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Do depressed women just need dick?
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Not just any dicke though
depressed women don't exist
Women can get dick easily, so if she is legit depressed its something much more. Something harder to get that she can't.......I'll leave your imagination to say what that something.

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>tfw masturbated to android 18 seven times today
When does it end bros?
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When you've done it eighteen times, scrub
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>tfw on my way to that number tonight
Keep it up anon, l'm proud of you.

why is self harm being made fun of when it's clear you get release of dopamin and serotonin? you don't even have to cry like an emo while doing it

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It's what little girls do when they're sad. May as well wear a tutu and do a song and dance. I'm sure you'd get chemicals flowing that way too.
one harmer to another ; stop posting this gay fucking shit
if you are doing it too then u should understan it eh

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serious question- is there anything the modern nigger wants to be more than a basic white girl? The comparisons are so blatant it drives me crazy
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>jew nose
Checks out
Black girls are stupid, smelly, obnoxious, talentless bridge trolls.

White women just look like amazing by comparison.
And neither of the two groups wants anything to do with you let alone fuck you

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Mom mom is such a dumb fucking whore.

>Mom finds out I'm Kekistani somehow
>Turns off the modem and takes my phone away for a month

Dumb roastie doesn't know I can just use the neighbors wifi.

Anyone else have to deal with this shit?
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>this shit
You mean good parenting?
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Nobody on this board should fall for this bait.
>Took away the internet.
Good. Go outside, become well adjusted.

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>Hey anon, Chad told us you're single
What do?
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Get the fuck out. I get freaked out if there are more than 4 or 5 in general nevermind if there are like 20 pretty girls there.

Mumble something and run out.
think about which chad is stupid enough to not know I can't deal with a fucking room of girls
5 7 would be okay I could drop them to 1
doe chad thinking that this is a fucking harem anime or someshit
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I offer a quick reminder

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Tell us a secret.
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I roleplay as Love Live characters when I am bored.
nah, just cause its an anon board doesn't mean i go around telling my darkest secrets lol.
I believe my shitposting on /r9k/ is changing the world for the better.

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I shared so much with this girl for 3 1/2 years. Anyone know how to get over this? I'm fucking drained right now.
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Arson is always a good pick-me-up.
It's tired and true anon you'll just have to grieve it out. It'll get better as time passes
I've got a big bottle of Jager helping me so far.

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What is making black men so much more sexually desirable than white men in the eyes of white women?
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Pic related is a bad example cause that's an attractive man regardless of race.
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I think you already know (((who))) is behind it, friendo
Fuck off John, you've seen the stats, you know it's not true.

>doesn't it make you mad
>Stacey would rather be mutilated by Chad
>than give one of you robot's a chance?
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She's not a stacy.
who exactly are you quoting right now?
>my space angle
She's a disgusting pig

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Hill and Ship edition
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>listening to Wagner
makes me want to tunnel underground desu
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surprise surprise 13
do it lad! you'll feel comfy afterwards

If you feel so alienated by western life and society why not expatriate to China?


Japan peaked in tbe 80's and has been a completely stagnant society for almost thirty years, the autists and weebs here who hail it as a holy land are deluded.
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You know how many horrible webms of people being fucking destroyed in China I've seen?
I'd rather go to Taiwan
Taiwan is China though, it's a province.
Have you checked if that's difficult?

I've heard that getting any visas to China is nearly impossible.

Plus, the country just seems like a disaster, with all of the smog and poison.

If I had to move to Asia, I'd much rather move to somewhere a bit nicer and less oppressive, maybe Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

I do agree with you about Japan, though. It would be nice to visit, but moving there, hell no.

is it gay to jack off to your own dick?
whenever i go on nofap around the 3rd day i get massive erections and end up jacking it to myself jacking it. like i have no attraction to the male body or face but a huge dick is such a turn on.
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I'm not gay but I've fapped to my own dick.
I've always seen it as narcissism of some degree. I used to say when I was younger that I'm the only man who turns me on.
Too bad you guys don't have clones.
Its not gay at all. I filmed myself jacking off so many times.

Seeing my own dick hard as diamonds makes me horny, its purely an ego thing.

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>be man
>have abusive wife who is threatening you constantly
>go to the police about it
>they literally tell you to "stop being a faggot"

>she stabs you to death
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That's what he gets for being mexican.
>being such a fag you let your wife bully you instead of absusing her and making her submissive via real&implied violence
did they investigate his death and take her to court?

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>Stay up all night because my body won't let me go to sleep
>Finally fall asleep at 8AM
>Wake up at 3PM
>When it's it's night I stay up all night because I can't fall asleep
How do I fix my fucked sleeping schedule anons? I just want to go to bed and wake up at reasonable times.
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What makes those unreasonable times? I go back and forth from night/day schedules and being up at night is way better. Currently on a day schedule and it sucks.
Drugs my nigger
set your alarm for when you want to wake up and stick with it, don't ignore it and don't go back to sleep and don't take naps

you're supposed to slowly pull your sleeping schedule back, as in sleep 7am-2pm, then 6am-1pm, 5am-12pm, etc.

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