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do you think fembots want to fuck stacies?
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fembots are actually stacies and stacies succumb only to chadcock
I sure the fuck do. A lesbo chad would be nice, too
I'd like to fuck Stacey up, not fuck her.

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The all consuming Lonenliness. How do yall deal with it? Personally it's gotten harder and harder to distract myself from it lately, so I'm willing to try whatever to get some respite.
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I read. I watch movies. I play vidya now and then. I listen to music. I play guitar. That's pretty much what keeps me from an hero.
I do them too, but it just dosent work anymore. I need something new.
My brother is a shut in NEET like me so he's always beside me.

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This board is really fucking shit. Not a single good thread in the entire fucking catalog.
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OP post boy butt
Fuck off you fucking faggot

and fucking this originalityy bot
Fuck off then you silly cunt

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This just happen right now

>Go to Taco Bell
>Pays for 3 cool ranch tacos
>Get home
>Bite into one
>Taste like fucking soap
>Spt it out in trash can
>Smells soupy and disgusting
>I spend money for food and they fucked it up

I want to kill every fucking literal nigger there fuck them.
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>went to mcdonalds
>ordered 2 double cheeseburgers each with ketchup, pickles, and mayonnaise at drive thru
>get home and open burgers
>one is just a bun with mayonnaise
>the other is just a double hamburger, no cheese or condiments
Didn't know people could be that retarded before then. Hopefully in 10 years once all the McNiggers get automated they'll be no fuckups.
>ordering gimmick food
You brought this on yourself
You're supposed to check the bag before you drive off. I hope you count your change at least

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inb4 hungry skelly
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Lucky charms is a good snack
Maybe banana or strawberry
If I'm feeling like a good boy I'll eat spinach leaves
Cactus isn't good for you at all.
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greek yogurt with granola

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Have you ever told anyone that you browse 4chan irl?
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I'm not a proud of 4chan
No, almost everyone who does this is a leddit fag normie who thinks they're being "le edgy and quirky" for using 4chan.
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Yes. I was ranting like an autist about how I have no direction in life to a pretty chill coworker. They said to get direction you have to do what you like and then asked me what I like to do. I said I browse 4chan all day, and asked how is that supposed to give me direction. They just kind of chuckled since they knew what kind of people browse 4chan.

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>Hear horror stories about all the creepy perma 'gins creeping on their sisters and becoming pariahs to their families
>Try to avoid being seen as one of those by avoiding sister altogether
>Years later she thinks I hate her guts and literally cries to our mom on the phone about it


sibling relationship thread
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>she thinks I hate her guts and literally cries to our mom on the phone about it
And what have you done to fix this, OP?
>OP goes to repair his relationship with sis
>ends up fucking her

like pottety
the moral of the story is that family is a concept that applies exclusively to women

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>failed THREE uni courses before mum cut off the pay
>refuses to continue to support me whether I take out student loans, try a trade program, or try a 2 year degree for a job
>can't drive either
Is it too late?
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>failed THREE uni courses before mum cut off the pay
your mom did the right thing. no mong should be getting financial support if he fails three classes
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Just do surveys for money.

Super easy.
I make $120 every hour
that sounds pretty soul crushing anon.

guys I really dont know what to do, my gf's been mad at me for the past 2 days and I dont know why

>told her im going to a friends party
>upload a picture of me and my friend to snapchat
>she replies to it with "do you wanna talk about it?"
>I replay with "talk about what babe?"
>she goes nuts with "dont call me babe, fuck you stupid cunt"
>havent replied since, I assumed she ran out of battery
>just replied saying that everythings alright
>I ask her why did she got mad
>"I just did, let it go"
what the fuck is going on this woman's head help me I think I fucked up and I dont know why.
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Reeee normie etc etc
Did you really come here expecting advice
people from this board pulled me up from worse stuff and im honestly just ultra confused right now
normie there normie here reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>walking into gym
>cardio bunny makes eye contact with me and smiles
Well, turns out I was a Chad all along! Don't know what I was doing hanging out with you fags to begin with. Later, nerds!
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Looooool I just found your tiny body slightly funny o.O , don't get the wrong idea xdd
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Listen beautiful, as a Chad, my confidence can no longer be affected by mere words. Now how about you go get cleaned up and we can grab some protein
Captcha: Bara Close
Lol no, you look creepy :/ , I have never seen a guy with a slimer torso than my thigh and you should really clean your face I know this place.....

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>ywn be a hunter gatherer
>too many people on the earth
>too much hunting and too little animals
>too much farmland and too little roots, berries and fruit
>too much building and too little forests
>too much industrial fishing and too little fish
>ywn be a hunter gatherer
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Lol just suck ur own dick = problem fixed
Tribal feels are truly the worst feels
> normalscum destroying the earth and some only pretend to care
dont worry anon, at the rate our resources are being used (specially oil) we will see a great collapse in our lifetime. And we will likely be able to return to the old ways fairly quickly if we are smart!

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Does anyone else get really panic attacks when riding in the backseat of a car? Only in the backseat. I started having them this month and they're really taxing.

Also I don't drive.
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I'm the exact opposite. I only get panic attacks when people try to teach me how to drive.
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>panic attacks
can you people stop with this meme?
Oh, well, I didn't get panic attacks for that but I can't fucking drive. I just get paralyzed and don't even try.

I don't know what's my dysfunction.

Fuck off.

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Any of you fellow robots tried to give up porn? How far can you go without? Read articles and watched ted-talks about the effects of porn and I'm really trying to quit it now, but I struggle.
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stop watching porn and fap to hentai instead.
Does that count?

Haven't watched porn in a week, think I'm doing pretty well.

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Is there a single Dragon Ball character that doesn't bend the knee before the sexual authority of women?
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Piccolo Jr , Goku

he is asexual

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>tfw 19 years old neet
>tfw too old for teenage love
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If you put your sperm into a container,
Then open it up 13 years later
that's teenage love

Lost me there robot
nahhh m8 its the same love until youre like 23. Youre still a child.

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