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>tfw basically have to completely numb myself and never switch on my brain because as soon as I start thinking about things logically the best option is to kill myself
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That's logically the best option for any living creature. You don't have to use logic for everything.
Its literally impossible for a human to live without emotion and be only rational
The world is too complex for that. Emotions fill in the blanks of what we dont quite know, they give us things like hope and fear etc. because there are a lot of things that influence our everyday life that humans cant calculate yet. People who say "im rational/ realistic" are really pessismists most of the time and they know it deep down
Emotions fill the blanks with fake bullshit, though.

OP is full in the right.

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What a beatiful work of nature

Origanlo sauce lelel pls
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I wonder what the money is for
>I wonder what the money is for
Catnip ofc
Just to make the picture more beatiful

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>what's the point of having a computer when it will be obsolete in a few years
Probably the best relationship advice to ever grace r9k.
Too bad it is the one thing that is even harder for a robot than finding a woman, not wanting to keep her at all cost.
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>tfw already attached to r9k

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This board used to be the best place to tell stories. Well, here is one of mine. It is being typed right now so best be patient.

>early life far back as memory goes, never had any real family
>one foster home after another
>abuse neglect and sometimes even torture
>understandably grow up as an outsider
>never really fit in among anyone
>spend all my time that wasn't school and chores playing vidya on old hand me down consoles

>one summer, huge blackout
>no ac and no tv. Just the farm and the chores
>be hanging out in the far corner of the pasture under the only decent shade tree with a breeze.
>hear a sweet voice greet me
>look up to see a brunette "goth" girl talking to me
>my always wearing black had gotten her attention.
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Bumping for you.

Originally speaking
>She was beautiful. Her voice was like aural silk
>for days we talked
>eventually start sneaking out with her, carrying her to the barn and we lay on the roof together staring at the sky and all the stars you couldn't see normally.
>she was a dropout working as a waitress and played vidya
>she was the first girl i ever felt anything for
>we used to make love in the hay, in the woods, in her room.
>was completely convinced i loved her
>she seemed to get me like no other
>lavished me with gifts because of her disposable income
>did almost anything a boy would want his girl to do
>finally after a lifetime of feeling alone i felt loved
>Then comes the day
>she tells me she is not over her ex
>so began the spiral

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Here alone? ...again?

I humbly beg your pardon if I am overstepping my bounds. I don't mean to insult nor do I mean to pry, but don't you get lonely? I see many people walk through these halls day after day but none have so interested me as you do. You avert your gaze to the floor under my attention as if embarrassed or ashamed to inhabit a human body. You stutter and mumble as if this routine transaction is a strenuous ordeal. I see a pain in your countenance sir, you try to hide it under a stoic demeanor, but it is as clear to me as day. What has you in such a state sir? Why does the contentedness that others find so naturally elude you? Who made you like this?

I...I'm sorry if what I said was out of line sir. Enjoy the movie...
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Unrealistic dialogue
>Why does the contentedness that others find so naturally elude you?
Yep, that's how normal people talk, right?
nigger are you high

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what do couples even do?

no seriously, what do they do

if I had a girlfriend I have no idea what we would even do together, I'd basically do whatever she wanted to, but if she told me to come up with an idea I'd have no clue at all
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It's what you do with friends, but with more sex.
Do whatever you want to, be yourself. Go to a comic store, museum or even a stroll at the park.
but my only friend is a weirdo with a bad sense of humor like me, I can't imagine a girl like that existing

it always seemed like you have to do different things with a girlfriend, because girls are different

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ITT: who was your oneitis anons? what happened to her? If you could speak to her again what would you say this time?
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Why don't you just erase time then King Crimson?
>he can erase time, but not his feels
>people understand his stand more than they understand how he feels

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I'm going to become the best me I've ever been.

Will you join me, /r9k/?
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Alright what do we do?
how do i know when im the best me
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When you're physically en mentally better than yesterday and keep doing this until you know you're the best you.

>pic related

It's up to you to decide what you want.

I want to get a degree and have a great body. I'm going to join a sport (MMA, boxing or something else, not sure yet).

I'm taking a step every day from now on to shape my own future.

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In Europe, murder is often a high-class, white collar crime.

We have a plethora of killers like Anders Breivik, Harold Shipman, Ian Brady etc who are all respectable individuals, mostly holding a degree and high paying job.

They are well behaved, good mannered, and generally civilised.

In the US, murder is a very low class crime, mostly done by those in ghettos, or by hillbillies having an argument, or retards going on a school shooting spree.
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I am not sure how right you are about this, but interesting thought.
What you call low class murder is imo mostly robberies or territorial fights among the scumsuckers themself gone bad, and europe has lot of that shit too.
They just do not stray into murder as often (for now) because not many have guns and using one too easily will give you a response intensity that compares to a murican copkiller hunt. So they rather bash eachothers heads in, with more chances of the loser submitting or winner thinking "Faggots had it, and bleeds on the floor, Doing more would just spell trouble for me"
Its more work, risk and takes longer than just pulling a trigger. Also less easy collaterals.
Flipside they will more easily come to blows, because the risk of eating lead within 10 seconds is lower.
As much as I personally dislike euro weapon laws, there are good and bad points to not letting everyone seemingly sane own a handweapon.
This just sounds ignorant. First you're probably not hearing about violence there because the media doesn't report it as much, where as America sensationalizes it. Someone gets caught for their crime it becomes a circus entertainment festival and then if they do time they get a movie deal, record companies tend to have bogus contracts where artists don't really make anything compared to what the record companies keep so these people get famous from the media circus sensationalizing it, then the rest of the media movies, records, ect. give them a bully pulpit, all glorify the bullshit to make more money.

>that dream where you actually hit it off with a nice girl
>you wake up and she stops existing
If you actually exist, I'm looking for a short lady with long, dark curly hair and sort of a chubby face.
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this is also a thread to post your dreams that you remember as you wake up
>basically perfect gf
>very light blonde hair
>around my height
>dazzling smile
>i go super emo and she comes into my room
>puts my head onto her lap and just strokes my hair saying "everythings gonna be alright"
>after a while start to feel better and play pokemon with her
>she makes me dinner, the best food I'ver ever had
>cuddle up and watch anime before going to bed

Then I wake up and transform into a minimum wage making, depressed, lonely loser! Life sure is great!
Yep. Happened to me just a couple of days ago.

She was named Lucca (??) and when I woke up I even went to search facebook for some reason even though I knew she didn't exist..

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What is the best hairstyle and why is it native american braids?
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Pharah isn't native american shes Egyptian.
It's the single side braid, fag
I like pony tails

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>Watching TV in the break room at work
>That one normie who starts nodding his head or dancing when music comes on

Seriously, are they even serious?
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girls usually dance or clap, its even worse
I like this Pepe but why is he a ball?
Black girls that is.

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>Daddy! How in God's name have you and mommy been arguing in the kitchen for the past seven hours, and not paid one attention to the dead body slouched against the refrigerator? WHO THE FUCK IS HE!? WHY HAS NO ONE TEXTED 911 YET!?!
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>"I think we already had this conversation, it is your fucking DAD!"
this is probably the single worst forced meme on this board
I don't understand what you're trying to say OP. I guess you're trying to force a meme by posting the same image every day? Try and work on the green text part a bit more because at the moment it's absolute shite. 0/10

>IQ is the one stat that matters
>it's the only one you can't raise

funny joke
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>IQ is the one stat that matters
nah, that would be physical attractiveness. you can raise it pretty well by going through a series of plastic surgeries.
nobody gives a fuck about your IQ

in fact, telling people your IQ will most likely make them hate you
What a fucking retarded post.

Hello. I don't really care if I get replies. Guess I just want to be heard. Killing myself is getting to be less upsetting and more the right choice. I don't feel peace just anxious and heartbreak. Every passing second of life hurts when I'm still. Wish things happened different. I just want love and to love. And a purpose. I'm so lonely. Goodnight.
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hang in there anon
if you wanna chat im here
do it. once you close your eyes forever you are just reuiniting with the universe, which is true consciousness.
O hey. Not much to chat about. Are you a happy person? Do you feel like you accomplish things, are you busy? What's your favorite color? What do you think happens after you die

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