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>milfags UNIRONICALLY getting mad at others for wearing their cloth cuck tokens

Hey, I've got a bigger award than any of you, I was smart enough not to have to join the military.
>enlist in navy at 19
>4 years of living in san diego
>2 deployments to asia
>out now
>now getting my degree for free
Boy I sure regret it. What a nightmare.
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>modern US milfags get paid to fight hopeless ragheads with AKs while using the most advanced military tech known to man
>act like they have same amount of Valor as WW2 vets who went through hell against the German and Japanese super powers

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Taxi driver is the comfiest movie in history. Prove me wrong.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx4aK-YsPeU thread theme (0:48 - end)
i cant. it's one of my favorite movies alongside reservoir dogs and one flew over the cuckoos nest. definitely the most robot like though.

I Won't, go back to dumb frogposting.

Robots, why the FUCK haven't we started a forest civilization yet? Think about it we would have food( ants, berries, leaves, bunnies, squirrels), shelter( Trees), easy sex (everyone hasn't showered). There are literally MILES of open space with trees in the USA. Come with me anon, I believe in you.
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Because everyone here hates themselves, and they do not want to get better. Same as me.
They say they do but they don't really. Why should they deserve happiness when they are the one thing that they hate the most? You don't try to fix things you hate.
Maybe 10% of robots are physically fit enough.

Let's tell a story one word at a time

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>there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.
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are there any r9k minecraft servers please respond thank you
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join cushville
It's pretty comfy desu

Why is it impossible for a girl to golf in peace?

>go golfing
>men of all ages can't stop staring like aphrodite descended from above
>won't let me buy my own balls and the owner gives me his key and tells me it's on him (i felt so bad i didn't know what to do . kept insisting on paying and he basically looked at me like i was crazy and gave me a free bucket?)

>chads around me on the range see that i'm there and once i'm settled, start talking in loud voices trying to brag about this and that
>i'm paying attention to my game and not impressed and they seem iffed

>esp because i know better

>later on when i'm taking a water break, i try not to laugh once i actually look up at them again
>can already tell when a hit is poor from the sound

kind of a condensed story but why do people get so butt hurt when you don't give them attention? and why do guys always try to brag when they see a girl around then get offended when the girl isn't impressed? lol??????
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I'm not sure why that happens but I hate it . Maybe it's something about a woman doing what is traditionally a man's sport that turns them on? I'm a female dj and I encounter the same phenomenon. I hate when they try and give you pointers because they think that being a man they're obviously better than you are

djs have no talent. saying this as someone whose close friends are known as the "top djs" in the world. international tours, their own tv shows and whatnot. maybe try producing.

even a fucking cat can dj. pls go.

also giving pointers has nothing to do with your gender. that's just being nice. don't take it personal.
As a manager its pretty awful to deal with in the workplace. I am heading up several project teams that has one specific very good looking blonde on them, OPs pic pretty related. I dont give a kek and just do my job, but the other men tripping over themselves to look important and brag about their worth is fuckin awful.

They always bite off more than they can chew and try to keep the girl from having to work, I have to assign her work outside of the group setting so she has something to do. Annoying when they obligate themselves to do work they suck at and I have to tell them off later and reassign it to the girl.

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Has anyone ever changed their name to something cool? How did it change your life?

I was sadly given a really shitty name at birth and have been self conscious about it my entire life, I'm scared to introduce myself to people because my name is so embarrassing. I was thinking of changing my name to something cool like 'Stinger McCloud', 'Laser Manhunter' or 'Banyon Ironside' so I could maybe get a girlfriend, what should I do?
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Change your name to Darien Magnum and i will give you $10
>fucking a fleshlight that's in your girl
Is this some next level condom technology or something?
Where I live you can't change your name unless you meet some certain requirements (which I don't), but if I could I'd totally change my name.

I've come up with a bunch of names. I think Bryan O'Ryan is the best one. Edson Watson is cool as well. Those names probably get you mad pussy.

What do you think about mainstream modern music?

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daft punk is so fucking cringe, if you say you like daft punk that's the most basic shit ever.

i'd rather date someone who says he listens to country or anything but. shit, even silence.

saying "i love daft punk" is admitting you are subpar as fuck. its not even considered music?

just imagining the kinds of people who actually jam to daft punk ehhhh no thanks

even people who say "i love rebecca black" have more dignity
youre probably gay bc r9k is trap hell but if not

rebecca black is pretty good desu senpai

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How bad do you want a kid?
Rate on this scale.

>1: Would endure pain for a child
>2: Would get fat
>3: Would get naked in front of strangers
>4: Would slice genitals with a scalpel
>5: Would shit, bare ass in the air, in front of friends and family
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Need someone to suffer in this world like me
I would endure pain to NOT have a child
0. Kids are a waste of time and money. Also, women will just use them to trap you

>about to finish uni
>have to get a job
>just want to go back to being a NEET
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"Congratulations, Champ. Now it's time to take what you've learned -- and you did learn something useful, right? -- and put it to good use. I know of several places hiring around town, and I'll take you to each one of them so we can strike while the iron's hot."

"All you need to do is speak with the manager, look him in the eye, and give him a firm handshake. That's all there is to it."
but dad the manager lives in a fortified tower 30 miles behind enemy lines and refuses to speak to outsiders
"Son, excuses are for quitters -- and you'd hate to see what happens to quitters on the battlefield. Now it's to time to go dark and seize the initiative. It's simply a matter of going in there, disabling the AA guns and sentries, speaking with the manager, and giving him a firm handshake. Get to it."

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The other day I had to work a long day. 13 hours at the gas station for me. I was very hungry, did not have a break all day.
>pull into mcdonalds
>odder a number two, with two mcdouble and four apple pies, my regular
>"sir it will be 10 minutes for the apple pies..."
>"ok" i say
>i love apple pies
>"please pull forward sir, while we wait for your apple pies"
>pull forward
>it has been 12 minutes (i always look at the clock after i order)
>cars are pulling around me
>22 minutes now, see the drive through attendant leaning out the window, looking at me
>start feeling nervous
>the employees all recognize me and I fear this will be another wendy's experience
>punch the gas and get out of there
>see employee walking out the door with my bag of food as I turn onto the road
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>I fear this will be another wendy's experience
Go on
>Two years ago, when my drivers license
was suspended
>walk into wendy's, wait in line
>"triple baconator with large fries, frosty, and an extra large fry"
>"are you sure, sir?"
>"Oh, yeah, my friend is outside, He love the frostys, heh"
>forget they can see outside and there is no car, or friend
>hear the people in back talking about my order, they recognize it
>you guys have a good night, the cashier says
>hear them laugh as i walk to the bus stop
>not having a car to drive away in, makes it worse, believe me.
you're overthinking anon, don't let one bad experience dictate your way of living

How good are you at faking emotions and pretending that you are not an empty void?
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Evidently not very good because a classmate joked about me wanting to kill myself.
I need to have an objective. I can't just pretend for the sake of pretending.

Also sooner or later I begin to sleep and my insanity becomes evident. I can't keep friends for shit.
How can normies detect it so easily?

girl removed me from snapchat and i don't know why

all i know is i want to die..
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Watch it with screenshots next time, perv
>normie enough to have snapchat and girls on said snapchat

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Nice poem dude

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Who here Consumed Caffeine in the 90s
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Im gay and I kiss penises
do gay people consume caffeine
Yeah I drank energy drinks before they were a normie meme. I started around 98 or 99. I don't remember the brand.

I didn't really start drinking coffee until 2004

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Was pouring cups of half and half into my coffee, when I drank one and suddenly remembered that titties can give nourishment. They make milk! How awesome is that?

>Question for malebots

Is that not the most awesome fucking in the world I mean fuck its milk who doesn't love milk except lactose intolerant faggots who society will weed out anyway

>Question for fembots

Have any of you ever tasted your own milk?
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I used to be into lactation porn back int he day but for some reason can't watch it anymore
Not a fembot, but I have tasted my wife's breastmilk when she was pregnant. It's sweet and rich.
I taste mine on occasion yeah, to make sure it's up to snuff

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