in the family
I have a sort of first cousin (daughter of mom's half sister) I want to rail but I haven't seen her in a decade. Likely won't see her soon either cause we're separated by about 1500km (europe) and I'm not going home any time soon. Maybe I can dazzle her slavic village ass when she finishes HS with my hard won euros. From my social media stalking it seems she's a bit basic (patriotic and religious, dresses in tracksuits) but with a less basic side (video games), so she gives me a triple boner (one for basic, one for partially not basic, one for blood related). Hoping for the best, but I'm not even sure how to get in contact with her without going through her dirt poor family which is likely going to try to suck my money dry.

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Holy SHIT, I fucking HATE abo's!
you stole all of that from the /int/ thread didn't you
I'm just sick of all this talk about how only whites make good music.

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>Women are half of world population
>They are minority in /r9k/

How is this possible?
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R9K is a board for robots
Women can't be robots
Therefore women shouldn't be on R9K
>women don't crave sex like men
>they end up with way ore sex partners than men do on average
How is this possible?
Every women is Stacy. Every. Even if she is ugly as toad, there is horny normie slut inside her.

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>tfw want to start journal but no privacy to write in it and afraid some faggot in my family will read my autistic ramblings and call my shrink to warn her
fucking hate living in the living room.
how hard is it to make my own language and then encrypt it?
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1. learn cyrilic alphabet
2. use it but still write it in ur own language
or use another alphabet if they know cyrilic
I know that /livinginlivingroomwithfamily/ feels
it sucks man.
I already know the Cyrillic alphabet.
I've actually been studying Russian for the past week, and I am fluent now in the Alphabet. That's as far as I've gotten though.

I've toyed with the idea of just using the Cyrillic Alphabet and making my own retarded confusing scheme of writing, like omitting certain words and scrambling things here and there and using the structure of the page itself to decipher where things go, and then go one step further and encrypt it.

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>I love animals
>I love to travel
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Nice.Then get enough courage to get yo ass out of your mothers basement.Get a part time job.earn enough money to buy traveling equipment.(Buy a motor too its just what i did ;)
And travel the world alone,or with a friend if you have one.
>I probably swiped right cause you have a picture of a dog
>I'll like your dog more than you
>not liking animals
>not liking traveling

Explain yourself

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I desperately need to empty my balls, have it sucked clean. It's fucking bucking and throbbing but there is no release at hand. How many years of this do i have to endure? My cock brushing against my shorts is just so damn annoying, i can't even take a shit!
A fap you say? But they are so boring, i want to try something new!
Fuck this cruel taunting world!
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Get an ona. Tell me your dicksize and I'll rec you one.
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deep breaths faggot
go fap, it will keep those feels away.
Not OP but can you do one for me pls?

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What do you think the world is like in 2017? What are the significant trends? If you asked me to just, off the top of my head, name the most significant things of our time it would be something like:

Trudea/Merkel/Macron being presented as the somewhat opposite of Trump
People binge watching Netflix
Everyone is on their phones 24/7
Everyone is on the internet
"Fake news"
An astonishing amount of people suffer from anxiety and depression
The refugee/migrant crisis and increasing cultural tensions
Millenials can't find jobs are have so much debt with college loans
Cost of living is going up, rent is going up

How would you condense this into a statement about our age? What is happening?
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I think this entire decade should be entitled "excrement fiesta"
This is the worst decade since Depression/WWII era and it's only going to get worse.
except this time there's no aesthetic or culture and everyones nihilistic and wants DUDE WEED LMAO

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Doesn't this tire her? Having a 20-30 lb living weight on your shins? Her back is arched poorly, it's the only way she can keep the kid there. Her tailbone will feel it in the morning, resting right on it. No bother to actually *CAP* your soda, toddlers move quicker than you think.

4/10 parenting, 3.9 for not obviously abusing him.
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This is currently the most autistic thread. Congratulations.
It's a posed picture, just like every other stupid picture, they were like this for maybe 10 seconds tops and then stopped.
Nah, look at the couch in the background. Filled with clothes, they probably don't have anywhere else to sit, it's all filth and it's sad. I hope they enjoy their filth. I don't.

you guys are the reason why a communist utopia could never work
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Pick one and only one
Also communism never works, you can't really blame it on anyone, it's just a shit system
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Yeah, the system where 1% of the wealthiest own as much money as the 50% of the poorest is much better

Totally anon, great logic
lol triggered fucking normie

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When did you realized that 3D women are literally feces compared to beyond perfect 2D?
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couple days ago, actually.

most women are fucking ugly, with dried up arby's sandwiches, samdbag tits, shitty attitudes and shitty personalities.

2d is perfect and they will never cuck you with tyrone or chad. no withered roast beef

i think I found my first waifu yesterday, being hamakaze. holy shit i cannot wait for VR anime to be a thing with AI
i always knew deep down while growing up
i accepted it around sophomore year
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how can 2D compete with this thou?

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So /r9k/, are you a sitter or a stander?

Sitter here.
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why would I shit while standing up? that's disgusting.
The pic says "how do you wipe?" Not "how do you shit"
why would I wipe while standing up? that's disgusting.

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Would you ever do a school shooting?

I'd like to think that some of you robots have some humanity in you.
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I meme a lot about it and shitpost that I would pretty regularly but of course I have no desire to actually harm another human being beyond myself, I just want chaos and excitement sometimes at any cost because I'm a bitter neet manchild with no direction and no plans
i wouldn't.
i don't hate anyone enough to take their lives.
>tfw past the high school prime anyhow.

My experiences in school were never really that drastic, to be honest. I wasn't as much bullied, ridiculed, or excluded as much as I was just left alone. I had no real problems, cause I just didn't care.

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