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What do you eat, robots?

I live mostly on pic related, plus some carrots greens and beans
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Mostly cold ready to eat things from the supermarket. I hate to cook, even microwave meals are too much bother
those things make my poop a weird consistency if I eat more than 4 in one day
Whatever clicks when I look at it when at the supermarket, as long as the total energy of what I'm buying is under 600kcal

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>make post
>post is apparently so stupid people accuse me of baiting
Dammit, I can't even fit in here
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Just start baiting people. I get a shitton of (you)s in vegan threads and I eat meat.
You fit in with me champ. What's up?
My very first post on /v/ 9 years ago caused so much outrage I was publicly banned, it wasn't even a troll post.

You're well on your way to being here all your life. Good luck buddy.

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What is your ultimate fantasy?
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Nervous adult virgin who pretends to be uninterested in women out of fear of vulnerability but he's secretly a sweet emotional softy who wants to talk about his nerdy interests with me.

And when we finally fuck, he cums quick and holds me crying and talking about how much he loves me. A very self fulfilling fantasy.
Isn't that like all the robots on this board?
I hope all fags would go back to /lgbt/

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I love her so much guyz.
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Rose fags need to burned to death
She is kind of good at Counter Strike, better than me :^)


Wouldn't it be sumfin if Rose was posting IN these VERY threads? A faggot can dream
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U talking shit bruv?

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Comfy thread

Let's get comfy anons. Feel free to contribute.

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How is it even possible to not have a gf? I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I just don't understand how that's possible in this day and age when you can literally go on a date with a few tabs on your phone. I mean you have to really ignore interacting with women all together for that to be a reality.
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>I'm not trying to be mean
No, you're trying to bait. It worked I guess.
By being ugly and self-loathing, which is a result of people hating you for being ugly. Now fuck off.
By having zero self-esteem, being ugly and having a receding hairline.

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how do depressed,unatractive,unfunny people make friends?
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They don't.

Originalio (tm)
Either by being female and getting desperate orbiters or being male and not making any friends ever


Preddi cute one might think? Nothing special but alright?
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Think fucking again.
Looks like jeff in a wig
Got me.

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So, what's the purpose of this board? How is better than /b/ or /soc/?
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It's not better, but at least we feel superior.
/b/ is all underage and /soc/ is just grainy pictures of tiny dicks and destroyed roasties. On /r9k/ you have a chance at getting some good content and conversation every once in a while.
you can't get your thread derailed by "i really like this image" samefagging e.t.c
also this >>39475631

have you ever walked in on your mom or sister when they are getting changed?
what did they say?
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I once walked in on my aunt when she was taking a shit. She didn't believe in locking toilet doors. Wasn't really that fun
Mom always acts like it doesn't matter or is even happy like "Hi anon what are you doing" and waves.

Sister acts like straight out of anime "Eeeeeeee get OUT!"
You make it sound like this happens often to you

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Why should I crave sex? Why should I want to put my penis inside another bag of slimy organs and shit?
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Because it feels good desu, the way she moans, the way she moves, the way she smells like, the way her warm body feels like... it's the best thing ever. You are missing out a lot dude, put some effort and you will have sex sooner or later.
Nothing of what you said makes me want to put any effort.
your choice but it's not like you have an infinite amount of time in your life to experience anything you want, some day you might change your mind and it's gonna be too late for ya, you're not gonna be a young and healthy lad forever

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>crawling under my skin
Why can't my mental scars just heal, for years my anxiety peaks at this time of the year because what happened to me
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What did happen to you, anon?
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It'll go away with time, anon. Don't worry.
I don't want to tell
Thanks, i hope so :3

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Picture 16 - Copy.jpg
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1. Take a picture out of your webcam without you in it.
2. Post it.
3. Judge harshly about other peoples lives.
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Why do you have a blue shower sponge on the door?

The decor looks cheap and uncomfy
What kind of faggot uses a loofah?
>screen facing open door

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Why was there no option to kill this roastie? No, instead Jacket had to be a whiteknight beta bitch and save her from the Russians. She even told him to finish her off, but the game doesn't let you.
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I play Hotline to be a killing machine, and girlfriend broke the flow of gameplay pretty bad. I'm used to killing everything onscreen.
Jacket wanted a qt gf, but was too muvh of a creepy loner to get one so he kidnapped a junkie and induced stockholm syndrome
Richter is /r9k/'s guy. True momma's boy, would have been my preferred protagonist. Jacket's just a failed normie that lost his old girlfriend.

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>be me, uni student
>still live in the town I grew up with
>almost every day I have to go past my stupid old school
>once in a while I am invited by my old ""friends"" from the old school to hang out
>spending time with them just reminds me of how shitty my childhood was, how I spent most of elementary / middle school friendless, got a few ""friends"" who turned their back on me and were malicious towards me for most of school and then started acting like nothing happened when we parted ways

Anyone else just wishes they could move as far away from home as possible, cut ties with all old friendships and start fresh?
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I did that, but I cut the ties before I left, long before
there was this one guy who I had been in a band with, but the drummer ended it basically so it was just me on guitar, him on bass.
he was in college across the city but sometimes i'd pick him up from his dorms. he said we would hang out at the dorm sometime. he just never called me, so we got into like an argument over what music was good the last time and I was like "dude, we were never really friends" which was true, he had always been a dick. I dropped him off but my other friend sold weed to him at my house when I moved to that university, which was the last time I saw him. but he texted me about a year later and I think I cut off texting with him.
I'm leaving my shit small town I hate being told who I have to hang out with (cause there's no options)

I'd rather live in the ghetto of Chicago

Rob me of my money. Shoot me. Nothing will ever be as much suffering as living and dying in a small town.

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