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If you guys are disgusted with society why don't you just become a vigilante and change it?
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And be a retard spree shooter no thank you.
ANd if you really went after criminals you would be tortured to death.
>you would be tortured to death.

vigilantism precipitates harsher police state crackdowns
nothing can change society for the better now

Any stories of unrequited love?

I've been in love with this same girl for three years now and it's killing me.
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Are you close friends? Have you confessed to her?
We've been best friends for years now, but I moved away about a year ago. It's been hard, but we're both devoted to keeping our friendship together. With that in mind, it feels like it'd be selfish to put the burden of my feelings for her forward while we're already in a fragile state. Another person once told her I had feelings for her, but I was able to bury it and she thinks it was just a temporary crush.
I would but my story is beyond pathetic and people on r9k already recognize me more than I like

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What is this kind of sex even called?
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Lesbian sex performed by gay men
white boy sex
Sissy faggots that are too pussies to either transition or just have a normal gay relationship with another man.

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So I set up my chase checking account for direct deposits. How do I authorize my new employer? I really don't want to go back down to the bank.
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>How do I authorize my new employer?

Smother your face in their asscheeks
Go to HR and talk to them about direct deposit
chase bank? my relatives founded that bank

I just threatened to kill my ex gf's boyfriend

What can they actually do to harm me from a legal perspective?
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Lawyerfag here,

Tell me what you said specifically
just to add context, she doesn't live near me and these are all via text messages

I told him I was "only a flight away from Florida"

and then later I told him straight up "I will fly down there and kill you" and gave him my address to see if he'd do anything
also, this isn't the first time I threatened to fly down to FL and cause havoc. A few years ago I actually did it and wound up in a mental hospital for three days. So there is precedence of me doing crazy shit.

do you sleep naked /r9k/?
I do
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nope. pajamas are comfy. cold rooms are comfy, but cold. Tried it once, was uncomfortable.
I do too. It's good to let your parts air out. I'm naked right now heh
Sort of, just have a shirt on and that's it

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>tfw no Meg White gf

Why live, lads? I need a qt drummer gf to keep time for my guitar playing
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She might just be the perfect woman tobehonestwithyou
She had some nice fucking bazoongaz tbqh
The White Stripes are just awful

>be me two hours ago
>rummaging through stack of books I took from the attic when I moved to an apartment a year ago but never unpacked because I'm bored and the anime torrent's still downloading
>find high school yearbook
>decide to look up everyone, see how they're doing
>best friend
>works at a college as a professor in writing
>2nd best
>manages IT at BOSE Corp. headquarters
>the girl I had a crush on
>has a gorgeous family in Alaska, her husband is some park ranger
>the girl I used to work with in theater class
>is in off-broadway performances in New York
>the class clown
>runs his own entrepreneurship
>the guy who bullied me constantly
>vice-president of a company
>his friend
>a catholic priest
>all of them skinnier, more chiseled, happy and active on social media
>look at my picture in the book
>as wide-eyed as the rest of them
>look at the mirror
>200 pounds fatter, working a dead-end job on night shifts
I'm the fuckup. I'm the one whose life fell apart. I'm the one who never sorted things out and never took the oppurtunities I should have. I'm the one who was a big fat loser. And I'm about to watch a yuribait show about dragon maids. Which is doubly serendipitious since my nickname in high school was Trogdor
>I literally burned everything to the fucking ground and am left with a cave of hoarded nonsense

Fucks sake, I know we meme about feeling dead inside, but this is legit real darkness hours. I am a complete failure in the game of life, especially in regards to my former friends and peers. I am a fucking void of a person. My biggest contribution to humanity is a /co/ and /fit/ meme image.
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Bose is trash so don't be too jealous off that guy.
dude your post hit me hard. I kinda fear this I am 22.

Can I ask you something though? Even though I am sure this makes you sad, you 27.

You are not a child or a teen but you are young and if you really wanted you could tun yourself around.
The nigga makes 11 times more than me and has a family. BOSE product quality isn't the issue here.

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As a lazy depressed skinnyfat robot how do I get a /fit/ body with minimal effort?
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>minimal effort
Sorry OP, try again.
you go to /fit/, dumbass
oh wait you probably got banned from there for being a lazy faggot and not reading the sticky
take horse steroids

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Can robots be criminals?
>Be me
>Just turned 20
>Low on cash cuz I quit my job cuz I'm an oversensitive pussy
>Friend of mine tells me that I can make a few hundred bucks if I drop something off for him
>Leave some brown paper bag behind a dumpster, make cash
>The beginning of the end.
>Fast forward 3-4 months, I'm beating some rando nigger drug dealer with a pipe
>All my family has alienated me, and I never had friends to begin with
>The money feels worthless
>They'll probably just kill me if I try to leave this bullshit

Might as well just kill myself now lol
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Man where do you live, all I've wanted is to get involved in something like that. I'm in the pacific NW. If you're not close to me can you tell me how I can find this sort of underbelly in my city? I just moved here. I was on the cusp of getting in in the place where I used to live but had to leave. Any tips or advice are much appreciated
Alright, it's not all bad. I found it through a friend. If you know anyone who does drugs harder than weed, they prolly know people. And sorry pal, I'm in Florida.
Yeah that's basically been my plan is to find a coke connect, problem is my friends I moved in with don't go out or anything and they like nice neighborhoods and upscale bars. I have to find the real scum around here on my own, hopefully won't take too long

I've reached my limit
your selfishness has damaged our friendship too much
don't make me post in your threads anymore
Aya was right, I should make my own decisions
I'm sorry I blocked you, but this is for your own good. I'll miss you, but it's for the best we go our separate ways
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You sound like a close friend with Rem and honestly
I can agree with you
He doesn't deserve you anon
Bitch fucking unblock me or I'll shit my pants irl. I mean it. I'll do it. Don't fucking push me cunt.

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pound town.webm
2MB, 270x480px
take me down to pound town
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>be female
>wish i was the bottom
what's wrong with me?
Isn't there audio of this?
The guys groaning and crying out but the guy just keeps on slamming it in there.
The inside of the vagina often has little to no nerve endings. Getting your prostate banged probably feels way better than getting banged in the vagina.

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this qt has been killed by dirty terrorists, look at her, she is pure
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good riddance
death to all infidels inshallah
beautiful woman =/= pure
In fact, it is usually the opposite. Are robots really this deluded?
Her eyes say whore

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let's be honest, elliot with long hair is hot af, fucking sluts

they didnt talk with him

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he really does look hot with long hair. fucking failed chad
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He should've gone all in on this look. He was a cute dude, it's really too bad what toxic thinking and introversion can do to a kid.
it looks photoshopped, like the skin around the face looks bloated

the eyes just look like theyre from another photo

Just watched all of his videos. I realted exactly to pretty much everything he said. I could never see myself doing what he did, but then again, he probably didn't either. He was a good kid, they pushed him over the edge.
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Literally Watamote except he wasn't a cute girl
What's true in what he says? He expected people to fawn over him and throw themselves at him.
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You probably have some serious mental health issues, then!

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