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Anyone else buy well worn panties, socks, shoes, etc from random college girls? So many of them are all for it. Good way to " experience " them without all the issues that come with seeking actual sex.
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I wanna sell my panties, bras, socks ect but I've heard you just get allot of guys asking for nudes and no sales, or guys buy your stuff then start stalking you and being agressive.
I'm bad for wearing the same pair of panties three or four days, same bra for...weeks?months? Until they break
>I'm bad for wearing the same pair of panties three or four days, same bra for...weeks?months? Until they break
hot, how long do you wear same socks?
then don't sell your shit to people
you can either choose to not have creeps come after you, or you can make money by exploiting their obsession
can't have you cake and eat it too

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>drink three beers
>act like a normie for 2 hours
>severe existential depression for 6 hours

Theres got to be a better way
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lel I was the same way for years. Thought I found the cure in just being drunk all the time. Fuck me that was one bad and expensive idea.

But there is a solution!
ok but what was the real solution
He just have you the solution, are you lost?

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Why is it so common for girls to get bloated after eating?
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this is my fetish. probably not original.
They don't have enough teeth to chew up their food so they end up swallowing a lot of extra air
>tfw I look 6 months pregnant when I really have to pee
>I have a flat stomach otherwise
Is this normal?

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Two beef patties, lettuce, onions, cheese and special sauce. You can't get any better than that.
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>not a whopper
>not a spicy mcchicken
>not a whataburger
>not anything from carls jr
>not a jumbo jack

Kys faglord
Sorry OP, but for me, it's the McChicken
>Not grand mac

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How do I make my farts smell more rancid?

Right now even if I let out a proper ripper, I can't smell anything unless I cup my hand under my asshole and sniff it right away.
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Whenever I eat a lot of sweets, I get liquid shits with farts and burps that smell like rotten eggs
air out your room
eat mostly meat, preferably oily and heavily seasoned
that's how indians and mexicans manage to smell so bad all the time

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I just spent the past 12 hours on a masturbation marathon. I probably came around 9 times and no the ninth time my semen was pure blood like no joke I'm freaking out. WHAT DO I DO??!!? Pic related I'm about to pass out
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did you drink water regularly between fap sessions? plenty of it?

are you on any sort of drugs?
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stop masturbating

>masturbation marathon
Enjoy your painful death

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My older sister has had two budgies before, probably three years ago. She neglected them- put a towel over their cage- came back a few weeks because she was so depressed at the time to care of them t the time just to find them both dead. Fast forward a few years AND SHE BUYS ANOTHER ONE, this time, she's not incredibly depressed, just a manager who works full time and is fucking incredibly NEUROTIC now. Pic related is what the cage typically looms like, anons. I live with her, my dad and mom. My sister told me that if I do anything to the bird then I'd be kicked out ( she doesn't pay the rent tho ) T. T
She's told me to get my life together and not to tell or give advice about her life, when I've confronted her about her neglectful ways. Shes doing the same thing over again, in fact, the towel has been placed upon the birds cage plenty of times, for DAYS. I still have some morals, it absolutely drives me nuts to hear some animals in distress. This is fucking ridiculous, ANIMALS ARE NOT JUST FOR SHOW FFUCKK.. A PET IS NOT SOME sentient BEING TO NEGLECT, YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF A PET. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE SHOULDNT HAVE PETS, BUT RATHER, A THERAPY DOG, OR A WATCH DOG, OR A HOUSE CAT TO TAKE CARE OF THE MICEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! She is usually gone for three nights to a whole week and a half. This is the sixth day she hasn't been home.
I have confronted her many times, but she is totally blind. Incapable of realizing the truth. So perhaps some violent justice needs to happen. Should I? What do you think?
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Yes, physically assault family members. What's she gonna do, call the cops?
No if you want to do anything report her no point in you getting charged for anything
Feed them, you stupid fuck.

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*pops estrogen pills*
Oh hey there wagecucks! Huh? What are these pills? Oh I'm transitioning! How does it feel that you're paying my transition wageslave?
Anyway, better get back to work. I want FFS next!
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iktf desu
it's very common for trans people to become suicidal after a couple of years

be careful anon and look after yourself
>bragging about transitioning
wage slaves are just making sure your genes aren't passed on

What's worse, not trying at all or trying and failing?

I had a short episode of boosted self-esteem and confidence, but it didn't work out in the end. Now I feel worse than before. I have no will to try again.
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Not everyone is ment to succeed. Sorry. Its not you,its your role. You are part of a vast ecosystem that has many,many intricacies and nuances that creates the society we live in. You are ment to fail.
>not trying at all
It's much worse. Just like robots who never approach girls and end up being bitter people.
Find a realistic way to succeed, then push hard. Do not lie to yourself, do not fight to loose, become good.

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*slarfpf slorf snargh snorph*
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quality roginigali thread
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that kid thread
>that one kid who would throw chairs in fits of rage, would try to beat up multiple people, and needed like four or five dudes to restrain him and calm him the fuck down
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That kind was me sadIy
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>that kid who brought his baby brother to school sneaking it in using his backpack, and ended up freezing it to death when he left it out in the snow during recess
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>that kid with mental problems that no one talk to

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>tfw no (((girlfriend))) to bring me into esoteric groups
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what did you mean by this?
It's the hottest new meme from reddit. Seeing a word in parentheses makes the neurons of the normalshit fire like the night sky on the 4th of July.
If you can't beat em, join em
And the last week has shown they cannot be defeated, may as well be a second rate jewish convert

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Dear A,

I've given you enough chances now.

You don't get another.
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You ruined my trust forever.

You said you were different. Why oh why did I believe you..?

- C
Dear M,
Even though you love me, I don't love you back. I only tell say that I do because you give me sex
Dear D,

We both know you will still give me a chance.



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suihku huippis.png
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how can i acquire OCD & germophobia?!

i want to live in the cleanest environment possible and be insane, obsessed with and about it
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Just don't man.
I have that and it's a nightmare.
Checking more than 30 times if Tap is open or not.
Pulling door more than 30 times to see if its open. Plus having your parents thinking that you're not normal and having them yelling at you because you feel hands dirty.

You don't want.

how did you end up there? please teach me senpai
I just got scared of leaving home because didn't want to interact with humans.
After one year in home I started developing that.

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Do you freaks even know what "just b urself" really means?
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how do i be myself please i dont eve n know who i am
When someone tells you to "b urself," they're telling you to stop fugging overanalyzing things and just act naturally. If you're an autistic pleb naturally, change it. Be who you want to be, and then when you're in social settings, just don't think about it.
This is actually good advice, but no one is listening.

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