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Disappointing. Dubs decides fellows
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Lol. I've been on Whisper before. Just FYI any profile with the gender Female will get literally DOZENS of messages from thirsty guys. That's definitely not a girl either
Yeah, that's why I'm bringing it to 4chan. I'm not taking this fag seriously
Update: roast really delivered

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ITT: post feel songs anons

share some music with your fellow anons

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I dedicate this song to my oneitis, the unrequited love in my life, Aaliyah
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2017 is the year of the gf

Why don't you have a girlfriend yet?
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This is now a Liz Vicious thread.
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Nice ass for a skinny goth girl.

Did she ever fuck someone other than her limpdicked bf? That small ugly cock was sad to watch

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I laugh at the pain of others, do you?
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nah i'm not that pathetic.

it's original.
why would someone suggest that over something like an aircraft carrier or the international space station?
it's inevitable then that you cause pain in others

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Why am I unworthy of love?
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Odds are that you aren't, you're just deeply insecure.
because you have no value in this world. you're likely an ugly autistic manlet shut-in that no one will ever want. you offer absolutely nothing and that's why you spend your time on here posting images of frogs

I doubt you have actually even tried asking a girl out

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>Distant family comes over
>My room is designated guest room
>Went full weeb manchild those last two years so room is packed with dakimakuras, anime posters, figurines and other gay shit
>I'm supposed to let normies with families and all that in.
Should have lived frugally and save money for moving out.
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Its not too late. Cram them in boxes and hide them in a closet. Sell them once the guests leave.

But yeah that's what you degenerates get for fapping to asian cartoons.
>Sell them once the guests leave.
I'd rather sell my body.
This, when are they coming over OP?

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ctrl-f: chess - no results found

Welcome to the CCC. Whether you are a chess wizzard or total n00b, this thread will have something for you.
Bored with all the racebait threads? Duel another anon in a battle of wits.
Have a story about the time you got destroyed by a girl? Share a greentext.
Feeling especially creative? Share a chess puzzle.
Tired of racebait threads? Come hang out in here for a while.

Play online
Create a gameboard
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I'll start with a checkmate puzzle dump. Find the sequence of moves that leads to checkmate.

Black to move:
File: cm2_puzzle.png (202KB, 712x702px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Black to move:
File: cm3_puzzle.png (235KB, 711x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Black to move:

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>gf is going out with her male friends again
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If a woman has any other male friends besides you she is most likely sucking and fucking right now. The worst part is she will wipe the cum off her chin and shirt and go back to shopping with a smile on her face
Not true, it depends if they are more less attractive/competent than you. If not, she's most likely fishing for attention and favors from orbiters. Its degenrate, and arguably worthy of a breakup or talk in its own right, but its better than being cucked.

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can someone give me the rundown on why pajeets do things like this
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you expect people who shit on the beach to explain what they do
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i just cant wrap my mind around it
why cant they just shitpost on here like normal forever alone faggots

low iq, low inhibition, 0 selfawarenes, street shitting. there you have it.

a 12 y.o. might find your pic cool, but from the eyes of an adult its cringeworthy.

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You fucking middle classes burgers all get such nice houses with massive gardens and nice weather. screw you guys
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oho youre funny anon
luckily im taking a shit so i can snap you a pic of my bathroom ceiling
t. middle class burger
Not in the city. I maybe have 5 square feet of grass total and it's fake too. Looks nice though
But middle class burgers are literally the epitome of the most shit life you can have (at least if we are comparing to people in the world living in abject poverty)

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fgm clinic.jpg
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"Doctors cheer encouragingly. One of them gently swipes the girl's genital area with antiseptic and then swiftly pricks the hood of her clitoris with a fresh sewing needle, drawing no blood. The ordeal is over in seconds."


>Poke a girl's clitoral hood with a sterilized needle



>Strap a boy down, pull his penis, repeatedly ram a probe into his preputial opening to tear it apart from the glans, force the foreskin back, place a metal dome on the raw bleeding glans, slide the foreskin back up over the dome so the dome presses against the raw tissue of the wounded glans and inner preputial mucosa, tighten a clamp to begin the process of crushing off a massive amount of the muscle and nerve endings of his penis, leave the baby strapped down with the clamp continuing to choke the life out of this tissue for 5-10 minutes, then slice it off with a knife and leave the wound to stew in urine and feces

"Ugh, it's just a little snip, get over it."

What did American society mean by this?
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What does the needle do to the girl's clitoral hood? Also cutting the clitoral hood isn't really what they talk about when they talk about female genital mutilation. When people talk about female genital mutilation they talk about cutting the labia

It pokes it. It's a symbolic form of genital cutting. Sometimes they poke it deep enough to draw one drop of blood; other times they just poke it to barely break the skin.

>Also cutting the clitoral hood isn't really what they talk about when they talk about female genital mutilation.

That's because they're ignorant and were force-fed the lie that FGM is always the relatively extreme forms that are common in parts of Africa, as this is useful to silence criticism of MGM.

When you try to educate them that, no, there are millions of women who were "circumcised" in ways that are much much less severe than the types of male circumcision commonly performed in America, they don't want to hear it.

>When people talk about female genital mutilation they talk about cutting the labia

There are innumerable ways a girl's genitals can be cut. But all forms are illegal in the US, even symbolic forms like needle pricking. Meanwhile boys can have a huge amount of their penile tissue crushed and sliced off because "muh locker room, muh look like dad".
People who compare foreskin and labia are ignorant.
>but they both a flap of skin!!

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I'm bored af what should i do?
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Masturbate is the only answer here
Already did it twice
travel! Do i!

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How do I move out of my parents house? Do I need to take debt?
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Clean up your room and get a job. Then move out. NEVER EVER TAKE DEBT
I just saved money until I had enough, got a roommate, and looked for places on craigslist.
>get job
>work until paycheck
>use paycheck for deposit on a cheap place
>move into cheap place
Isn't that hard a concept anon

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Is 23 a low BMI?
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Yes it is anon, I'm very proud of you.
Is a 42 bmi healthy?

how was your lunch break today, wagie? only a few more hours to hometime now
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Pretty nice lad, got paid to shitpost on here like usual.
I'm still shit posting and it's been 3 hours since lunch. I love getting paid 20 an hour to just chill for 8 hours.
>Not being a pharmacist
>Not being on 4chan more than actually working

Shits the purest tier of comfy. Also people think I'm successful.

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