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Does anyone else lie to people about their favorite color? my favorite color is green, but only a specific shade of green, so I tell people that it's blue. it's better because in the future if they were going to buy me something, and they thought about my favorite color, and they got me something in barf green, I would never use/wear it.
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you have to be at least 18 to post here original

Besides purple is objectively best colour.
I wear almost all black and dress like a punk asshole.

But my favorite colors are pink and pastels.

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This happened today.

>Be me
>18 year old HS senior (flunked 9th)
>Be in Algebra 2 with a bunch of sophomores, and a few juniors
>only student that has to retake test
>Sent to pre-calc room to finish
>Girl I'm into gives me a look of pity, and disgust
>BS it while thinking of how much of a failure I am
>Finish and excuse myself to the office
>Check out
>Cry when I pass my old elementary school
>Cry the whole way home

I'm a 2.0 GPA, with a low IQ.
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NEETdom is calling you
She Dosent pity you because you failed she pittied you because you are betabitchmcgee. Chad or Tyrone could fail and shed suck them off after class.
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>lazy thread
FTFY. Literal downies graduate from high school dude, it has nothing to do with IQ or natural intelligence. Just cut back the video games by an hour each day and spend that hour doing your homework. If you just turn in all of your homework on time that automatically achieves like a C- average.

And once you graduate DON'T fall for the college meme, I can already tell it is not for you. Go to a trade school and work part time, you'll be fine. For Christ's sake dude you're still in high school, your life hasn't even started yet. Good luck dude, it's still not too late to escape the /r9k/ future but you have to start trying right now.

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>be me
>meet up with this cute innocent looking Asian girl from tinder (5'2, very petite body type, cute little butt, etc)
>we meet up and talk for a bit
>she plays vidya and opens up to me about how she doesn't really have friends and just sits in her room all day
>super closed off body language, she won't look me in the eyes and she crosses her arms
>stop and get into the back of my car
>we smoke some weed and then start cuddling
>we start kissing
>I start feeling her up and rubbing her everywhere
>she is super awkward and looks like she is uncomfortable so I ask her like every 60 second if she like it/if she's comfortable
>she responds positively so I keep going
>the only thing she initiates is kissing, she pulls me by the back of my head etc
>I eventually start sucking her nipples and work my way lower
>she doesn't stop me so I proceed to take of her shorts
>rub her pussy
>try to put my finger in but she winces in pain and tells me she's a virgin and she's never had a finger in there before
>I slowly make my way deeper and deeper into her untouched pussy
>Eventually I decide to eat it to see if that will losen her up
>she quivers in pleasure and finally gives me some positive feedback
>she told me said she was afraid her pussy would taste bad and I reassured her it was the best tasting pussy I've ever eaten. She laughs and says "keep going please"
>I eventually start getting my finger inside her
>after 20 minutes of slowly rubbing and going deeper I have my entire finger inside her

Long story short
>I drove her home and said "I hope you had a good time, goodnight" to which she responded "yes I did, goodnight"
>I felt like shit on the way home, this girls first sexual experience is with a guy she met less than an hour ago and we will probably never hang out again
>found out she unmatched me on tinder and blocked me on SC
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Wahahaahahhahahaha anon! Holy fuck anon! Did she jack you off?? Suck... Your fucking... Cock?? COCK! COOOOOOCCCCCCCCKKKKKK OH MY GODDDDDDDDD ANON!
Ya she played with my cock but I was shocked by the fact she was a virgin so I was mostly focusing on her pleasure. Her vagina was so small, it was hairy and it was honestly the most fun I've had eating pussy in my life.
You might have dodged a bullet, bonzai. She sounds underage.

Fembots, why aren't you masturbating right now? You better have a good explanation for that missy
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nice ERP bait
because i havent showered in a week and i dont want to get smegma all over my fingers
because I've been ovulating and already did multiple times today.

Why aren't you practicing socialising with Stacey's in your chad profile?
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That won't actually help you. Chad can get away with saying things that a less attractive guy can't. We need to practice socializing using our own profiles.
If you ever want a laugh on tinder just put your settings to over 40.

The amount of boomer angst in the profiles is hillarious
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Chad friend literally uses the same opening line every time: "You're babe status"

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There's no fucking board to discuss serial killers. Some of you guys are interested in that shit. Serial killer thread?
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Go on gurochan. That'd be perfect for you if you enjoy that sort of thing. Just stay away from the image sharing threads. Things can get a bit odd and illegal if you look in the right places.
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Serial killer threads pop up on /x/ sometimes but they usually just talk about the most famous ones like Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway.

Ottis Toole was pretty interesting to read about. Just a few IQ points shy of mental retardation, was pimped out to his dad's friends when he was 5 years old, claimed to be part of a Satanic cult, used to wander around the cemetery and sleep on top of his mother's grave.
He looks so creepy too.

Him and Henry Lee Lucas' story is crazy

ITT We talk about Mexican and Latino feels without having to deal with privileged white males who get any Stacy they want.
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Oh great another of my threads is going to be ignored. Why do I even bother anymore
Si me vas a poner esa bandera de mierda no esperes que algun latino aparte de ustedes, curachas, postee en este hilo.
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Pinche argentino prieto. No eres Aleman pendejo.

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Femanons, what's your opinion on women with penises?
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don't have one people are people
they should fucking kill themselves
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look at that fat cock on the left

>just bought 40 LTC

please god i just want to be a rich NEET. Any robots buying into any cryptocurrencies?
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I just got into it anon.
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>mfw bought 40 LTC and 10 BTC in summer 2015 and held my bags
how does one get into cryptocurrencies anyway?
I've been seeing a lot of talk about it, but I've been thinking it's a meme until now.

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How can I improve my life? I am not ugly, not fat, and not a total idiot. My hygiene is very good and I do sports regularly. I get at least regular compliments because of my look from women. , Most people, if not all, with whom I have contact find me nice. I also do not really have a problem with talking to girls. As soon as I finish school I will go to study and then have a well paid job. My family loves me and I love my family. Despite this really good starting point, my life is the living hell. I have no real friends outside school and family. I am alone, lost in the loneliness that surrounds me. I have the constant feeling of wasting my time. While other people enjoy their youth, I'm wasting my time on the PC. That is depressing. The problem is, I probably could solve this problem. If I asked friends from the school to do something, they would probably agree. So it would be quite possible to improve my life. But I do not know how. I'm too autistic to build a real relationship with people. I never could. I have never had real friends as a child. At that time I had no problems with it. For some time now, however, this problem has been causing me a lot of trouble. I want to change this situation. Partially, it is the fault of my parents. They should have done something before. Since my siblings are normal, my abnormality should have occurred to them.
I have the fear I'll never have a fun evening with friends, or a romantic day with a woman.
I want it so much. Do I find here maybe some advice?
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leave r9k faggot
>I do sports regularly
>I'm wasting my time on the PC

Something doesn't add up here.
Lmao this.

To answer your question just ask people to play vidya

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When's your birthday, /r9k/?

Mine's april 1st
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March 24
January 3rd, so close to Christmas none of my family really get me anything
day before me lel

>Let me guess...table for one?
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Not anymore, roastie. I'll be taking my business elsewhere. But first I'd like to speak to your manager.
>you're not a morning person?
>you're just lazy!
Yea, thanks! I'll grab a beer too.

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>tfw qt asian doctor
>tfw she asks you to take your shirt off and touches your chest
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>Lost 150 lbs
>Qt russian doctor for regular checkup
>Asks my history
>Asks to take off clothes
>Eyes open wide
>Keeps complementibg me on how my body adapted and how I did it
>"Wow, your shoulders are broad"
>"Look at that v figure"
>"You must be strong"
>"Were you really morbidly obese?"
>"Your muscles have great definition"

Made me smile for almost a week.
Were you fit? Did she enjoy it?
It happened this morning. I'm not fit, just slim.
I have no idea whether she enjoyed it. I liked feeling her touch, but it was still really embarrassing.

why is it that in any country black people live, black people are always at the bottom or near the bottom of socio-economic ladder?

What is the conserved factor here?

I think the explanation for this is that black people have a significantly lower average IQ than 100 and do so for genetic reasons, such that even when blacks are raised in 1st world countries with first world education systems, they still have average IQs in the 80s.
Infact when you compare the IQs of black babies adopted by white parents with white babies adopted by white parents, blacks still have an average IQ 15 points below the white adoptees.
pic related and source.

there is also supporting direct genetic evidence:
>Factor Analysis of Population Allele Frequencies as a Simple, Novel Method of Detecting Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection: The Example of Educational Attainment and IQ.

>Two single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) whose associations with intelligence seem to be robust because they have been replicated in several independent studies were chosen as representative of intelligence increasing alleles.

>East Asian populations (Japanese, Chinese) have the highest average frequency of beneficial alleles (39%), followed by Europeans (35.5%) and sub-Saharan Africans (16.4%).

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Is it coincidence that the higher a populations neanderthal admixture the higher their intelligence is?
what do black people think of this?

As a white person, I don't have trouble accepting the firm evidence europeans have an average IQ of 100 while east asians have an average IQ of 105 and ashkenazi jews have an average IQ of 108-110.

why do black people deny that their average IQ is lower?
>higher a populations neanderthal admixture the higher their intelligence is?

Asians have a substantially smaller admixture.

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I'll start

>Be playing minecraft
Hold on it's going to get good bois.
>Play some murder mystery because can't pvp for shit
>Meet some furry with girlish name
>The furry suddenly talks about muh depression
>Muh suicide
>Asks if she needs help
>She says probaly
>Leave the server withouts saying anything to her again

Man I feel like a little devil over here kek
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my parents say dont stay up so long
i go to sleep at 8:00
devilish master savage

Captcha was: TEAM Poll
>communicates with parents

get off my board fucking normie
>manager says we have to wash our hands with soap after going peepee
>he didn't say anything about rinsing
>wash the soap off with more peepee

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