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Anyone else here ever sniff their mom's dirty panties?
Am i a degenerate for doing it?
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Cmon guys
I can't be the only one
that's a thong, anon, your mom is a slut. wear them and start jerking off.
Thats fucking hot. Post pics of your butt in them

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Anyone notice that every time a thread has 3d porn as an OP image 99% time it's bait or a shitpost?
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probably because youre a sperg who thinks 2D>3D
kys you stupid norman

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roasties laughing.jpg
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>He imagines himself showing/explaining to historical characters what modern technology looks like
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Fuck you man I didn't ask to be like this
shove off man

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Today, I decided to shower after not doing so for a week. Even though I was going to stay inside for the entire day I decided to thoroughly take care of my hygiene and dress in casual outing clothes; just some dark green shirt, black jeans and vans, as if I were about to meet up with a qt near Hyde Park who's wearing a beautiful sundress and has a nice smile... We would've taken a walk through the park, and maybe head to the cinemas afterwards, all that loveydovey shit...

Then, afterwards I ejected myself out of that fantasy and quickly realized that I am going to be spending the rest of my day, the rest of this summer and the rest of my life wasting my time on this earth playing shitty Korean MMOs or Shooters to distract myself from dwelling on how much of an ugly failure I am.

So how's your day?
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if you would actually have stuck to your original plan and do it more often, youd have a better standing in life.
>he fell for the shower meme
enjoy your weakened immune system

Would you a latina? They have the thickest teens, but age like shit.
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10/10,would turn rape into murder and then finally necrophilia.
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Latina or Arab woman are my weakness. They look great figure wise. So yeah I'd smash one.
The best part is that if you go to their native countries, the average height is much lower, so 5,7/5,8 is considered Chad height there. (This does not work for Latina women already living in America)

Most girls will only allow ass snuffs and puffs on the first date these days. Generally I won't push my tongue through unless I get a good sniff in beforehand. The key is to actually push it inwards then slowly spread it to see if she has any built up gasses or fecal matter.
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oh yes quite pungent dear. is that eggs i smell?

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Who here /uglyfromadistance/?

I look passable from up close, but hideous when more than a few feet away. This has led to a gruesome appearance in photos.
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iktf OP

I look soft up close and from a few feet I look like a scowling mohican. It's no wonder people don't approach me.

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>we've all been there
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Almost as insulting as the fact that they expect me to believe a guy who looks like this could actually get a gf
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I want to fuck Gillian so bad, she's been my waifu since Community
The jew is one being, a hivemind collective sharing one consciousness. The jew controls most businesses and every business the jew does not own is systematically run out of competition by the well oiled machine that is the jew collective. They control all money and all the money you have is actually jewish and they have only allowed you to keep that money. The jew owns society and as such owns Chad and Stacy. Opt out of society and opt out of Judaism

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I miss Eurolovers. I should have downloaded all the songs before it got taken down. Now I'll have to actually make an effort to track down the ones I like.

theres in the desc
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anyone got initial d flac's just got hd800's

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What is the last thing you masturbated to, robots?
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This picture obviously, I'm the ninja fapper, I fap faster than my shadow.
ERPing with another guy. Came fucking buckets.
Some lesbian hentai.

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I will try to make this as short as possible.

So i'm currently 20 years old and want to become successful in life.
Success for me is earning lots of money and living a happy life with my future wife that will love me, and i will love her.

My main question is, how do i get to this point?

Also another question, are playing games for entertainment fucking retarded? Right now i want to begin playing Starcraft II and i will obviously not get pro in that game. Should i start playing it because it might be fun or should i just don't bother wasting 100's or 1000's of hours. Right now all i do in my spare time is sitting home browsing 4chan, reddit, watching latest Youtube videos of my subs, skyping and playing Rainbow Six Siege with my friend. I feel like i should do something else with my time, like living my life or something? Remember i'm 20 years, aren't the 20's the time where everyone is "Living their lives"?

I also want to learn Korean, how hard will it be to learn this on my own?
If you are wondering the reason to learn the language this is the following: Kpop, Kdramas, interesting culture, Korean E-sports are great. Might want to move to Korea in the future? I guess i should start learning the language instead of doing what the paragraph above is about. Also considering a Korean wife, i mean - why not?

Last question: On the part about earning lots of money, i currently saved up 25K USD. What are some smart things i can do with this money to make more? I have no idea how investing works.

Please help me, any answer is appreciated.
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Sell anus for cash that will do it
I don't think that anyone who had a good answer to your question would be on /r9k/.
I work as a nuclear plant operator. 6pm to 6am everyday. close to 10k monthly. no degree required.

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So, if you want women to like/want you then you'll have to do the following, right? :

Never tell her how pretty/gorgeous she is.

Always be confident and cool (even if you have to fake it).

Never tell her how she makes you feel.

Don't let her know a lot about you, always be mysterious to keep things interesting.

Make sure your life's in order before you ever choose to pursue women (who are 18 and older) for example:

>Have your own place, apartment or even a shared dorm room.

>Have your own (motor)bike or a car.

>Have a decent job, show them you have potential or at least be a college student.

If there's something here that isn't true (doesn't add up) then please let me know why.
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Oh shit niggers! The Japs is planning on staring a war with YOUR country, you have two options:

+ Join their side
+ Defend your country

What is gonna be? and why?
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Nanking never happened
Join them, western culture is trash and japs aren't afraid to put the roastie in their place
yeah? and why's that?

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cnn pepe.jpg
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Being a weebshit is a mental illness
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Being a frogposter is a mental ilness
Then leave this weebsite
but he has mental illness too so he can't leave

>take giant steamy smelling shit
>hold dick with left hand so it doesn't dangle against the bowl while peeing wildly
>wipe with right hand
>sniff fingers
>dick hand smells like shit
>wipe hand smells like nothing
Does this make sense? Does anyone else observe this phenomenon?
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