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At what age did you realize you were different?
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literally when i was 6 years old
First day of high-school
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took me a while to understand tbhh but i was never a smart kid
i like to think ive accepted my fate in this life

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Velkommen til /Scandifeels/

Dette er en traad for alle Skandinaviske roboter. Vi maa samle det skandinaviske robotmiljoet her!

Pass paa:
>Kun for Nordmenn, Svensker og Dansker
>Normier holder seg borte
>Nordiske bokstaver gir ASCII-feil, saa bruk f.eks. aa, oe osv..

Vaelkommen till /Scandifeels/

Detta aer en traod for alla Skandinaviska robotar.

Att taenka pao:
>Endast for Norrmaen, Svenskar och Danskar
>Normies haoller sig borta
>Nordiska bokstaever och ASCII fungerar icke pao detta board
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hvordan staar det til, gutta?
>dfn man aldrig ser fellow danskjaevlar paa /r9k/
he e no richi bra, kiva vaeder och inge pollen

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Why don't we just start a business? Robot Incorporated. We just need to find a niche no-one has thought of yet.
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a fleshlight that complements you
Gif shirts
waifu flavored sex bots.

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This seems to be a big divide on R9K, Neets vs Wagies.
I feel like we should debate about things with eachother. This is 2017s first annual Neet VS Wagie smackdown.

>Neets - Are you living with your parents? How much money/welfare do you have access to? What happens when your GBPs run out?
>Wagies - What do you do for a living? How much do you earn? How do you feel that your taxes pay for most Neets welfare?

Go wild Robots, lets see what side wins.
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Here comes another "i make this much in autismbux or salary" and I'm so happy but i got no proof.
T-this I going to be the Greatest battle on /r9k/ !
All robots get in here !!!!
Wagie here. I work construction for varying wages depending on the job but usually only $11/hr. I'm fine with NEETs spending my tax money because I feel bad for them. Most of them are so down on life they'd just let themselves starve without NEETbux.

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>been spitting into the same bag so long i now have a bag of spit

wtf do i do with this

im gona pour it out over the street somewhere tomorrow i think
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Like tobacco chew?
drink it and post a video
like saliva and mucus

looks and smells disgusting dont think ill be able to do anything with this besides pour it down a drain desu

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Who is this girl? Is she really Pepe's girlfriend? Is it canon? What does Wojak think of it?
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Wojak likes watching them be together, OP.
he loves it so much
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I don't get it, how can a sad frog such as Pepe find a girlfriend? It makes no sense, he's a lazy and sometimes sadistic person.

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>summer again
>all those semi naked qts in the street
this is worst than cancer
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it is a torture and pleasure at the same time. what pisses me off even more is seeing guys uglier than me walking with them while i'm a 20 y/o sexually starved virgin.
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>started dieting too late
>already lost weight but bitch tits still there
>can't conceal them under comfy hoodies anymore
>Catholic country
>girls don't dress like hookers

Cozy to live here

Aya can i be unblocked i didnt mean to create the server and make people angry
i just really liked ROOC and i wanted the same people in it. I like you a lot and I see you as a parent for some reason please don't leave me I'll delete the server if you tell me to I didn't think about what I was doing
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What's this now?
I didn't mean to do anything bad how do I make you understand
should I do bad things to myself?
I dont hate you at all give me Aya back i want hugs and attention from you I just wanted a parent
nobody can replace you
please add me back I dont know how to convey my feelings right
Aya dont leave
im saying i should do all these bad things to myself but i havent done them im horrible i know
im sorry

I just bought an arcade cabinet for $250 that's fully functioning. What did you guys do today?
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didnt waste $250 on some shit that i dont need
That's pretty fucking cool anon! Jelly.

I did tarot readings over at /x/ and saved my 200k bloodechos from a boss I accidentally stumbled into. Never knew you could hunter's Mark out of a boss fight. I'm now at work and thinking of the amazing steak I'm gonna have for dinner
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oh you little rascal...

death comes swiftly now.

Most female dog owners have let their dogs fuck them or at least lick their pussies at least once, right?
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Dog? No.

Cats have more textured tongues
How did you get your cat to lick your pussy?
Cats have tongues like sandpaper, the fuck. Never ever would I let one close to my clit.

>tfw can't order women's lingerie to wear on my sissy self because live with parents

pic not me
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i originally know that feel anon
I'm thinking of getting girl clothes when I leave to Uni in a few months, but I'm nervous the Uni will know what I ordered.
Get it sent tracked delivery for a specific day?


Give me good reasons not to do it.
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Think of your family. You'll no longer be a burden on them.
won't be able to indulge in delicious food
There is no good or bad reason to live or to die. Life is meaningless.

>That kid who browsed r9k in class
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>that kid who wore his headphones on his neck and played slipknot during school lunch alone in the corner so everyone could hear
>the girl who would put her hands down the popular kid's pants in class
>that kid who would grab hands full of ass in the crowded hallways during passing periods

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Holy shit guys, I found a way to kill two birds with one stone. We can finally did the world of faggots. It's 100% foolproof so long as we all work togetherlale the good old days. Newfags are invited as well, join in and become a part of history.

There was recently a pedo thread here and it got me thinking. What if we could pin the pedos on the lgbt community and completely discredit them. The lgbt community doesn't like pedos, but the rest of normal society don't know and don't care. So if we were to announce that the lgbt community had finally accepted pedos in to their group and are pressing for their rights as part of their move since the beginning to push for equal rights, people would go apeshit and it would backfire on the lgbt community. Thus Discrediting them and causing a rift and tear in their order.

The plan is simple:

We need to begin building banners and images asap of 'LGBTQP' or whatever they call themselves now but with a P added for pedos.

We get accounts en masse on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and every other social site these fags visit.

We spam messages like "We have finally accepted Pedos into our community, just like us they're fighting for their rights because of how they were born. Give them a warm welcome." Or something

We get thousands of accounts to do this and retweet it to FOX, CNN, CBS, ESPN, ect. We need the media to catch onto it like wildfire. It has to be quick and spontaneous, if we take too long they may catch on or play it off.

When real LGBT fags question you or go against you, return the sentiment with how they're doing the same thing to pedos that the world is doing to light. Try and make sense though and try to get some real members on your side to join in on the debate. It will cause confusion in their ranks and allow us to continue our plan.
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Did you think people would conspire with you on this board, on this site, of all places, against gay people?
It's sound in theory. But it's already been tried by others. It's not like there isn't already that perception out there. Which is why it's difficult for gays to adopt children, especially males. They might fuck them.

Now as for him conspiring on this board against gays. Many of us want you faggots out of here and back on your own board. I'd be only too happy to pin all you cocksuckers as rockspiders and watch you burn. But I digress. This is really more of a /pol/ tier thread.

/r9k/ doesn't usually involve itself in such things.
You mean what religious nutjobs have been doing for centuries?

How do you break free from this cycle?

We all know we have to fix our shit, but can' be bothered by doing it so we distract ourselves with escapism.
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this is very relevant. you just have to learn to put yourself in uncomfrotable situations.

comfort = enemy
for me the only thing that's motivated me to do something with my life instead of just telling myself I will tomorrow is when something really bad happens to me and I become super depressed

My solution, might not work for you, is to intentionally ruin my happiness. Only then do I find the motivation to strive for greater
i thought that hitting rock bottom will motivate me to change. now im stuck here.

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