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i should finally kms, how's your day /r9k?
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Dude, that roastie is not worth your time. Show her that.
Threads like yours remind me why it's good not to be trapped in relationships and having to deal with all the bullshit that comes along.
impotent cuck

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>tfw still having dreams of forgetting my buttplug on butthole expansion day in gym class
Why must our minds torment us?
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>tfw still having dreams of forgetting penis on penis inspection day
>tfw still having dreams of being thrown into the manlet cave
>Still having dreams about the obligatory butthole stretching

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>tfw gf acts exactly like a little but gets disguested when I bring up ddlg
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Some people just have a hard limit. Have you tried asking her about what she's into? Maybe she would be willing if you indulged her in her kinks
Would you two fuck off?

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Just got a 25$ amazon gift card

Dubs decide what I get :^)
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A dildo xD
$25 dollars worth of fidget spinners, must be rainbow colored.

Are there any trans-lesbians here in this board besides me? I always see gay(gay) traps here but never any gay (straight) traps.
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Seems like a horrible fate, there's literally nobody out there for you, except for a handful of other traps maybe.
It is. I need a real female to hold,and give them love. I do understand why they dont like me but i cant stop being me.
>Seems like a horrible fate, there's literally nobody out there for you
Not too different from most of the people here.

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>4/10 in mirror
>1/10 in pics
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For me its 7/10, 4/10
Just take picture from a good angle, the lighting is also VERY important.
You can go from 4/10 to 7/10 with that.
How does one find a good angle and proper lighting?

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>tfw no /cgl/ bf
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I'm a boy btw, cebruz
Not cebruz tho
Stop using his meme then, faggot imposter

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confess your deep incestual desires here

mine: -- want to "make love" to mom
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if you want to discuss/talk stuff, here is the invite
what site is that for? I remember using it on /b/ it's like a live picture/chat thing.

Oh, thanks. Hey you wouldn't happen to remember that one website which you coud upload "anonymous" picture files with a chat log on the side and such. I forgot what it was called..

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hqdefault (1).jpg
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Okay /r9k/, whats your daily routine from start to finish.

>Wake up at 9am
>Look at /r9k/ and other boards
>Play games and chat on discord
>Eat breakfast
>Shower after 2 hours at this point
>Go to gym when Im not feeling like shit
>Play games for 6 or so more hours
>Have dinner at around 7pm
>Play more games until 12 am
>Eat snack then get in bed
>Sit in bed until 2 in the morning browsing web

Feel free to mention any special events or things you dont usually do at the end.
>Sat in sun for about an hour after I woke up in hopes of shedding this body
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>Wake up at 06:20 AM
>Shower, eat
>Go to uni
>Come back
>Play games
>Go to sports, depending on day

Interesting life, right?
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Dependent on the day but most are like this now.

>wake up at 7
>watch TV or play some vidya while I eat breakfast
>after breakfast get bored of vidya and tv so go back to bed
>wake up at around 9/930
>browse 4chan, twitter, youtube for an hour or two
>try to think of somewhere to go
>do meaningless errands
>come back at lunch time, 11/12ish
>eat lunch and watch tv or play vidya
>continue playing vidya for another hour or so until bored
>grab laptop and browse 4chan/youtube
>get bored and go back to playing vidya, probably roblox while listening to music
>be dinner time by now so make dinner and continue listening to music and playing roblox
>finish dinner, turn off roblox, and watch tv while scrolling twitter on phone
>if really bored step out onto patio and smoke a cigar
>watch more tv then go to bed

Living the dream boys
Why would you shower before gym? That's like brushing teeth before eating.

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does anybody else think blac chyna is fuck ugly?
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no but it's okay to be gay anon
why did you post this here? people find different shit attractive. most people are considered fuck ugly by someone else, but they still have love lives.
Yes. She is like legit ugly.
Her features are not really attractive but she has a body even if fake and she is a famous whore

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>he doesnt stay with his parents

Literally why wouldnt you? You can save your NEETbux because your parents will pay for everything.
You dont need to do much chores because your mom will cook and clean for you.

And when they finally die you get a nice big house and inheritance all to yourself

There is literally no downside
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Right, except the constant complaints to clean my room and get a job
I lived with my parents from 22 to 25. I won't deny that there were certain things I could count on that I wish I had now (food in the fridge that was free, cable TV, not paying rent), but living with 5 other people really grated on my social life. My dating life was also nonexistent (not cool to bring chicks back to your parents' house). So, even though living on my own is pretty costly and stressful at times, it is worth every penny. 14 months later and still going strong.
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>parents are poverty people living in an apartment
>probably won't even get $100 when they die

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So what happened to your first crush?

I was 10 back then and she seemed to like me as well despite being taller than me. I've visited her in hospital when she broke her arm and one day I leaned next to her while she was sleeping after watching musical together.

That's like 10 years ago and I have no idea what she's doing or where she is ever since she went to Canada. I had other crushes after that but still curious about what happened to her.
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Never had one.

As a kid/teenager I always just thought people were pretending to like each other. It all seemed fake to me.

It wasn't until it was too late (in my early 20s) that I realised people weren't pretending, they actually liked being around each other and having sex and relationships and all that shit.

Now I'm 30 and HHKV living by myself in apartment bought for me by my parents, living off autism bux.
age 12 - first crush turned out a massive whore that hit the wall full speed at the ripe old age of 18
age 14 - other crush was the perfect girl for me in every way, who knows what she does today. I've quite forgotten her despite what she meant to me.

i'm 25, have had no such feelings since 14 and I miss them gravely
I've had a huge crush on my best friend in school, who was also my neighbor back then. Actually, I still have. At 24 I learned that she most likely returned the feeling, and maybe still does. Hurts quite a bit.

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I was in a fight and got pepper-sprayed for the first time in the middle of it. Still managed to fight through. It wasn't so bad.

If I were a rapist, nothing could stop me.
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>Doesn't include a greentext story
Your thread is trash.
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It's ok. I still feel great

Only thing I hated was my white shirt being ruined by the dye

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what boards or board users do you hate the most anons and why?

>/pol/ and /lgbt/

both cant seem to stick to their own boards and shit everywhere else. you have a containment board for a reason you fucks
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I hate /pol/ but still go there all the time hoping I can change their minds on some things. It's not the racism that bothers me though. That's just common sense.
I despise /gif/ for getting me into the breast expansion fetish.
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forgot image, shit


Is having fat gf worse than no gf at all?
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No way, chubby girls make the best girlfriends.

Soft, warm cuddles are the best. Plus they generally come with larger tits, so that's a bonus.
they look fun, but i'm intimidated by big girls cause my dicc is small :S
her tits aren't that big tho

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