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>Chad lost his virginity when he was 12
>You paid a hooker to take your virginity in your 20s

Natural selection is a bitch.
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>caring about the sex meme

You dun goofed.

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>(((They're))) tracking you right now

It's ogre
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sorry no, nobody is tracking you, nobody cares about you

a computer assigned you an ID and is associating things with that ID
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jew is watching you.jpg
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read the thread ya dumb bint

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>be me
>7th grade, 3-4/10
>Have 3 friends,Logan, Jacob, and retard Jacob
>be edgy computer obsessed autist, think I'm above the school rules
>literally everyone else hates me, even now best bro who I met in kindergarten
>also sort of smart, gets Spanish
>discover sports, play lacrosse
> still autist
>school year ends
> lift a little over the summer
>decide to play football cuz why not
> 8th grade starts
> football starts
> suck dick
> now chill.jpg
>sudden popularity( compared to seventh grade)
>football ends
> we end 6-2, second in our conference
> also tall.jpg
> like 6 inches taller than average in my grade
> 2 options, soccer or basketball
>suck dick at basketball, pick soccer
> suck dick at soccer, but whatever no one actualy cares(ruralish Tennessee)
> crush on a girl, we date for a little bit
> break up, whatever for the better anyway
> soccer ends, whole team sucks dick so win only one game
>lacrosse starts
>be goalie
> high school coach comes down because old coach left
>be brought up to high school
> actually do okay
> lacrosse ends
> start talking to this girl
> we're never official, but it was known between us that we both like each other
> 8th grade d.c trip
>room with best bro( the one I've known since kindergarten), my brother, and best bro's weird cousin( who's fucking funny)
>me and girl are together the whole trip
>when we go back we sit together
>she falls asleep on my shoulder
>hold hands
>get home
>go on date with girl
>she stops talking to me
> she said she got her phone taken
>she said she has 2 phones
>relationship was already strained
>think she full of shit
>move on
I think I've gone normie, see you in the good life
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>tfw your own father hates you for not being a masculine macho

Should have raised me properly you asshole. Never gave me any attention when I was a kid and now you're butthurt that I look like sissyboy. FUCK you.
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Why don't you tell that to him instead of us?
cuz he doesn't like to talk, only judge others
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>parents spent all my childhood telling me to shut up and only talk when I'm talked to
>"lol anon why you never talk"

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Not everyone is supposed to have children. Women choosing who gets to mate will eventually ensure that empathy becomes more prevalent. Unfeeling men like you guys will be breed out of existence.

If you say:
>I do have feelings that's why I want a gf!

You only have feelings and desires for yourself, selfishly. Real empathy is not like that. Sorry you aren't actually nice.

Women having all the power to choose who's genes gets passed on is the first stage to the next evolution of human beings.

Women having power is good. Everything is turning out how it should be.

If you don't have a gf you aren't kind. There is no superficial reason. If you think there is a superficial reason it's because you are superficial. A truly kind and empathetic person will find a partner. Most of you are not that. Be honest with yourself about that, that's the only way you could possibly change.

The society on the left is best for cultivating empathy.

In the future being a virgin will have absolutely nothing to do with your erotic prowess. The top desired traits will be:
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FUCK OFF ROASTIE WHORE!!!!! This is an original comment snowflake.

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I don't even feel like I deserve a job/normal life.
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Why not, anon?

If you volunteer, you get out and you're wanted. It's a place to start at least.
the only thing I want is a normal life but Ive realize that its literally impossible to have it.

Where are my black metal robots?
I recently started listening to entombed again. It's cool to see how the music scene has evolved over the past 2 decades
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Hey bots, could you vocaroo this for me?
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Here it is:
Beta beta beta beta beta beta beta fucking sex sweet tight sugary cunt beta fucking beta alpha nu male beta have you seen the beta beta alpha as fuck I do alpha shit push beta beta push heavy shit eat healthy have sex love life beta beta alpha alpha touchy touch touchy touch
buddy pal hey pal buddy you know kid buddy what's up pal lol lol buddy buddy you alright there buddy >:) hey how's it kid what's the beta post best albums for hey buddy how's it going kid you okay there you're not okay there remember you're going to die afraid with sores on your back buddy hey kid
buddy please stop pretending buddy itt best poser core for the mental ill buddies why are buddy pretending buddy you alright buddy you having a mental seizure buddy alpha beta alpha beta pussy you know who gets pussy the buddy gets push heavy shit buddy stop pretending haha lol stop pretending kid stop stop please to have a mental disorder buddy you alright
Sure. You first.

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This is me and my bf. Guess which one is me XDD
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The one taking the picture? Oreganolly
The cameraman
you're the faggot

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popeyes options.jpg
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24 y/o neet here and my mom gets off conference call at 12:15 and will take me out for tendies.

I am thinking about popeyes over my usual chic-fil-a and canes.

Vaporized the last of my bud but pretty happy, could use a tolerance break.

neet/tendies thread
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Ah shit i left it out does popeyes have worthwhile dipping sauces to make it a choice.
Canes is so fucking good dude.
Seconded. Raising Cane's has S-TIER tendies

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Basically halfway through 2017

>Got a job
>Stopped smoking
>Bought a car
>Got a qt

What have you achieved so far?
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>Tfw no plutokin/dragon gf
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Denny intensifies
No different from normies claiming to be musicians when they just listen to music.

Or rich men claiming to be empowered or chosen by god because they were lucky.

All people are rife with identity based self bullshit.

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Name one thing worse then being a dicklet.

Your pretty much confined to a life of eternal loneliness
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not if you go bottom gay mode
>implying you even got far enough into le whirl of things for a girl to see your benins
I did
She left after I took my pants off...

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>apply to Amazon
>they literally give me the job

Holy shit, is this the big turn around for my life?
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>not saying whether it's in tech or in a warehouse
why are you teasing us OP
I heard warehouse jobs there suck. You gotta walk several miles a day.
>apply to Amazon

I give it a week before you realise what a mistake you made and want to quit

my life sucks. i don't have a job, i don't go to school, i have no friends online or off, i have no real interests besides sitting here in front of my computer. i have books and vinyl records, but they're just novelties for when i get bored or frustrated, they're not real. i obsess about keeping them clean and perfect because i don't really care about them. if i did i wouldnt care about minutia like that, i'd just use them. i used to be such a skinny hyper little kid, now i'm vaguely heavy with no face and no passion. is there any point in going on? is it too late to turn it around?
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