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Deal with it, cumskins
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>w-whites are the m-most attractive
>gook i've never heard of
>niggers in damage control

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>trying to start another cuckpost war/cuckthread
please stop

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Why are you still masturbating to Overwatch porn?
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ana is pure, please refrain from doing that please
also default ana with golden weapon is the best skin

But a baby came out of her pussy and a penis went in it.
I kind of want to get her pregnant

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>the girls don't even recognize my existence

How the fuck am I supposed to get a girlfriend if she doesn't even see me
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Be a man
Have a presence
Stop whining
>Be a man
>Have a presence
>Stop whining
>girl sees you
>"ew, fuck off creep"
Don't bother, we weren't meant to win

Why is /r9k/ so obsessed with sex and gfs? Reading this board sometimes feels like watching an episode of Beavis and Butthead.
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>implying IRL beavis and butthead shitposts aren't the best
this place is a utopia for shitposting

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>Anon writes a large post
>comment with "nice bait"
>leave thread

who /DEVILISH/ today?
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>friend asks to borrow my car to run errands
>let him
>when he leave in my car, phone the police and give them a description of him
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>go into /pol/
>say Hllary won the popular vote and therefore Trump isnt a legitimate president

somebody stop me anons
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>Normie asks me for help saving something on a disc
>tell him he corrupted the drive and delete his work

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Is it true, robots?
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>the earth is 4000 years old!
>high IQ

Go back to /pol/ you larper
anprim is probably bottom left or middle and it's average anprim is 130+ iq so no.
Y-axis=doubt in humanity's ability to act in their own interests
X-axis=faith in humanity to help others

would you fuck the mom or daughter?
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why not fuck both originally?
both at the same time and make them play with my cum after i blow it in the mom's mouth it's one of my fetishes
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Neither because they wouldn't want to fuck me.

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poopy poopy bum bum edition
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Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning britfeel oh shit I just woke up and its afternoon
Post waifus haha
What are you plans for today?
There's some good content out there today lads. Left Brit feel for a while and enjoyed myself.

Some of you should get out more
Terrible edition.

Also I think I'm dying.

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Fembots, why haven't you let your bf fuck your ass yet? It's the ultimate sign of trust and intimacy. If you really loved your bf you would let him have your ass.
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My ex gf and I tried it and I got it in but stopped because she said it hurt

In hindsight I should have just kept going but I was a pussy
It is the ultimate form of submission. If you haven't fucked her in the ass she isn't your gf
How to introduce my fwb into being fucked in the ass? Neither of us have experience

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Drugs are disgusting. Why would a person even need them to feel good? It's so pointless.

Where are you, /straightedge/ lads?
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first for /outofstep/
We'll I used to be as awkward as you guys and I remember that everything in my life was a struggle like even just walking through a mall now I don't think about shit and I actually do shit in life shit I never thought I would do sitting on my computer at home
Making another thread OP? Are you that deprived of attention?

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Why are you still masturbating to World of Warcraft?
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Cause sylvanas is hot
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she's dead anon, but yeah
She's cold and hot in the right ways

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Haven't gone to sleep yet edition.
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Are you a neet anon?
Why try male this a thing lad? There aren't enough of us, the threads always die.
Hello there.

How are you anon

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Guangzhou anon here. This is it, i can't hide it anymore. Yes, i love dicks, and yes, i fucking love trannies. I also love to crossdress with my friends. Since i was little i've always loved to touch other kids wieners and cuddle them and touch them. What's the problem? I thought the core of a true robot was giving love to people whatever their gender identities are, and this is what i do. I love and i want to be loved.
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>i love dicks
>i fucking love trannies
>i also love to crossdress
>i've always loved to touch other kids wieners

yeah, i don't think anyone here is surprised.
Was that him in that video posted eerlier?

Yes, it was me. It was a video that was recorded a few weeks before moving to China. My friends wanted to make me a present before moving so they decided to make a video of us sharing our friendship. ofc i agreed

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anon, is it true you tell jokes?
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Do normies just memorize jokes to tell on the spot? Because when people ask me to tell them a joke I just kind of shrug and tell them I can't think of one.
>Do normies just memorize jokes to tell on the spot?
Yeah basically.
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Why did the snail cross the road?

he wanted to see his flat mates

"Of course we're still going to Chick-Fil-A, Champ. We just need to make a few stops along the way, and this is the first one. All you just need to do is walk in, speak with the manager, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you wanna work there. What do you mean that I'm being unfair? Champ, I'm doing this because I care about you and no one else will. It's all a matter of shaking the manager's hand and telling him you want the job. Can't be that hard, Champ."
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I actually got a job this way.

I'm a barback at a popular college bar. I get to deal with Chads and Staceys all night.
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See, Champ? Persistence pays off.
Oh god stop OP you're bringing back memories

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