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Real nigga time, robots. What is one fatal flaw about women that makes you resent them?
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Most of them I've met live in such a sheltered little bubble that they genuinely believe that humanity is "mostly good" and that people want to "do good."
How emotional they get.
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I don't resent women.

If I get dubs, you all will never have sex in the future.
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you failed miserably
So I'm not gonna die a virgin? Neat.
If dubs, I'm losing my virginity in another week

Why do so many women have fantasies about being nude in public?
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i wouldn't even look. what's the point?
I think we'll need a citation on that "fake fact", my friend.

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>called out of work
>told them I was feeling sick
>I'm not sick
>I'm feeling better then I have in a long time

Take that wage lords. up
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You're fucking fired.

Enjoy starving on the street after I evict you from your home, which I own. Enjoy getting cucked when your wife leaves you for a man with steady income. You are nothing, wagie, but another slave worker, easily replaceable.

There is no escape from wagedom.
You skipped work to hang out on r9k?
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>mom and dad harassing me to get a job again
>be their 30 year old beautiful bouncy boy
>pretend to apply for jobs online but actually playing civ all day

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Why do guys like being called daddy?
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Less than a percent of guys like being called daddy.
you want our seed.
i dont know but now my friends call me uncle daddy in pubg and discord and its fucking hilarious

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>That kid who use to walk around the playground pretending to be looking for someone but everyone knew he had no friends
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>tfw children and stacies would insult and make fun of you while you did this
If I ever make it, I'll make all those normal scum beg at my feet. They'll reach out to me to save them and I'll turn away.
>That kid using a non-working flip phone to pretend they needed to talk to avoid going to McDonalds with peers because too poor
>Doing this everyday, after school
I used to just sit outside the classroom and wait for lunch to be over.

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>neighbour is having a party
>can hear them from here
>he said I should come over
>I know some people there, would go as far as to call them friendsm
>honestly have no interest in spending money or time on drinking, listening to loud music and forcing conversations
>locked myself inside and shut all the curtain so they wont bother me
>shut off my phone and they're already been here once trying to convince me to come over

Why can't normies just fucking leave me the fuck alone?
I have no clue why they even bother me since they barely know me. I'm just some boring depressive person and there is literally no reason to have me there. If me being there somehow makes the party better then it must be a really shitty party
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>party at home
>have to pay for drinks
>I'm just some boring depressive person and there is literally no reason to have me there.

If you're saying this, you're fucking correct.

JFC you are literally being given an opportunity to socialize and make some friends. If you can't take that, no one will bother saving you from yourself.
Drinks are expensive and he's probably in the Netherlands.


wat do
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Why am I suddenly a girl?
Take pictures to use for blackmail so I can bust a nut in her whenever I please. Duh.
>he isnt an onee-chan (male)

What kind of hairstyle do you robots have?
I haven't had my hair cut by a professional in years and just shave it off at home once every few months but I keep getting comments about how shit my hair looks.
Any advice on getting a normalfag haircut? I don't know what to ask for and I am anxious about going to a barbers.
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I have about chin length hair where I flip my center bangs to the top of my head like a highschool girl. Accompanied by a decent amount of facial hair. Haven't been to a barber in ~7 months.
Luckily I'm in the software world where you can look like a greasy fedoralord and get away with it.

As for normie hair styles the answer is always short on the sides and long on the top (long being relative)
Is your hair wavy, straight or curly?
Post a picture of your face, but hide identifiers of course. Hair styles depends mostly on your face shape my nigga.

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>girlfriend keeps insulting me as a joke
>tells me to cry about it
>i do
>i feel not loved and underappreciated

what do
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Fuck her in the poophole to discipline her.
Grow some balls and tell her how you feel
Just deal with it. She's doing that shit so she doesn't have to go through the trouble of breaking up with you and you're the one who breaks up with her. Your revenge will be making her stay in a relationship she hates and eventually she'll have to be the one to break it off.

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>Only been working part time for a few weeks
>Have hundreds of dollars in my account
Wow, being a wagie is the best feeling ever. After 3 years of being a NEET I finally have my own money that I can spend on literally anything I want. How come nobody told me it was this great?
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>he thinks hundreds is a lot
After being a NEET for solong, it is.
you can't spend it on buying back your freedom*, which it turns out is the only thing worth spending money on

*not for a very, very, very long time

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i wonder why everyone hates me. i just want to have some friends.
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I don't hate you, Anon.
This is a VERY original comment btw.
i want to be your online friend anon
post discord!
here's the thing though, we migth become friends (probably not) then within a week or two you'd hate me. I always destroy friendships, i don't want to but it happens.

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>starting to get angina because of too much fast food
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you need to get a bit more oxygen in your blood, so either hyperventilate a bit, do some cardio exercises, or if you have a history of heart problems; take a squirt from your nitrous spray
I've been having a hard time breathing the last few weeks.
I've been eating McCucks 2-4 times a week for a year.
I'm I gonna die?
in all serious, the cardio wards are full of guys who noticed a problem with their breathing and then after getting a check-up, discovered there was a real problem

well to be fair, most of those guys had a partner who noticed their breathing was irregular and then forced them to goto the Doc, but seeing as you're on /r9k/ i'm guessing that isn't gonna happen

get a check-up

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>tfw you bust a huge load inside your girlfriend's vagina and she falls asleep with it still inside her
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hope she enjoys the UTI
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Stay salty, little virgie.
I hope you've saved enough to pay that child support.

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Any Indian robots here?

If you think about it, we have it the worst - universally hated race, manlet, dicklet (studies prove this), and ugly af.
I feel bad for Indian women for being stuck with such small dicked losers, they deserve much more.
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The only indian dicklets are the super poor ones in indian who are malnourished growing up. Indians born in 1st world countries will have the same penis size as anyone else since there's not actually any link to penis size and "race" when people are giving the same healthy upbringing.
Does being a gypp count?
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