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I can't bring myself to care about my online friends like I see them caring for each other. What's up with me? I can't feel emotions for them, I can't console them at all, I don't ever find them to be irreplaceable or valuable at all. I want to but it just doesn't happen.
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it' easier to feel attached to someone in real life compared to text on a screen?

Show me a bigger pussy
>Protip: you literally can't
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I bet I can.
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Honestly not even sure if Justin Trudeau can beat that
To anyone saying "the future is female" I just show the IQ bell curve comparison between men and women.
Women will always be the mediocre middle management.

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Today is the day I end my comfortable neet life. Getting up at 1 and playing on my 3ds all day is no longer possible. Mummy has made me get a job.

Today I will start my first ever job as a pizza waiter. I feel stupid but I think i can do it.
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Well, that's a tough deal. Sounds like you didn't have a solid plan on how to go NEET, though. Keep saving and investing, you'll get to NEEThood again soon.

>get 150 IQ with online tests
>actual IQ measured at 120 when professionally administered for a psych eval
There is literally nothing worse than knowing I was born stupid
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>Trying to brag about IQ on anime image board.
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Only 120 IQ? I was tested at 119 in 6th grade. Am now over 160. Pathetic brainlet humblebrag
Yeah, I got 120 too on a real test and it was really disappointing. I got 98th percentile on SAT and I heard that correlated to an IQ of 140 but nope.

Baby, wake up! Were you having that nightmare again? The one where you're an friendless adult virgin who masturbates to Japanese cartoons?
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A dream, honey, not a nightmare.
Good thread OP 7.5/10
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Oh man, what a nightmare...I dreamt that I spent all of my time on an online image board where social rejects competed over who was the biggest loser...thank god it was just a bad dream...

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Why aren't you trying to sort yourself out?
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I'm not sure what else to do.
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unknown (14).png
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Environment (out of my control), but that's changing very soon, and a lack of substance (also out of my control currently).
When the time comes, I'll make necessary changes. For now, I just want to change my environment successfully.
Not in a predicament. Coasting through college with a smile on my face

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A few short truths. Nothing more.

You suffer.
You want something. Revenge, gf, whatever...
You want it now, on demand.

So, what do you do? You imagine what you want.
>I saw THAT
>I want a thing like THAT or I want THAT
So you create a thing in your mind to represent what you want. Then you might not notice, but you start worshiping this idol, to promote yourself. So in essence, you worship yourself through a false idol.

You must sacrifice yourself, your comfort, your security. Ask and you shall receive.
I asked for a GF and I got one. They're humans, and they will never compare with your imagination. Never. All those expectations you had will be crushed once you have a gf.

I don't know about children and family, but gf and sex are not enough. Heck, the desire to have them is our biological drive to form a family. Twisted times we live in.
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Chink hate oc.
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Fuck gooks , you bastards have the most soulless culture in the world
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two atom bombs were not enough
>double jump kicks you into your loser friends and beats you up

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How do I get women if I'm gay? I don't like men I want to fuck women but I'm fucking gay.
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That means you're not gay you retard
>How do I get women if I'm gay? I don't like men I want to fuck women but I'm fucking gay.

You've just activated my almonds
Become a tranny, womens inner lesbian makes them more likely to fuck a tranny than a regular guy.

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Got dumped, been listening to radiohead no surprises on repeat. What now /b/oys, where is my drive off into the sunset
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life is ahead, anon

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Oneechan blocked me
i can never talk to her again
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Does anyone here concealed carry? I just got my weapons license yesterday so I'm ready to off myself at a moment's notice
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>weapons license
We should have these threads as /r9/k/

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How can people live alone, I can't take it anymore.
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People can't live alone. But I guess we aren't people, are we anon?
I live with a family.
I cannot take this anymoooooorrreee
I'm saying everything I've said befooooooorrrrreeee
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anywaaaaaaay
Just like before....

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>......................................yea, I could never imagine a person who's never had sex....heh.
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>the 'ugly virgin' of the group

hahahaha that's me

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Fembots, did you get bullied at school?

Who did bully you, the boys or girls?
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Yes, I got bullied. Both boys and girls bullied me.
I got bullied because I have HFA and I didn't know how to contain my interests then.
I got bullied by guys mostly. I don't know why but they would taunt me by calling me washboard and the likes, but around prom time a ton of them asked me to prom...

I was a 220 pound landwhale my freshman year of high school and got bullied by the guys. The girls would talk about me behind my back, but never the out-front bullying I'd endure from the guys
- During winter 2 guys jumped me in the school yard, held me down on the cold ground and filled my backpack with snow
- A guy would always try to pull down my sports pants during physical education
- Making fun of me whenever I would eat anything, even fruits or vegetables

After that first year I dropped some pounds, still fat but more on the thicc side rather than landwhale. Some of these dudes started showing interest; later, some other dudes that had totally ignored me up until then started also showing interest. Realized how shallow dudes are and am now extra cautious whenever a guy approaches me.

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