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Dick goez in the pussy
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Just wait until some faggot post that big dick hurts women and it is no pleasure.
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Dick should goez in the boipucci instead
Are you offering up your boipucci?


How do girls make it look so easy?
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What is it about them that gets the subs?
How do I do it too? I want that YouTube Fame
convert to female :) problem solved.

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Dear Anna,

At this point I suppose it's safe to assume that you've found someone else, moved on, and no longer remember me at all.

It's not the same for me, I still miss you every day.

No matter how much you hurt me, I'll never be able to find someone else that made me feel quite the same way you did.

Makes me sad, knowing that you're no longer a part of my life.

I guess you got what you wanted.
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Dear C

I've been thinking a lot about what you said recently.

Sorry that I've been avoiding you, I just don't know what to say.
Another one


I'm really sorry I didn't get to say goodbye.

It kills me every day knowing our last conversation was an argument.
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dear D,

I still think about you often, I dont even know if you browse r9k anymore. but I was hopin maybe we could talk, please? its been over a year...i'll always love you

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Share creative stuff you've made (music, art, cooking etc)

Here's a song I wrote

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Trying to come up with some new stuff, it's all an experiment.

pretty avent garde mate i like
Thanks, makes me keep pushing forward. If you're OP, I like your song, left a comment.

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>be only 20 years old soon
>feel like you are a old fuck already and you have seen everything in life and there is nothing to look forward to anymore in life
how does this shit happen, shouldn't i be considered as being very young and life is ahead of me, why do i feel like this then, and I don't even know what I would want of life anymore, it just feels like time passes by fucking fast and I don't even know what I want to do, it just feels like I have already seen everything in my life and thats it
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Iktf,everyone seems to have planned their entire existance while I remain unknowing and rot away. Life is suffering as a robot.
Dip your toes in a range of different hobbies. You'd be surprised at what you might end up enjoying and taking further.
It's really not too late at 20, trust me.
THIS. I was a KHHS virgin til about 19. Worked at a shitty video store for 3 years after HS, gained about 60 lbs, ate fast food 3x a day, hated life, almost married the bitchy, moody cunt who took my virginity.

I eventually slowly turned things around and Im happy and married at 34 wtih a pupper and Ive literally been around the world and done some amazing shit.

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download (90).jpg
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>first black president
>first cuck president
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If black people, brown people, and yellow people can have their own countries why can't white people have America and Europe?
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europe is a continent matey.

but to be fair yall white folks can have antarctica back.
Cum in Asia, white man
America was never a white country. Go back to your country of origin.

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Haven't seen one of these in a while, let's get one started

>you browse a Taiwanese dog fighting image board and fap to cartoons
>Chad dicks her down on a friday afternoon
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>without her, you struggle to find your own way
>Chad plows her on the 1st day
>you gift a box of chocolates to your sweet
>chad cocks them one by one into her meat
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>You have no life, watching the clock go "tick tock"
>She slams here ass onto Chad's cock

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What emotion is the expression the blonde haired female on the left is making conveying?
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she's excited for her white friend, knowing she will take the superior black alpha male seed and create genetically superior mixed raced babbies
Black seed is superior to white and women know this on a biological level!
Really makes you think!!
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yes, good goyim. make sure all your white female relatives and friends know the true power of the BBC. they deserve to know.

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>if only I just had money, then women would want me

this is the most stupid thing you can think, being rich won't make you any less autistic, even with all the money in the world you'd still be the same robot sperg. Poorbots need to realize this shit asap.
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Pft, whoever said money can't buy happiness is retarded. It can buy you a killer gaming PC and a fuckton of games, and that's pretty damn close.

Oh, yeah, the women thing. Um, grrrrrr, curse you women for not wanting my image of perfection in your life.
>secretly, thank you, it gives me more time to do what I like.
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True this, I've had a few obese middle aged single mothers hitting on me when they've realized I've got some savings, It's honestly far far less soul crushing and way cheaper to just go bang a hooker. Of course I didn't get with any of them because my massive autism makes me scared shitless of women as soon as things get even the slightest hint of intimacy or relationship, so a wizard I will remain, forever and ever.
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fine, I'm just warning you, this is the thinking that fucked up Elliot, the thought that life is not yet what is wanted, buying lottery tickets upon lottery tickets. I know some of you may have this mindset and it's not healthy

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>struggle through high school but get into decent university and major
>perform worse and worse every semester, no motivation to do work
>health and daily habits get steadily worse
>have to drop out of school temporarily several times due to mental health and lack of money
>even get sent to psych ward once, see counselor and start meds afterwards but nothing really changes
>on academic probation
>can't go back to school in fall due to being behind on tuition payments
>living with mom again
>get shitty wagecuck job but the hours are good even if the work is menial
>don't have license or car so ride bike 12 miles to job
>on second day bike breaks down halfway
>get fired
>manage to get home but what's the point

Alright /r9k/, I'm sorry about the blogpost but this is the lowest I've ever been, and I thought I had already been to rock bottom. I've wasted my parent's love and money, I've wasted my professors' and employer's time, and most of all I've wasted my potential. I'm so tired of being such a failure. Why can't I do anything right? Why am I so pathetic? Talk me out of it or finally convince me to end it because I'm sick of living in this half-assed limbo.
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You tied it wrong, dummy
I probably did since I did it in a rush when I got home.
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Pepe Bang.jpg
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You seem to have a decent amount of motivation riding a bike 12 miles. I get that you're probably apathetic like most robots. Work on that. I stopped drinking milk and that helped, although nothing is a cure all.

I can't convince you not to end it, honestly.
Just know that a little obscure community full of social autists on the internet will miss you, even if we'll never personally know you.

See you (maybe) Space cowboy.

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Oh white anon YES. Bleach me some more
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Yeah, that's right you filthy ass nigger. I'ma bleach that black ass of yours. Oh yeah, keep bouncing on my BWC like that filthy whore. Oh fuck yeah. FUCK YEAH OH OH OHHHHHHHH
Why do black girls love to get fucked and bred by big white dicks so much?

This is probably original.

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2pac biggie.jpg
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How do I avoid becoming a beta orbiter? I feel like every girl I interact with tries to push me into that area and I've had enough of it
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There's nothing wrong with orbiting
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You don't live your basement or interact with women ever.
Never give a girl more than what she gives you. In fact, the less you give, the better.

In this thread we pretend we're Michael Jackson.

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hey little kid come play with me in neverland :^)
Kick me kike me any way you want me

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help a robot out to complete his tarot game deck
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these can be considered as rare pepes, so please help me and give me the other ones robros
File: 1399659404739.png (106KB, 332x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i know some robots have them

please help me
File: 1418606522836.png (69KB, 412x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i beg you

these 2 are the only ones I got
share yours to complete the collection please

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