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>tfw you will never feel loved
>tfw you will never give love
>tfw you will never hear "I love you"
>tfw you will never go out and do stuff
>tfw you will never experience pic
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>you will never do the right thing
Romantic love is a trap

why would someone touch does dirty roasties?

they would scream"rape" anyways.

Ever been so depressed you cant even cry?
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Only 3 or 4 times in my entire life desu.
2 of the times I was completely convinced that I was going to die very soon.
Never want to feel like that again honestly.
>Ever been so depressed you cant even cry?
I didn't cry since 5 years
Even in extreme abnormally depression
What does it mean doctor ?
How did you make it out?

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be honest guys

how often do you turn down sex? and why do you turn down the opportunity
>last girl was that wanted sex with me was drunk and literally trying to take off my pants while i had to physically stop her

T. 32 year old virgin sperg
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>why do you turn down the opportunity
Because most women come off as a little desperate and it's a turnoff. Nothing kills my boner like someone seeking validation
only turned down twice a qt in high school because i couldnt comprehend what she wanted and a really big girl
>most women are desperate
r9k make up your mind

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How bad is your acne /r9k/?
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i had terrible acne till 19 when i went nuclear with accutane. it worked really well for me, its been 4 years since i stopped the meds and the acne has not returned.
Pretty bad right now cant find a face wash that works
it was awful as a teenager, hurt to smile, 21 now and its pretty much all gone except the odd spot every now and then, always on my beard though so its probably not even acne just a side effect of poor hygene.

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>tfw you could have had a better life starting in 2006

>you could have easily avoid trading that $300 gift certificate for an old Xbox and not let video games take over your life
>you could have tried harder in high school and graduated with at least a high B average rather than C average
>you could have put in effort in enrolling to colleges during your senior year
>you could have avoided getting fired and instead work your way to becoming a DO or work at corporate
>you could have enrolled into college and still graduate with your buddies on the same year
>you could have stayed at that one job and work as a general manager if you didn't keep quitting jobs or getting fired every year
>you could have saved money and gotten a better more reliable car to avoid a loan

>all this time you could have had something so much better as well as have someone right beside you if you didn't squander your potential back in high school

I wish I could go back to high school 10 years ago and fix my mistakes.
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could have been jonathan brandis
Why the fuck would I want to be like somebody I've never heard of?
How old are you now anon? You might still have time left to change

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How do I get an obsessive girlfriend??
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She's waiting in heaven anon. You know what to do.
Be attractive.
That's actually a trap and they're a nightmare

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How do you guys manage to be self-loathing yet at the same time clear narcissists?
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Narcissism covers the extremely low self esteem. That's actually how it works and why a narcissist will have "narcissistic rage" at real/perceived insults.
shy narcissism is the mantra of the nu-male. they can't handle the fact that they are the bottom of the barrel so there's this split in complete denial over it with narcissism
I'm not self-loathing, I just acknowledge that I do not fit into this society, because this society is deeply flawed.

Any good video games where I can unleash the Beta Uprising on normalfags?.
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HATRED, the postal series...
What exsactly is that anon??.
>having to resort to performing your great uprising inside of a video game

when will they learn?

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>get femanons discord
>realize I have no idea what to say
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we saw you in the zeemap thread already. stop putting vaginas on a milady pedestal
Does she play vidya? vidya is usually a good icebreaker for the socially autistic.
Ive never posted in a zeemap thread desu, sorry
I don't know. I actually don't know anything about her except she said she likes stacys

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only join this thread if youre feeling good, pretty drunk here miserable day but feeling good now, sign in with how you feeling at least must be good
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feel pretty good, op ya
congratulations anon this is rare nowdays
moved to a place with nice weather. feel free

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>tfw found out dad posts on /r9k/ and is a weaboo faggot
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Could you provide more details?
How did you find out?
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Hi Anon's Dad. At least he's just a weeb, and doesn't jack off to ladyboys.........like mine ;_;
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>my dad has browsed /pol/ before

No joke, the strangest fucking thing I've ever heard come out of his mouth. It all came back to me why he would complain about the Jews.

We're all the walking dead

>Since we finished school we've had no purpose
>Games, Movies and hobbies aren't fun anymore
>We just try to kill time every day, we don't do anything

What happened?
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Life is only scripted up to round 23

Lazy devs pull a no-man's-sky from then on
men usually don't get older than 35 years.

our soul disfiguring live style is truely like the living dead. we all get over 60 years now but our hearts still die at their natural deadline.
You just blew my mind a little.

t. 39-year-old, feel like I've been dead for years

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When's are we gonna find personal info on this fucker? Expose him or something
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This channel is one of the most autistic channels ive ever seen
what's the point of explaining memes anyways? they're meant to be group identifiers, not references. worst part is that he's terrible at being terrible, i can't stand to watch a few minutes of his shitty videos
Support thatistheplan and his channel will die

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I have a job interview at Papa Murphey's in about 12 hours. What can I expect?
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a shit job
Seems like a decent place to work.
shower beforehand and youre already in the top 10% of applicants walking in there.

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Anyone else just don't feel like chasing after girls?
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Yeah. The cost benefit ratio isn't that good.

Throw in the fact I'm really behind professionally and financially for someone my age, and it's just a lost cause.
Without confident control of my erections theres really no point for me.
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I know girls like me, even had a friend asking me about why i dont try to get laid.. I don't know why, i want too, but somehow i'm "afraid" and always turn around when i get a chance to

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