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>meet girl online
>start chatting with her on snapchat
>goes really well, she says I'm cute
>mid-conversation blocks me with no context

Why do girls do this?
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Girls like getting your hopes up and then dashing them away

Weve all gone thru it
That means despite how cute you are bro, your personality sucks over messages. Just move on to the next slut
I've had that done to me bro, hang in there im with you

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>be a college student without any friends
>summer between semesters
>haven't spoken to anyone in two months, except my family on the phone and a cashier at the grocery store

Could this legitimately be considered social isolation?

I'm losing motivation to do stuff, and just sitting online all day...
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Hey at least you're not on the street

go get a job im srs. even some wagecuck shit pay job just to give ur life some routine. social isolation is fucking horrible for your brain and body u needa at least talk to people
it's only bad for your brain when you're legitimately isolated, like put in a cell without any interaction at all. I still talk to my family once a week, and I can still watch ASMR videos on youtube, and watch movies and stuff. It's not ideal, of course, and I think I'm getting slowly more depressed, but I don't think I'll get neurological damage or anything.

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If a time traveling version of your 16 your old self (same universe) came to you today, would you let them fuck your wife/gf (pretend you have one) or would you that be cuckish? you can't really self-cuck yourself, can you?
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What is even the purpose of entertaining such a dumb fantasy?
my 16 year old self was on a lot of medication, I don't think hed have the desire too
it's a scary world out there. let your guard down for one moment, and you're cucked 6 ways to sunday. you gotta study cuckolding if you hope to have a chance of getting the edge in this doggy-dog world. nu-males will never understand this.

I have a major problem, fellow bots. Please read my short tale and give me some advice.

>try tinder because otherwise if i don't try to get a gf i'm gonna just waste away the time until my suicide deadline of 30 (offing myself if i'm still alone at 30, i've heard many robots who have similar plans)
>have tinder for half a year
>closest i get to a date is a liberal 6/10 black girl, i mention that my dad is a tiny bit racist and she tells me that she can't date someone with parents who have any prejudices
>after a long period of depression due to this not panning out, i retry because i've sworn to myself that i'm going ahead with that suicide deadline no matter what, and i'd rather not get to that point
>of course, im doing right swipes only, i have no pretense that i have the ability to choose who i like as if i was chad
>get a match, only one pic
>red flag obviously but i'm desperate
>pic is an absolute qt, 8/10 by my standards
>i work at a busy grocery store as a cashier, that trained me to ignore my social anxiety
>summon my chad ancestors' power and send the first message
>we actually have a lot in common
>pull the trigger within three or four hours of talking, take advantage of the time as it's almost midnight at this point
>"it's been really nice talking to you, but i have work tomorrow and i have to sleep. do you want to talk more sometime, maybe over coffee?"
>having panic attack
>doesn't respond for an hour
>"sure, definitely"
>fucking hell i did it
>ask her if she's free tuesday
>she says yes, i set up the date

Here's the problem.

>she mainly only replies in 2-4 words now
>just checked, she unmatched me on tinder, but we've exchanged numbers so it might be that reason
>she didn't link an instragram like most normies do
>she only has one picture

Should I go to this date? Everything is really fucking suspicious, but it is a public place, so Tyrone couldn't kill me if it was him.
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Of course, there is the possibility that it's just someone who likes to fuck with people, but we got really in detail about our shared interests over Tinder, mostly things that weren't even in my bio, so I have no idea.

Am I just going to look like an idiot if I go?
id say you have nothing to lose anon. im thinking the worst that happens is she ghosts you. you'e overthinking
Should I ask her Monday if she's still on for the date? Or would that be seen as cringy?

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Do you guys wanna share some songs to feel to? I find it helps a little

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This song is overplayed way too much but the lyrics are pretty relatable
I'm feeling decent, having epic lulz trolling these fourms

it's just a prank bro.....

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what is your idea women,robots and les bots?
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Only own race, so pic related can still exist 1000 years from now.
I would happily date any of those girls, but the hungarian, thai, romanian, and north indian girls
...are the most beautiful.

You can have a girl with great tits or a girl with a great ass. Which one do you choose?
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by "great" do you mean little to no tits/ass?
Ass, all the way
I choose a bf with a kind heart and great hair

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fannies vs willies
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Willies for sure
Pussy because I'm not a cock loving faggot
Holy shit... MODS MODS MODS

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>finally get a date with an actual girl
>no idea how it happened but go with it
>go to eat, tease her and make her laugh etc
>driving back she reveals she's a single mom
>wants to go see a movie soon

why do I always get the roasties
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Because you are a normal fag.
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>she reveals she's a single mom
You never bother to read those OKC and Tinder profiles, I see?
Now enjoy getting cucked into taking care of Chad's offspring because you were a dumbass.

I didn't meet her online like some beta autist, I walked up to her and introduced myself

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Why do normies especially roasties hate cargo pants so much?
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Are you hiking, hunting, or anything like that? If not then there's no reason to wear attire that is 100% functional. You live in the city where you don't need to be carrying a million things with you at all times just in case. You're not in a survival situation. So instead of wearing functional clothes, the rational thing to do would be to go for things that are more fashionable and less functional.

The fact that you lack the self-awareness to acknowledge this makes people cringe and they make fun of you.
>not keeping nerd things in your cargo pants
leave normie
i should be able to inflict physical harm on people who attempt to harm my feelings as an equalizer.

you can't disagree with this, it's completely just.

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How do I become friends with my 18 year old sister after almost a decade of hating and resenting each other?
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you and i are in the same boat my friend. does she know you hated her?

does she want to be YOUR friend? these questions are important.
I actively ignored my sister for years and then got drunk with her and made her apologize for being awful.
Tell her you want to bury the hatchet and be friends. Take her out for dinner and pay, see a movie with her. Treat her like a friend.

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>Let friend get brutally raped
>Do literally nothing to stop it or bring the criminal to justice
>Go to party of said rapist and get alone with him
>Get raped

Stupid bitch deserved it and deserved to kill herself. Why do normies sympathize with this whore?
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wow this show is super good

im 12 btw
No idea what the fuck you're talking about, faggot. The only "normie" here is you.
>tfw you'll never get raped by chad

why live

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Is it just me or are the captchas getting preposterously hard to bypass? This shit is like porn site redirect tier.
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Yeah. People on this board will always have an issue with the button that says "I'm not a robot"
Its because the new mod or janitor or whatever.
Jesus christ yes.

>Clicks on picture of car
>extremely slow fade to white
>extremely slow fade back from white...
>to another car
>Repeat 1000x


>Click on the street signs
>Click on the street signs
>Click on the street signs
>Click on the street signs

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>tfw no normalista bf
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>tfw tomokoposter won't be my friend
I wouldn't be a very good friend.
Why do you think you wouldn't be a good friend?

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randy stair.png
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This guy is just depressing. At least Elliot was really funny, and his manifesto is hilarious. This guy was just pathetic. I watched Mister Metokur's video about him, and I just feel sad now. I'm sad that such a horrible person could exist. He clearly had a very sick mind, but he was in complete control, and must be held morally accountable (and I believe he is).

It kind of scared me, because I saw aspects of myself in him. Not the Danny Phantom stuff, but the laziness, lack of talent, the angst, the general aspie tendencies, the never having a girlfriend (I'm not gay at least), these are all things I've experienced at one time or another. I'm doing better now, making progress in maturing, but it freaked me out how a relatively normal guy could become something so horrible. It made me wonder if I could have ever gotten to that point, or worse, what if I still can? How many people that we talk to here are capable of doing things like this?
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Who? He's not qt anyway at all.
Here's the full video for the whole story, but to make it short, he was an autistic tranny who was obsessed with a character from Danny Phantom and killed three coworkers and himself so that he could be reincarnated as a female ghost.

Elliot's manifesto was just made up by someone from here though.

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