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what do you think of charcoal suicide?

you burn charcoal in a bbq, in a closed space and then u fall sleep and never wake up again
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pretty fucking stupid, not only are you ending your own life, but risk other lives with fire that can spread several miles. And if you fail, your entire body will be in pain for several weeks because of the monoxide poisoning.
Dude, how about instead of ranting about the negatives. Talk about the fucking positives and how suicide helps people leave a broken world
You are clearly a broken person, the thread is ASKING for opinions you hair trigger pussy.

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Does anyone else take their pants all the way off when they shit at the household toilet. I do. I don't know why but I just whip off whatever bottoms I am wearing before sitting down to take a fat shit.
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sometimes if it's a big 'un i take my shirt off
i go complete neked
I always poo naked at home

Why are black "men" so weak submissive and inferior?
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300 years of being bred for submissiveness will do that to you.
Nah, even the blacks in Africa are the same way. I'm starting to think sub-saharan africans evolved to be matriarchal society in which the males are subservient or only used for breeding with dominant (or domineering rather) females.
Giveme the fucking source, you cunt.

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When have you been the most scared for your life?

>Be me
>7th grade
>Computer class
>Tard kid gets transferred to our school
>Literally just draws shitty pictures in MS Paint in class
>Carries around one of those giant pink erasers like pic related all the time
>School goes into lockdown one day
>They always say when there's a drill so we know it's the real thing
>Hear footsteps in the hallway
>Scared shitless
>Suddenly hear a thump next to me
>It's the autist kid holding his eraser up in the air and dropping it repeatedly
>Super fucking loud
>Can't do anything because if I took it away from him he'd probably scream
>Sit there 100% sure I'm going to die for about 40 minutes
>Lockdown ends
>Announcement on intercom explains that the lockdown was because a man with a gun was fleeing police near the building
>No one actually in the school
>The footsteps were janitors

I had friends who's teacher heard that it wasn't a school shooter on Facebook and their class got to play boardgames while I made peace with Jesus.
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Imagine living in a country where you have to be scared for your life when you go to school, having to practice lockdowns and other ridiculous practices because your country is so obsessed with violent weapons.

Literally as bad as many African nations
When my family had drunken fights. Still suffering from crippling anxiety to this day because of it.
What even is a school lockdown? Is that an american thing?

Fellow white men can you stop being faggots please?
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I wish I could :c
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No, fuck you and society for fucking me over at every corner. If I can't get women, at least I'll stay long enough to see all the women get taken from white chads to the black man. You will know our pain soon.
Mike tyson was beyond washed up when he lost to that guy, like he did not even belong in a boxing ring.

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>see a gay sissy/trap thread
>don't wanna post in it because the OP is a race mixing cuckold
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>be a sissy
>not submitting to bbc

What's the point then?
i don't have to be attracted to darkies to want to be a cute sissy
Just as well. Most of the nigger posts are trolling.

Any questions will be answered by OP and other /fit/ness experts.

>a beginners guide to health and fitness

>a calculator to see how many calories you need to diet

>apps to easily track your calories

>what program/s should I use to start lifting weights?

>cool app to track your progress

>how to squat, deadlift, bench press, OHP (Overhead Press), and power clean

Squat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhVC_AnZYYM

Deadlift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AObAU-EcYE

Bench Press: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T9UQ4FBVXI

Overhead Press: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnBmiBqp-AI

Power Clean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIB_X2N6020

To a question in the former /fitness/ general, an anon asked if lifting would help you get woman.

Lifting WILL help you get women, non-disputing, if you look like you take care of yourself and have a moderate fitness level they will love that, it instinctively shows a man who can provide and has discipline. However, women have preferences, and many are picky, if you get rejected wipe the dust off your shoes and move on.

Furthermore, they key is that in the vast majority of people, it will give you CONFIDENCE, which is #1.

We're all gonna make it bros.
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My biggest question,
How do I optimize my recovery?

I can train like a freak, lift tons like lb's but after 4 days i'm still sore
Water and rest muscles that you were working the day before. Dont over exert yourself, you should not be taking multiple days off because of recovery. Find a balance between a challenging workout and low recovery times.
Fuck off. Lifting DOESN'T get women. Women like /fa/ not /fit/.

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Hey guys do you remember me? I'm still stucked at Guangzhou. I've spoken with my dad a few minutes ago and he said he would think about it but i can't take it anymore help
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Hoo r u?
Son you go give the handshake to beyootiful chynees girl you ask her to marry yes
Have you tried giving him a firm handshake?

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Does anyone else hate this abomination of a show?
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I love the show, but yeah, Elliott can't be a Robot. He's not even a virgin.
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I originally had hopes for it. Almost finished the first season.
Thought it was going to be about an antisocial cyber vigilante sticking it to Chad from the shadows.
Instead as soon as I got suckered in he becomes Mr.Chad supernormie extraordinaire. Friends, parties, drugs etc.

Same thing happened with big bang theory, at first I enjoyed it. 4 losers just going about their lives with a couple of gags for good measure, then all of a sudden Boom! gf's for all! Unrealistic romcom trash
Are you talking about the awkward as hell "party" his boss invited him to?

also I think a person like Elliot is more messed up than a lot of robots(definitely not all, or even a large minority), even if he has some social success.

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Do black girls make good wives?
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It depends.
Do they acknowledge that black culture is fucking cancer? They are probably a good mother.
Do they embrace black culture? She's a sheboon and her kid will never stand a chance at having a normal life.
Yes, they're extremely grateful when their man doesn't leave them.

That ended up being much cuter than I expected from the thumb.

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>tfw you realize french are just weird english with an e in the ending
just kill me already
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>not realizing it's the other way around with english dropping off the e at the end of every word

Fucking ignorant pleb.
quite the conspiracy theory you're on friend
>Native English speakers can't produce an 'e' sound at the end of a word without turning it into a diphthong

Add comfy songs here

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>ywn be 15 watching shitty amvs again
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So many favorites deleted, wish they would of at least left the name intact.
two classics
I've literally never liked amv's.

I want to look like this, bud I look like...
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...a fucken fag
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a gook girl
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A demon summoner from hell

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Am I the only eurofag who doesn't want to live in his country anymore? I mean, living in the US is my dream. Salaries in my country are really fucked up, the average wage being $360 (PER MONTH). Can someone explain how the fuck am I supposed to live here?
Meanwhile US is keeping this dumb ass niggers who don't even know what their 44th president is. OR the same niggers who say that A POUND of stone is heavier than A POUND of cotton.
I'm fucking done with this world.
All I want to do is live a comfy life in the US. I can't take it anymore.
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Get out of fucking Spain, Mediterranon. Your entire bit of the continent is fucked, I swear everything south of France just fucks its economy by default
I'm not even from Spain.
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The Baltic States are fucked aswell. And we don't even get our own price region despite having only half of the income other EU countries have. 60 euros for a vidya is way too much. 35-40 euros would be alright. I would like to keep both of my kidneys, thank you.

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